How to Convert PDF to Excel on Mac – 4 Ways

The PDF file is easy to create, view, and share but not convenient if you have a Mac. A preview app allows users to make basic edits such as signatures, annotations, etc. In this article, we will describe four different methods that you can use to convert a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet on a Mac. These four methods, which are told, are not so harsh and can be easily performed. Without further wasting time, let us get started.

In the last article, we described how to calculate percentiles in ExcelOpens in a new tab.. In this one, we will discuss how to convert PDF to Excel.

How do you convert PDF to Excel on Mac?

To convert PDF to Excel on Mac, you can do it in 4 following ways:

  • Method 1: Convert PDF to Excel on Mac using Online PDF to Excel Converter

This software is best when you only need to convert a few PDFs and the files contain no sensitive data. You need to open the app and specify the file type, then click on the “select your file” button to upload the pdf you want to convert, enter your email address, and click on the “Convert” button. This software has certain limitations, such as it only converts PDFs with no more than 50 pages and 5MB in size. Apart from this, it also doesn’t support batch conversions.

  • Method 2: Convert PDF to Excel on Mac with OnlineOCR

This software is best for PDFs with scanned images and no sensitive data. The user needs to upload their scanned PDF file, specify the language and output format, and then click on the “Convert” button to continue. The converted file will then be available to download. Like the first software, this also doesn’t support batch conversions.

  • Method 3: Convert PDF to Excel on Mac using Converter App

This software is not just a PDF converter but also a PDF editing solution that allows the user to edit much in a file, such as text, graphics, etc. The user must install this software on their Mac first and then click the ‘convert’ option in the top right corner. A new window is available then. After this, you need to drag your PDFs to the pane and click on the add files button to upload the PDF files. This is not free software, but a free trial is available.

  • Method 4: Convert PDF to Excel on Mac using Adobe Acrobat Pro

This software is best for converting PDFs to ExPDFs and performing tasks such as editing, creating, and securing PDFs. First, install Acrobat on your Mac, open it, and click ‘export pdf.’ This is the simplest one, and your converted file is ready.

Final Words

These are the final four ways to convert PDF to Excel on Mac. Some alternatives exist, but these are personally used and recommended.

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