What are Remote Hands?

The remote hands are the professional service performed by colocation support technicians, which permit the customers or audiences to emissary the management tasks within a colocation opportunity to technicians hired. It provides colocation audiences to avoid sending their staff to a colocation facility.

It allows the customers to work and have a focus on the interior tasks of the business only. It is a pay per use service that allows the colocation customers to curtail the need to take advantage of resources to the data center to complete tasks. Colocation users, such as 365 data centers generally offer remote hands services.

The amount of small hands services mostly depend upon the colocation companies’ users or providers. Some colocation providers may charge customers to pay a specific price for the hours of remote hands services per month or year, or some companies in a thirty-minute increase.

Due to the present COVID19
pandemic, remote hands have become more prevailing as customers’ expectations are now getting ascend/increase.IT could be useful for any size of customers.

Why are remote hands so important?

1-Hand minimizes the social interaction to both the providers’ client as well as the data center staff.

2-Its is speedy to response

3-It reduces the into and out the traffic of the data center.

4- Clients are becoming more comfortable with remote hands quality as they are utilizing it. Now it is becoming famous as it is getting widely adopted for service providers and enterprises.

5-Remote hands are increasingly ideal for those huge worldwide clients, but they didn’t have enough budget to secure global resources for troubleshooting, but they have a standardized experience.

Overall, we find that customers choose to go with the data centers in more modern and fashionable ways:- REMOTE HANDS, VIDEO STREAMING, and REMOTE TOURS.

Generally, remote hands services consist of the following range of tasks, which are as follows:-

-Power Cycling of equipment and rebooting

-Audits of physical infrastructure

-Labeling and inventory management

-Rack and Stack

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-Requests for handling, shipping, and receiving

-Replacements of Hardware and Spare part

-Equipment performance of reporting

-Observation of primary server and environment reboot

Customers advantages of remote hands are;

-They get to benefit from technical advertising.

-It solves their issues and problems much quickly and effectively.

-It also removes out the expensive 24 hours call cover.

-It is secure and solves and listens to all the regular complaints of the users.

-It frees up the internal resources on business problems hence increases the business effectively and efficiently.

Its been said by colocation providers that remote hands are also known as smart hands. Still, they are both different as smart hands services are more complex than small hands and private hand services provide easy and basic tasks like reconnecting cables, rebooting a server, securing a line, etc. These services are provided at no additional cost. And all the tasks are completed without a “data center,” whereas smart hand services provide tasks like equipment testing and troubleshooting, rack and stack, setting up a firewall, etc. A company should clarify what services come under remote hands services and smart hands services about data centers. These services in a data center are beneficial for the company, especially when working staff cannot manage the problems and tasks. Hence Both the benefits are invaluable.

Why are remote hands beneficial?


Hands remote technicians are intelligent in quickly and efficiently addressing the problems and then correcting them. Some technicians are also online, so there are no service risks due to waiting for a response technicians team. It also has a great experience of working within the environment of Datacenters. Whether there is any problems or issue, remote hands services take immediate actions.


When things went wrong, and you need some immediate actions to help you out from that, their data center remote hands team works only seconds away. With the excel monitoring tools, you may tract and create IT tickets when you find your network’s problem.


Remote hands service teams start deploying new functions instantly without even waiting for the internal team to go to the data center. Companies can transform their data operations at night because of the remote hand services. It’s necessary to update and operate reinstall software. Sine remote hands teams are familiar with all the features and services, easily design and implement their services more efficiently and effectively.

With remote hand services, colocation users or customers can rest as they know that if anything goes wrong, they won’t have to travel to the data centers, but these remote hands teams could effectively handle it.

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