How to Charge Vape Pen Without Charger?

Vapes are pretty popular among both young and older people. It is a tobacco-free alternative to the classic cigarette. The vape pen is a battery-powered electronic device that takes in nicotine, flavorings, and other compounds. Except for disposable vapes, almost every vape you buy comes with a charger that allows you to recharge vape batteries when they run out.

Anyone who owns a cell phone, laptop, or other electronic device knows that batteries expire. It can also be inconvenient to keep them charged: tell us you’ve never been anxious when your phone reaches 30% and the night is still young. So, In this article, we’ll look at every possibility or method for charging your vape.

charge vape without charger

How to Charge Vape Pen Without Charger?

A phone charger can charge Vape Pen if a vape has a micro-USB charging port. Micro-USB chargers are widely available. Though the charger was not primarily built to charge vapes, such will suffice.

There are many ways to charge a vape without the proper vape charger. Even if you do not have the appropriate charger on hand, you can recharge most types of vapes with a bit of ingenuity.

Do Vape Need Chargers?

Vape batteries are the power source heating up the THC oil cart and producing vapor. Vapes are made battery-powered, so vapes must be sufficiently charged before use.

Vape chargers are available in a wide range of output voltages and currents. They also come in a variety of threading arrangements and polarities. If you do not know what you’re searching for, matching your device to a suitable charger can be challenging. With so many reports of batteries bursting in the news, you must learn what makes a charger compatible to avoid overheating, battery failure, or worse. If you’re curious and wondering if you can charge a vape with a phone charger or another non-vape cable, there are things to think about before connecting it.

How to Make a Vape Charger?

To construct a vape charger, locate the charger with a USB adapter. Use scissors and then cut off the end of the charger connected to the phone or device. To charge a vape with a DIY charger, just put the exposed wiring on the red and black wires into the vape’s base’s outermost holes.

Making your charging device is dangerous for you, your family, and the item itself. Do not believe the “experts” on social media who suggest you can construct your charger for next to nothing. It is best to play it safe.

Can I Charge My Vape Pen With a Phone Charger?

A phone charger would suffice as long as the entry port of the vape matches the charging port of the cord. Micro-USB chargers are commonly available. While the charger was not designed specifically for charging vapes, such will work.

When you plug a vape into a charger, the charger’s voltage is transmitted to the device, but it will only use as much current as it is meant to supply. With this in mind, you must ensure that your charger can give at least the amount of current that the vape is designed to draw. Otherwise, you risk damaging your charger. You must also ensure that the charger’s voltage matches the voltage of the vape being charged. Most phone chargers are acceptable; however, specific phone chargers with which the cord cannot be removed are explicitly designed for the device where they came. It is challenging to be precise because thousands of different phone chargers are on the market.

Is Vaping Bad while Charging?

The latest technology assures vaping while charging is highly safe, as long as the battery is appropriately cared for. However, vaping in such a manner can diminish the battery’s usable life.

By purchasing a backup device or battery, you can reduce spending time vaping while charging. Alternatively, invest in an e-cig with a greater energy capacity that will allow you to vape all day.

Pass-through technology is, without a doubt, a tremendously helpful breakthrough. It will spare you the agony of waiting for your device to recharge. There’s no reason you shouldn’t use this feature when you genuinely need it. However, keeping those instances to a bare minimum is usually preferable.

Does Vaping While Charging Damage Your Battery?

If you vape while charging, the battery will take longer to charge fully and cause overheating. Excess heat, according to research, is the most frequent cause of lithium-ion battery degradation.

When you vape when charging, the battery charges for a few minutes before discharging for three seconds, then charging for another few minutes before discharging for four seconds, and so on; this method will inevitably put more load on your battery, shortening its lifespan.

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The built-in safety precautions will decrease power flows, but it stands to reason that the longer it will take to recharge your battery, the more likely it is to overheat. If you vape while charging, your battery will take longer to charge fully. Such is because pass-through technology isn’t 100% efficient in using power from the power supply instead of your batteries to power your gadget.

How Do I Charge My Vape Battery With a USB?

Connect the vape battery to the charger using the provided USB cable. To begin, connect the AC adapter to a nearby electrical outlet. Then, place the adapter’s large end into the USB cable and attach the smaller end to the equivalent port on the vape battery. Depending on the model, detach the cartridge battery to access the charging port.

This information is usually found in your vape’s user manual or instruction booklet. When charging any battery outside, it is usually a good idea to use a good charger, of which there are many available. There are several notable names to look out for within vape battery chargers, such as Nitecore or Xtar, which vape experts utilize as their first pick and first advice to newbies. There are most likely several sized chargers on the market, depending on the number of batteries you require.

What Can I Use to Charge My Vape?

The best way to charge a vape is to use the original charging wire or phone charger. Phone chargers are reasonable; however, phone chargers are intended expressly for the phone device only.

It is advisable to use a USB wall charger capable of no more than 2A for optimum battery life. As for any vape with a detachable battery, they have the best-dedicated protection circuits to prevent from being overheated and will charge your batteries to ensure the best overall longevity.

What Chargers Can You Use to Charge a Vape?

USB outputs, notably from computers, TVs, gaming consoles, or automobile chargers, are suitable for charging vapes. Such sources effectively regulate the voltage supplied and limit the current the vape can draw.

A low-quality charger is the most severe source of worry when charging over a USB. Though cheap phone chargers are not typically constructed with a comprehensive set of safety circuits, they can be used as an alternative for assessing vapes.

Can I Charge My Vape With a Power Bank?

Plugging the vape into a portable power bank should work as long as the cord is a micro-USB cable and the vape has a micro-USB charging connector. And if the power bank has a sufficient output voltage and capacity, the vape will charge with no problem.

Portable power banks are items that allow you to charge your electronics while on the road. They are essentially huge batteries with charging cords attached to enable you to connect them to a range of different devices. If your vape does not appear to be charging when plugged into a portable power bank, it may have run out of juice. Portable power banks do not last forever and must be recharged at some point. Although this is not always the case, some more expensive versions will tell you how much power the power bank still has to supply.

Can You Charge a Vape From The Wall?

Typically, vape pens will have a plug-in outlet and a micro-USB charging wire. Connect the charger to the power source wall socket. If the mini USB cable connects to a regular USB port, be sure both are linked.

Connecting the micro/mini USB cable to your vape battery’s power supply would be best. The information is usually found on the bottom or side of your vape battery. If your vaporizer includes an LED display, a charging symbol or a flickering colored light will indicate active charging.

If you have a smaller vape, it will come with a USB adapter instead of a micro-USB connector that will screw the vape battery there. It can be challenging to see if the vape battery is fully inserted or not, so look for a red light that flashes slowly, which signals that the battery is on charging mode. When the charging is finished, the flashing light will become solid. Disconnect the micro-USB cord from the vape pen battery or USB charging adapter, then keep the pen of vape in a safe place until you’re ready to use it.

Can You Recharge a Disposable Vape?

You can recharge a disposable vape, but a disposable gadget cannot be charged safely. Such is a terrible marketing gimmick to sell things cheaper – but only for a short time.

The battery is almost definitely a rechargeable Lithium-Ion/polymer – no other technology has the energy density in such a small space. There is not a secure way to charge it. To charge/power a disposable vape with your DIY charger, first, unscrew the bottom cap of the vape with pliers and gently remove the internal components of the vape. Then, find the vape battery and its positive and negative terminals. These should be colored red (for positive) and black (for negative). Finally, push the black wire against the battery’s negative terminal and the red wire against the battery’s positive terminal until your vaporizer is charged.

Can You Make a Homemade Vape?

If you do not like what you see in stores or your budget doesn’t allow for the gadget you desire, you can go out and make your vape. Making a vaporizer is not only simple but also saves money. You can manufacture your vape in just minutes with everyday household items.

Most vapes have four various elements. A cartridge, pod, or reservoir contains a liquid part (e-juice or e-liquid) holding varying quantities of flavorings, nicotine, and chemicals; a heating component, a battery or power source, and a mouthpiece the vape user utilizes to inhale.

What Are the Ingredients For Vape DIY E-Juice?

To manufacture e-liquid, here are the five ingredients: e-juice flavor extract, vegetable glycerin (VG), diluted nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and distilled water or vodka. Nicotine and vodka are optional. E-juice can be manufactured with simply a PG/VG base and flavoring as an essential minimum.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – is a plastic that most DIY vape juice producers use as their base liquid. Some people, however, may be allergic to propylene glycol. It is a colorless, odorless organic chemical component used in tobacco, food, etc. It is also found in several pharmaceuticals that are breathed, injected into the circulation, or applied topically.

Glycerol from vegetables (VG) – VG is a natural liquid extract generated from vegetables that is more viscous (thicker) and has a subtle sweetness, similar to PG. While PG has little effect on overall flavor, VG can, positively or negatively. It is an FDA-approved ingredient found in meals, e-liquids, and even cosmetics. Most DIY vape juices include PG and VG, as each has its qualities.

Vodka or Distilled Water – While this is not necessary for the mix, this is commonly used to thin out 100% VG combos. Vodka also provides additional throat hits without the need for nicotine. If not vodka, you can use distilled water.

Flavoring – Flavors come in a wide range of flavors. However, for a better-tasting e-liquid, we recommend utilizing flavors designed for inhalation rather than the often used food flavorings. While most mixes require between 10 and 20% flavoring, others are strong enough to require 5%. As a result, read the labels before using a flavor and understand how it will affect your blend.

Liquid Nicotine – You’ll use a diluted nicotine liquid with a PG or VG base that comes in various strengths. You can choose any nicotine strength between 8 and 24mg for beginners learning how to manufacture DIY vape juice and then experiment with it to discover your sweet spot.

Consider the following table for an apples-to-apples comparison with nicotine present in tobacco cigarettes:

  • When handling nicotine liquid, please exercise extreme caution and avoid ingesting it. Nicotine overdose can occur as a result of this.
  • Children are particularly susceptible to nicotine and can quickly become unwell or die if they inadvertently consume it.
  • A tiny amount can be fatal for a small child, so be careful about a dose for yourself.

How Much is a Vape Charger?

Top 4-bay 18650 Vape battery Chargers cost at least 30 dollars, whereas the 2-bay cost half the standard 4-bay chargers. While vape pen chargers cost around 7 dollars, depending on the quality.

Most mod users are interested in discovering the best 18650 battery charger. Some mods include built-in batteries, while many require separate purchases and offer greater versatility and longevity. However, not all vape chargers are created equal. Not only can the pricing vary, but so can the charging speed and reliability of the chargers. Finding the best vape battery charger entails considering various factors like safety, precision, and the number of batteries it can handle.

Consider various variables when deciding on the suitable charger for your vape batteries. Not to mention the type of batteries you use. Vapers want a charger that can properly, safely, and quickly charge different sized batteries. However, many 18650 chargers do not accept 20700 or 21700 batteries, which are larger and have a higher capacity than 18650 batteries. Older chargers will probably not fit those cells because 20-sized batteries are becoming increasingly common in vapes. In the finest battery chargers of 2022, you can now locate that charger that will fit your batteries.

How should you charge your vape?

Use the original USB charging wire. Use the PC or laptop USB port to charge the battery. Keep an eye on the device’s battery while charging.

Use the USB charging wire that comes with the product – A charging cord is included in all of our vape kits. They’ve been thoroughly tested to ensure safety and reliability when used with your battery. You can lessen the chance of the battery overheating and becoming damaged if you use the cords we provide and plug them into the correct location.

Don’ts: Use a phone charger.

Mod kits are usually powered by a Micro USB port, which can be found on almost any smartphone. That doesn’t imply using your phone charger to charge your vaporizer. A touchscreen, video player, wifi adapter, and phone receiver require power from a phone battery. Your box mod must power a tiny coil. Because one of these things requires more electricity than the others, using a phone charger to charge your e-cigarette battery overloads the battery. It is not a good idea.

Your PC or laptop’s USB port can be used to charge your battery – An e-cigarette battery requires a tiny quantity of power over time. The power output of a computer’s USB ports is ideal for the needs of your battery.

Don’ts: Connect your vape battery to the power supply.

Unlike a standard outlet, the main socket provides a large amount of power in a short time. Overcharging a battery from the mains is relatively easy, putting strain on the battery and generating heat. A risky vape is strained and hot. So do not connect your e-cigarette directly to the power supply.

Keep an eye on the phone’s battery while charging – LED indicators are found on all our e-cigarettes and vapes. They’ll let you know when the battery needs to be captured and when it is fully charged. Plug it in when it gets low. Unplug it when it is finished and fully charged. There’s no reason to leave a fully charged vape connected to the power for hours, if not days. You’re only increasing the danger.

Don’ts: Leave it plugged in overnight or unattended.

Someone takes out their phone charger, inserts one end into their vape battery, and falls asleep, and it is something we hear much too frequently. The sideboard will burn six hours later after the battery overheats too hot. It gets hot if you keep your battery plugged in for too long. It can cause a fire or pop if it gets too heated. You’ll wake up in a terrible mood if it pops next to your face while sleeping. You might not wake up at all if it starts a fire.


Charging a device with or without replacement batteries is usually relatively straightforward. There are a few ground rules and safety considerations to follow before you begin. The most crucial of these is to utilize the appropriate charger with the proper battery. When your device is fully charged, just like with cell phones or any other electronic item, it is time to unplug it.

It is crucial to remember that you risk depleting your battery’s capacity faster than usual if you charge your device too frequently for an extended period. A failing charge protection system could also result in a fire or explosion, which is an uncommon but not impossible possibility. If you follow the rules for charging your device correctly, your vape battery will last you months of cloud-chasing fun. If you do not, you may be putting yourself in danger. Hopefully, this post clarifies how to avoid these less-than-ideal conditions while determining which charging method to utilize for your vape.

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