Can Textnow Be Traced Back to Your Phone in 2023?

The large-scale transformations and streamlining observed during this century are mind-blowing. Technological advancements dominate the market, from digital electronics stores to engineering marvels. Therefore, the contemporary age is a fusion of hi-tech curiosities and gizmos that provide confidently surprising and breathtaking discoveries that drastically improve how we live, communicate, interact, and talk with peers.

Communication, the essence of any relationship, is now being handled, monitored, and facilitated by technology. The availability and presence of applications and software have induced a positive and long-lasting impression on any relationship. One-to-one correspondence and interaction are now only a single tap away, primarily through well-connected high-tech applications. Text, emails, and chats, which were inconvenient during the early years of this decade, are now being incorporated by every smartphone model. In addition, this exhibits noticeable transformations and revolutions to make communication from one part of the world to another reliable, speedy, and prompt.

textnow service tracking

What is TextNow?

Textnow is a Canadian online service without a phone bill. Users can call and text using cell phones anywhere in Canada and North America for free. This service turns a Wi-Fi-connected device into a phone with its phone number. Users must sign up for their free phone number and Unlimited Domestic Calling.

Like other phone apps, TextNow is an application that provides a suitable medium and platform for communication. With the help of Wi-Fi, users can purchase any device and convert it into a telephone with a personalized phone number. This app can transform any gadget into a phone, even if it does not have a phone package. Users can also traditionally exchange text messages without the charges on the telephone bill. In addition, TextNow enables you to connect freely with any advertisements using a personal phone number. However, the device should be compatible with the Sprint network. Regardless of its credibility, this app is not intended for students and youngsters without adult supervision.

TextNow was first launched in the VoiceOver Internet protocol – VoIP market. This service provided free texts and calls through and to other networks and a tailored phone number. The TextNow app also functions on the same principle but provides slightly different facilities and services: Whatsapp and other communicative services offered by communicative facilities act as TextNow.

What is a Textnow subscriber?

A Textnow subscriber is a person who uses the internet and cell phone to make calls and send and receive messages or emails. Textnow subscriber is a user who needs to sign up for your free phone number and make free unlimited domestic calling.

How good is TextNow’s service?

Textnow is an excellent free US calling service called VOIP. While it may bear similarities with other communicative platforms, TextNow is equipped with end-to-end phone services within the app. This concept is similar to other providers as it allows users to send and receive multimedia messages, make calls, and connect to Wi-Fi. However, with your regular service provider, payment is mandatory to accept or send text messages or calls, whereas, in this app, all communication is continued with Wi-Fi. Hence, there is no need to pay extra charges.

You can use this app with your data provider; however, you must pay the charges. Despite its popularity, TextNow is only functional in the US and Canada. This app is ad-supported because of its free services; therefore, users should be mentally prepared to view all sorts of advertisements.

After signing up for TextNow, enter the location area code to receive a personalized number. This number will then be used to make and receive calls and text messages. Additionally, you would receive a verification code that can be provided on the free number; however, to proceed, you would need to pay a small fee if you plan to confirm any number.

Textnow privacy policy says:

“You may opt-out of providing your location information to us when you are using mobile devices. If you do not want us to use your location information as described in this Privacy Policy, you should turn off the location services for the mobile application located in your mobile device settings.”


There is a formal procedure if you receive unlimited unknown calls and messages on TextNow and wish to know the user behind it. However, based on their unique privacy settings, TextNow does not reveal the identity of the users. Therefore, it is challenging to identify the primary user behind all spam calls. But with the help of the TextNow Lookup tool, you can place the spammer.

Can Textnow Be Traced Back to Your Phone?

Textnow can be traced back to your phone, but someone can only get the general area location. However, police can get additional information such as email, name, and IP address logs. Textnow, a Canadian company, stores your real name and the phone number you provided during registration. Other people can not trace you if you use the Textnow app, but the government and police can get all the information from the TextNow company.

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Tracking a phone when they use text messaging apps is often challenging because these programs typically have hidden IPs. One time, my girlfriend was living in New York. I lived in Ohio but wanted to see if she could find out who this one girlfriend was from where I didn’t live, so I got an app called ” traced,” which shows you numbers near your current location as though it came straight off the landline or cell provider’s list–but actually, those are just fake phones!

Can police track a Textnow number?

Yes, police can get information from service providers such as email, IP address, location from the past, and registered name.

Here are the following ways to help you recognize and track the user behind free calls and messages.

TextNow number lookup
You can access the TextNow number lookup through the launch and acquire the caller’s details, including name, address, location, and other background information. Go to TextNow, look up the number on iStaunch, and enter a number. In addition, various online platforms can provide you with extra personal details such as phone numbers, complete profile pictures, and social media accounts. Regardless, not all websites should be trusted, as some are credible and others are not.

Create a new TextNow account.
If you wish to track the spammer, you can create a new TextNow account and message the number that is constantly calling you. By repetitive communication and interaction with that person, the person would likely feel comfortable revealing personal details to you, ultimately identifying the primary caller.

Track TextNow number

You can also observe the number using the following methods.
1. Check the first and last names displayed on the account credentials. If the details are accurate, you will automatically acquire the caller’s name.
2. And if the user has entered the correct email address, then there is a possibility that you would be able to acquire precise information through that
3. You can also drag phone history and locate the number in the records. If you know the phone number, you can jog your memory and remember it.
4. Text history can also be checked to track the user number. If you have communicated with that number before, it may be available in the history section
5. Lastly, The number can be tracked through the IP address information. The device can be tracked to this information; however, IP-related knowledge is difficult to acquire.
This approach gathers information such as the IP address, email, device background, phone call history, telephone record, messages, and other communicative aspects. This is allowed per their privacy guidelines; however, TextNow would not further share it with you. If you are someone of an investigative nature, a federal agent, or any government employee, you can access these records and data as per authorization of the court. The company will only access this information if your background is vital.

How do you report a Textnow number?

To report a Textnow number, you need to contact In addition, you need to provide the phone number and dates when someone calls you in the email. If you didn’t have a problem with Textnow with the abuser and want to stop spam, you can do it in the Textnow app.


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