Can You Sell a Phone That is Not Paid Off? – Where Can I Sell My Phone?

Technology is on the verge of ever-increasing development and progression. New equipment, technologies, state-of-the-art devices, and gadgets are rolling out that are constantly changing the dynamics of the world. These gadgets are getting smarter daily, hitting innovations and innovative features exposed to the market. The past quarter-century has been significantly influenced by the profound improvement of the Internet, mobile phones, and sci-fi devices featuring jaw-dropping features and software.

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Previously, DVD players, Sega, and other entertainment consoles were considered one in 1 million and exceptionally rare; replacing these technologies with the Internet and experienced computers, laptops, and tablets have immensely changed the world in these 25 years. The concept behind these ground-breaking features and devices is remarkable. They keep us updated, inform us of the changing variables, entertain us, and, most importantly, help us perform job responsibilities. One could argue that the schedules have negatively changed the world’s perception.

Still, certain clans believe in the supremacy and hegemony of mobile phones, smartphones, Wi-Fi, automated voice assistance, Bluetooth, VPNs, Blockchain, bitcoin, facial recognition, artificial intelligence, drones, 3-D printing, video streaming, audio streaming, and software apps. This unprecedented expansion has practically influenced the world, making life without them unfathomable. These smartphones and apparatuses are frequently checked throughout the day, disseminating their influence, particularly changing technology for the years to come. These are known as the most influential gadgets in history. Among these, smartphones have substantially increased over the years because of their integration and invocation of multiple features, software, and apps, making them a safe space for users for entertainment, work-related, or personal uses.

Can you sell a phone that has not been paid off?

Yes, you can sell a phone because the seller can not repossess your phone. However, suppose you have stopped paying monthly rates for your mobile phone. In that case, the carrier will report your cellphone, and your International Mobile Equipment Identity number (a 15-digit number unique to each mobile device) will be blocked. In that case, the buyer will not use a mobile phone.


Reason for selling phone

Smartphones are technologically phenomenal, but keeping one model for an extended time is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people hardly prefer utilizing the specific market and are on the lookout for new prototypes distributed in the market to revamp technology. Some people who can afford it replace the models every six months; however, some can walk the conventional route and sell their current version.

Things to consider before selling the current model

If you have made up your mind and decided to sell the current version, you need to follow the following steps.

Collect preceding models and other electronic gadgets.

Selling your outdated devices, which you have accumulated for a long time, is a wise option for those who religiously trade and replace their current models every six months to two years. These electronic devices, which you have been hoarding since the beginning of the technological era, consist of all models, essential smartphones, and other unused handheld devices you might have forgotten. They may be in poor or wary shape, but they are still worth some.

Are old cell phones worth anything?

This would require far-reaching exploration at multiple retail stores and smartphone markets to gauge an assessment of your current phone. First, you need to visit marketplaces that predominantly focus on used market trade and identify their worth by giving them the exact specifications, years of consumption, storage, model number, and other details that may be important. Also, connect with the cellular carrier to check the worth estimate. After providing the specifications, facts, and list of features, the market may offer a tentative idea of what the place is keen on delivering to you. Finally, you can check cell phone consumers to see how much you will pay extra. Check on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, and other marketplaces.

Analyze payout options

After getting a rough idea of your phone’s worth and value, figure out how to deal with the transaction. It depends on personal choices, as some participants prefer acquiring cash on the spot, whereas some would like transactions through a PayPal account. Compensation policies differ after deciding on the transaction platform and must be acknowledged. Payment is issued after a few days of checking the specifications and condition of the gadget. However, when the buyer rejects your phone and dismisses the trade, the price and final payment are reduced. Therefore, you need an open idea about your payout option, especially if buyers return the phone models without cost and when the seller refuses an alternative offer. Typically, sellers should positively respond to the alternative request within the limited time of a week or more than a week. Otherwise, the buyer would automatically establish that they have accepted the offer and issue a reduced payment.

Features of listing and selling

After establishing a clear idea of your payout options, you must understand how much cash you require for your phone model. You can create an auction platform, page, or even a classified listing program, especially for your phone. You can also physically initiate an official meeting with buyers if you perform the trade on a classified platform such as Craigslist. Some individuals also prefer answering essential questions and concluding the deal. However, excellent payouts and the conclusion of the agreements depend upon the investment in terms of time and the selection of the right payment platform.

Reset the phone before selling.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to reset your phone before disposing of it. Then, back up your phone photos, documents, and essential contacts to a secure platform or any other external storage device.

Where Can I Sell My Phone?

The best Marketplaces where you can sell your phone in the US are:

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  • Buyback Boss
  • BuyBackWorld
  • Decluttr
  • EcoATM
  • NextWorth
  • OCBuyBack
  • SellCell
  • Swappa
  • uSell


This platform is a great way to offload old phone models on sales websites. It screens buyers from credible companies to operators with restricted name popularity and highlights gadget prices. Buyback quotations are provided effectively and quickly under this platform. This platform is preferable as it has established connections with marketplaces.


This platform includes direct buyers who promote and market premiums over 50% of the competition. It also provides an instant offer feature that lets the sellers decide whether this platform will confirm what offers have been made for your device and the exact amount due. If accepted, you can use the platform’s accessible shipping facility to send the phone.

OC BuyBack

OCBuyBack has a user-friendly and direct buy marketplace that produces the likelihood of peer-to-peer transactions. Under this platform, you can afford to pay dollars for all devices. You can search for your gadget in your database and fill out the questionnaire regarding its condition, physical appearance, and specifications without any extra cost. You can sell unlimited gadgets and devices through BuyBack. OCBuyBack accepts Apple, Google, LG, OnePlus, Samsung phones and other accredited manufacturers. It also takes Tablets, smartwatches, and iPods. After inspecting and analyzing the device, OCBuyBack issues payment by check or PayPal within two business days.


This platform is a third-party intermediary with a very efficient checkout process and practical payouts. It preferably accepts Apple and devices, but its options are not limited to Apple only. Blackberry, Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers’ top contenders are on this list, including watches, smartphones, tablets, cameras, gaming consoles, laptops, etc. After submitting the buyer’s receipt, you can expect payment in your account within five business days via PayPal or another platform.


Decluttr is a platform for direct buyer communication that gives a suitable amount for old gadgets and other non-tech items. Their policy of closing the deal with their initial price offered for devices is their turning point. This is known as tech price promise, as under this program, devices are sold if they pass the initial inspection. The payments are issued on the same day after accepting the final offer. You can pay via PayPal or directly deposit the amount using a paper check. It takes manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and other top-notch brands.


This platform operates on a peer-to-peer marketplace that promises a reasonable price range compared to other platforms such as Gazelle. First, however, the sellers should create their listings to upload photos and other documents, including specifications, on their platform. After that, the listing is free on Swapper, but a flat cut is deducted, which is $20 for the total selling prices, which fall under $500-$700. Similarly, it is 25% dollars for gross sales if the trade is between $700 and $1000.

eBay and Amazon

eBay and Amazon are Internet-active platforms that are gradually becoming popular for retail and consumer transactions. The commission for eBay is around 10% or even less than that gross sale price. In contrast, the listing process is more straightforward for Amazon than eBay. This is because Amazon is full of retailers and sellers, and an 8% referral fee is applied to the gross sale price with five dollars in additional shipping charges.

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