Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts?

With the new generation of applications on our mobile phones, we have become addicted to the world of virtual reality. Photo applications, in particular, have dominated our layout of the phone screen, and they have changed the way we used to take photos. Filters and different animations have made the photo-taking experience more fun and different than before. When we speak of filters and animations in our photos and videos, we immediately think of the pioneer application in all of this.

Can You Have Two Snapchat Accounts on the same phone?

Yes, you can have two Snapchat accounts on the same phone if you use Snapchat ++ APK or TutuApp. Practically, you can use multiple Snapchat account on the same phone using the third part cloning applications. However, officially you can have one personal and one business account.

This application was widely touted and immediately became a favorite, especially among the youth. Undoubtedly, we are speaking about Snapchat. Snapchat became a famous application some years back due to its unique approach to introducing filters. It also became popular in communicating with friends through the use of pictures only. Although there has been much debate about its privacy and policy, it is still used and fairs popular among most people.

When used on the phone, applications can be difficult to operate, especially if you have more than one accounts made. Some applications support the use of more than one account, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. You can use two or multiple accounts separated by a business and personal label in both applications.

To summarize, let us tell you that yes, it is possible to use multiple Snapchat accounts on a single phone or application. However, there are some ways which we will discuss in the article to ensure that you can use multiple applications of Snapchat on a single phone. Although you may think that the process is too long and there is a lot of security hassle, it is a must if you do not want to compromise your security. Therefore, you should understand that even though the processes may belong, it will be worth it. There will be ways discussed for both the Apple users and Android phones, so stick around!

How to have multiple Snapchat accounts on the same phone?

To have multiple Snapchat account on the same phone, you need to install additional apps such as Snapchat++ or Tutu App. Please follow the instructions below: 

Snapchat Plus Plus (++) for multiple snapchat accounts

This is another application named Snapchat ++, which allows the user to download another Snapchat application. Your first account will be logged in to the application, and you would not log out of it even after installing the application. Instead of giving the option of update and uninstall in Google Playstore, it will be another application installed. In this way, you can log in to two accounts and use them separately on your phone. Many users who have more than one account are quite familiar with this application, and you can also try it to understand it more. This is one of the most convenient methods. The application is available and can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android phones as well.

Process: The process is similar to installing any application. For iPhone, you can go to app valley and search Snapchat ++. After the results show up, you can click on download, after which the application will be downloaded on your phone. You can then create your account or add an already made account on this application. Your previous application will run smoothly as well, and the account will not be logged out. You can use more than one account easily in this way.

Cloning of applications for multiple Snapchat accounts

As the term is very evident and self-explanatory, you can use a clone of your application on the same phone to have more than one account logged in the phone. This can be done through various applications, and it is straightforward to do so. One such popular application is known by the same of Parallel Space. It is available and can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android phones as well. The concept of using parallel space is to ensure that the application will be cloned in your phone and used as a separate entity on its own. It is not a third-party application, however.
Process: As with any application download, you will go to your application store or Google store and search the application name. After downloading the application, it will be installed on your phone. After reading the permissions carefully and giving the permissions, you will select your required application to be cloned. In this case, it would be Snapchat. After selection, you will see that another Snapchat application would be downloaded on your phone in which you can log in to your second account and use it. The first account would remain logged in as well and would not be logged out automatically. Both applications would work fine and separately as well. This is also a straightforward method and much-touted as well for its ease of use and convenience.

TutuApp for multiple Snapchat accounts

A third method to use multiple Snapchat accounts on your phone is using TutuApp. The TutuApp is an application available for download on both iPhone and Android phones as well.
Process: For this, you will firstly need to install the TutuApp on your phone and then go on that application and search Snapchat. There will be many Snapchat results shown after your search as there are many clones of it. You can click any one of them and then download it. After installing it, you can log in with your second account and start using it as normal. The first account would also remain logged in. A plus point of using the TutuApp is that you can use more than two accounts of Snapchat and download it multiple times as well.
These three mentioned methods are easy and convenient ways to ensure that you use multiple Snapchat accounts. However, have there been instances of errors in these methods? Let us find out in the next section.

What if something goes wrong while using the above-mentioned methods?

Although the methods discussed above are user-friendly and have been used by different users, there can be some errors that you can encounter. However, it is doubtful and rare, but you should be prepared for it as well.
The most common thing that you can come across would be a pop-up on an untrusted developer. This would be seen on the second account and the second downloaded Snapchat application because the first one would be running as per usual. You can fix the issue by tapping the VNE in your iPhone, and the pop-up will go away.

Is there a possibility of logging in to one Snapchat account on two different phones?

Yes, this is possible but only for those with a business account. Then, when logged in on the second device, all other user accounts would be automatically logged out of the first one.


In conclusion, you should know that you can use multiple Snapchat accounts on your phone by using different trusted methods. However, if you are thinking of using a single Snapchat account on two different phones, it might not be possible, and you will be logged out of your first one after logging in to your second device. However, if you have a business account only, this option will be available to you because of the profits generated from the business accounts.

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