What is SCSM? – Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager

What is SCSM?

SCSM 2012 is a management platform for adopting and automating information technology service management best practices, as found in Microsoft Operations Framework and its requirement. System Center 2012 Service Manager is an integrated product for adapting and automating information technology service management. These include those found in the Microsoft Operations Framework and Information Technology Infrastructure Library of its precondition. Service managers make use of built-in processes for Service Receive Management, Release Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management, and Incident Management.

Service Manager instinctually joins the information and knowledge from System Center Operations Manager, System Center Orchestrator, Active Directory Domain Services, etc. The Service Manager uses its process integration or Configuration Management Database to help deliver IT as a service. Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager involves how the addressing enterprise’s situation will come by as it could be changing control, resolving problems, and managing out an asset lifecycle.

Service Manager provides IT services with the following things to deliver efficiency and business alignment.

-PROVIDING EXACT KNOWLEDGE: The accurate knowledge base helps the users use the self-service portal to search for information to solve the issues. Organizations can make their knowledge base articles to make this information attainable to end-users and IT annotators.

-SELF MOVING/AUTOMATING PROCESS:-Service Manager makes the simple, manual, and electric repetitive steps by integrating with the System Center Orchestrator. Some examples with Orchestrators are resetting the passwords, creating databases, user accounts, and many more.

-Betterment in Business Alignment:-Service managers help you to align with your business goals deeply, and not only this; it will help you to adapt to the necessary new requirements with its risk management, compliance, and configuration management.

Economic Cost and Boosting Responsiveness:-It organizations are becoming more economical and doing more with less, and Service Managers’ ability and dedication can improve customer satisfaction. It can be possible by executing the ITIL standard and process as knowledge management, incident management, etc.


These are the problems faced by the many IT managers and other support staff.

1-You may not stay on the top if you are not sure of your present business capabilities of adapting to your business needs and demand.

You will realize 2-It that service desk management is much simpler if you have information for all the systems on one console.

3-If, you are not dealing with the customers or users over 24 hours, you would be more productive.

4-If the users upgrading documents, you found that everything has changed, and now you have to start everything again.

But the service manager holds a solution for every problem like them. The SCSM 2012 application consists of three tiers: A-DATA ACCESS, MODULE, AND A DATABASE.


And the business enterprises must take the two factors seriously before deploying the System Center 2012 Service Manager, which is to create and then identify the domain account to be used while setting the Service Manager and secondly and most important is that they ought to create a user group in the Active Directory Domain Services.

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There are various processes or approach to deploy System Center2012 Service Manager and You might decide that for the evaluation phase what you will choose the option for SCSM, but there are three most useful and attention deployment options, which are: –


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