Investigate All Remaining Leads in Velen

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Act My primary mission is titled “Family Matters.” During this quest, Baron Phillip Strenger asks Geralt to help him locate his missing wife and daughter in return for knowledge of Ciri’s whereabouts. In what appears to be a straightforward mission, Geralt will be required to go through Velen and briefly into Oxenfurt.

A strong negotiator, the Baron refuses to give Geralt any further details about Ciri until he has found his wife and daughter. Geralt’s first port of call since they mysteriously disappeared in the wee hours of the morning. While you’re following the Baron up the stairs, he will tell you a funny story about his daughter, so don’t worry about interrupting him. This post will acknowledge everything related to investigating all remaining leads in Velen.

How to Investigate All the Remaining Leads in Velen?

To investigate Velen’s remaining leads, You’ll need to finish the missions “Hunting A Witch,” “Wandering In The Dark,” “Ladies Of The Woods,” “The Whispering Hillock,” and “Ladies of the Woods.” You will learn all about the Baron’s wife if you y follow the other quest series to complete the “Family Matters” quest.

Remaining Leads in Velen - witcher 3 game

The Bloody Baron and you will need to search certain rooms to progress to the next chapter. Take a glance around the room before you use your Witcher Senses. Fill your pockets with goodies before exploring the vacant area on the right-hand wall. The picture just on the right-hand side of the room is next. Finally, you’ll get a better idea of what’s going on by looking at the tiny partition’s furnishings on the opposite side. You’ll need to check out the candlestick on the table at the front of the room. Next, you’ll have to use your Witcher Senses to track a scent trail. If you’re interested in discovering more about Tamara, you may do so in her room.

You’ll find a key hidden in the wardrobe when you enter the room to your left. The Talisman may be located halfway down the stairs, and it’s the most important thing you need to progress in the game. You may then follow the small trail down to the basement, where you’ll find a few barrels of more riches. It includes a closed-door that may be opened with the key and other items to inspect and plunder. Go back to Baron and inform him of what you’ve discovered this time. After navigating the speech trees, you may find the Pellar’s Hut, which can be as judgmental or welcoming as you’d want.

How to investigate all remaining leads in Velen and find the Baron’s wife?

To look into all of the remaining leads in Velen and find boron-wise, search the rooms: Talk to the Baron> Find the Pellar > Head back to the Baron> Lift the Curse > Kill the Botchlings See the Pellar > Talk to the Baron> Find the Tamara in Oxenfurt > Talk to the Baron. You will find the Baron’s wife.

Your witcher senses can help you in these rooms. You need to look at the Baron’s chambers, although a closer look into Tamara’s can reveal more information and context. You’ll find a talisman buried beneath a floorboard if you follow the aroma of wine down to the first landing. Next, follow the saffron aroma to the castle’s basement, where you’ll find a sealed rear chamber with a hidden altar to Eternal Fire after finding the incense. Look at the ashes, and you’ll see what looks to be a prayer written by Tamara.

You should bring the Talisman back to Baron so you may ask him about what you’ve discovered. His story is that he constructed the doll himself, that he was intoxicated the night her wife and kid went missing, that he has no memory of a fight, and that he may have spilled the wine on the stairwell himself. A-Pillar resides in Blackbough, and there is an evil lady in Midcopse. When asked about the Talisman’s origin, he will say, “I don’t know.” You may find the Pellar’s cabin near the settlement of Blackbough at the noted location on the map. The Baron’s soldiers will be out front, enraged at the Pellar for unfairly treating one of their buddies, Edric.

Return to Crow’s Perch and face off with the Baron there. Upon approaching the castle, Geralt will discover a large fire burning nearby. A stablehand named Oswin (and several horses) is believed to be trapped inside the stables by the witcher when you approach the fire. The Baron will take the botching back to the manor if Geralt decides to lift the curse. The witcher would be in charge of keeping him safe throughout the journey. There would be multiple times when walking back that the bottling would start to move. Axii should be cast on the botching as soon as possible after they’ve been slain, or else the witcher will have no choice but to kill it and go the other direction.

Two things happen when the botching begins to wriggle in the Baron’s hands: either you decide to murder it or take too long to calm it down. As a result, when the bottling grows agitated and must be killed, Geralt has plenty of time to calm it down. After becoming agitated, it is impossible to bring it back under control, and you should destroy it. The Axii sign and cursed blade oil both work well on the bottling. This creature’s spines over its back will become more prominent when its health dips below 50%.

Use Axii to disable health regeneration and pull back the spikes that have been deployed. Please return to the pellar’s residence to convince him to execute the ceremony using the botched blood. His luck is in his favor since he has all the components needed to complete the ritual but will wait for Geralt’s command before he begins. When he’s ready, accompany him into the woods and protect him from every wolf that may come looking for him. The ceremony will take place at a site known as Wolven Glade. There will be a brief explanation of what has to be done by Geralt after they’ve arrived at the right place.

To discuss what Geralt has discovered, return to Crow’s Perch, or if you prefer, head to Oxenfurt to see Tamara. You’ll receive the side quest Forefathers’ Eve if you’ve already finished A Powerful of Mice and are near the armorers. He will halt you just after the archway to reward you for saving his life earlier. The sign will lead you to the garden area, where the sergeant will ask Geralt what occurred the night he or the Baron dealt with bottling, but Geralt will not divulge it. Now enter the garden and speak with the Baron there. The next chapter of Ciri’s adventure, the Race, begins when he meets Geralt in his office. Geralt will first urge you to look for Tamara to avoid giving away any more secrets.

Once you’ve arrived in town, use the map to locate the residence where Tamara is holed up. Tamara will take some time to open up to Geralt, but she will do so once he explains that he only wants to ensure everything is okay with her. With the assistance of the Eternal Flame’s commander, she’s put together a posse of witch hunters to go out in search of her mother and save her instead of returning to him.

Afterward, the Baron asks the witcher for one more favor: to help him rescue his wife from the Crones in Crookback Bog. The witcher is interrupted by a minor, hideous creature that begins to babble incoherently in the chamber. The Baron says that this creature’s name is Uma when someone inquires. There will be an end to the journey at that point. To begin the main quest, “Ugly Baby,” Geralt must have completed the main missions in Novigrad and Skellige.


When you inform the Baron about Anna’s tragic circumstances, he’ll accuse you of failing to do your job, as you might imagine. To make Geralt believe that The Baron is solely responsible for Anna’s predicament, The Baron will use this chance to change his judgment. It’s absolutely up to you whether or not that works. He’ll beg for your aid in rescuing Anna from her kidnappers and completing Family Matters’ quest to wrap things off. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding Investigate All Remaining Leads in Velen.

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