Why are Indians So Good With Tech?

When the term tech or technology comes around, you and I could see numerous people affiliated with it, regardless of class or culture. Perhaps most of the technical people involved in tech are the Indian people. It is correct that we nowadays see many Indian people dominating the tech scene, filling in lower positions such as freelancers, or higher jobs, such as Chief of Executives. Now you may wonder, why are these Indian people filling the tech spaces? And what is driving them to do such a thing? To find out why Indian people are prospering their way in the world of technology more innovatively and faster than other people, keep reading this article!

Why are Indians So Good With Tech?

People from India are good with tech because they are taught to be humble, patient, and grateful. They have an excellent foundation in math and physics because of their hard-working Indian teaching system. Additionally, they are taught to listen and not be vain, which can help them in their career path.

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It is safe to say that Indian developers can be seen getting hired more frequently than any other developer.  They deal with it ever so profoundly that no other developers can match the innovativeness and versatility of their work. But, on the other hand, you may ponder what made these Indian people so profound in the tech industry.


Indian Demographics and population size

India is the world’s second-largest country, with 1.4 billion inhabitants, and one of the fastest-growing. With such a comprehensive source of talent to pick from, it’s no surprise that India produces so many software engineers. Furthermore, more than half of India’s population is under 25, which aligns with the average age of software engineers. As the first generation to study programming in school, young people worldwide are turning to professions in software. Because software development is such a fresh sector, it’s no surprise that a young country like India has many developers. As the youth of the Indian population, they are well prepared to capture the global software business eventually.

Costs and outsourcing

India became the favorite destination for people wishing to outsource their IT needs in the early 1990s and 2000s. While IT and tech service positions were initially in high demand, India eventually became the preferred location for growth. As demand from overseas increased, so did the number of developers available in India. It makes sense to pursue a subject in college or university that will lead to a profession that pays well. Numerous Indians viewed software engineering as an opportunity and quickly learned the necessary skills to work in the field. People believed that all software engineering jobs would be outsourced, but this is no longer the case. Outsourcing is mainly inspired by a desire to save money. In the United States, software engineers earn a lot of money, with an average salary of around $110,000. A software developer in India, on the other hand, earns about $10,000 per year, or $750,000. For many businesses, this contrast provides a significant expense opportunity. It also plays well in India, aiding the flood of foreigners into software development positions.

Indian Language

India is currently the world’s second-largest English-speaking nation. Around 125 million Indians speak English, or 10% of the population. Software development, programming, and web development are all done in English. Everything is written in English, whether you’re using PHP, JavaScript, C#, or Python. With such a vast English-speaking population that enjoys STEM courses, it’s no surprise they are rapidly taking control of technology. Other Asian countries may be able to provide low-cost labor. However, India also delivers it in a language that the rest of the world can understand. It means software engineers working in India can easily interact with teams worldwide.

Indian Career Possibilities

Regardless of where you live, software engineering is an excellent career choice. The industry provides above-average pay, outstanding benefits, and a clear career path. New technologies appear on the scene all the time. Thus programming is excellent for ambitious learners. India is still considered a developing country, with an estimated 84 million people living in poverty. It makes sense to pursue a high-paying career to better your life and your family. People do it throughout the United States, so it’s no surprise that it’s happening in India. Software development offers a vast and engaging job that allows you to create interesting things daily. It will enable you to be both creative and critical in your thinking. It is only in India that people are considering whether they should pursue a profession in coding.

Indian Education

More than 2.6 million university students in India are studying STEM fields, with a growing percentage of female students. The educational system urges students to concentrate early and encourages them to pursue STEM topics. Jobs in engineering and medicine are considered valuable in the nation. Parents are eager to encourage their children to pursue educational options that lead to highly paid jobs. India’s educational costs are much lower than those in the United States and Canada. It means that more people can pursue software engineering and related fields. More Indians have the skills to be excellent developers thanks to the accessibility of low-cost education and a common culture for the sector.

Why are so many Indians in IT?

This article enlists the reasons why there are so many Indians in IT. Read below.

1) Freshers with no experience continually find work in the IT sector.
2) Since IT businesses hire mostly through campus interviews, many students have expressed an interest in participating.
3) Many multinational companies have offices in India, and other wealthy countries import software from India.
4) Manufacturing and Agro business industries have more jobs than other sectors.
5) Due to a lack of sufficient skills in design and manufacturing, many have turned to IT, studying languages such as C, C++, Java, and others.
6) For deserving IT experts, excellent salaries, benefits, and facilities such as desktop jobs in central air conditioning rooms and decent promotions are available.
7) Job opportunities are abundant in the city and metro areas.

How many Indians are in Silicon Valley?

The total Indian population of Silicon Valley is more than a thousand, and 6% of them work in the tech industries in Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley, situated among the infamous San Fransisco’s Bay Area, is home to innovative technologies and serves as the initial point for giant technology companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Considering this, many Indians are residing in Silicon Valley. It is reportedly stated that about 6% of the total population of Silicon Valley is comprised of the Indian workforce, where most of them are developers. According to the same report, over 1000 Indians are working in Silicon Valley technology companies.

Why do Tech companies in America prefer Indian developers?

Most major tech companies in America prefer Indian developers due to the following reasons:

India as a Developing Country that Offers Personalized IT Services at Reasonable Costs:
India is establishing itself as one of the world’s leading countries in expanding IT services globally and at affordable prices. For internet brand businesses, Indian developers have been the top choice. IT is the most promising sector in India, which is why every fourth person in the country is involved in the industry, either directly or indirectly. India has ample good talent, making it the first choice of tech companies and startups worldwide when hiring qualified developers for their projects.

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A great source of qualified developers:
In the light of the above-mentioned, India has a great demand for IT outsourcing, so foreign companies, such as American companies, seek young and fresh talent from India, as they are highly skilled and are entirely professional.

For Indian developers, language is not a barrier:
Companies and startups are looking for an overseas software development company focused on language adaptability as a foundation. Indians are born with a strong desire to study English, a requirement in every school’s curriculum. India is the second-largest English-speaking country after the United States of America supports the claim. As a result, hiring engineers from India ensures not just technical knowledge but also a grasp of the English language. As a result, employing or outsourcing developers from India is a bonus situation for the organization or startup.

As mentioned earlier, hiring Indian developers who are experts in their field and are easily affordable is always a win-win situation for American companies. The wage varies in mass in America compared to India, making the Indian workers available at a low cost.

Is the IT industry in India blooming?

During the past years, India has benefited from its IT industry due to the growth of the field in the country, generating more than 150 billion dollars in a single year.

The IT (Information Technology) sector is an essential component of India’s business today. It is experiencing rapid change and is contributing to the transformation of Indian Business Standards. Nobody expected a developing country like India to benefit from the internet boom in the 1990s and build a massive business around it that employs more than 10 million people. India, on the other hand, exceeded expectations. The Indian IT industry generated $160 billion in sales in 2017 alone, accounting for 7.7% of India’s colossal GDP. It is blooming.

What is the cost to hire an Indian developer in America?

To hire an Indian developer, American companies would have to pay the workers $19 to $40 per hour, depending on their stage and quality of work.

As India is a popular destination for outsourcing web developers, a single Indian developer would cost an estimated $19 to $40 per hour, quickly compensating most American companies.

Are Indians the best coders?

In contrast to American coders or programmers, Indian coders are reasonably better for various reasons. Here are some listed below.

1) Indian developers are well educated and are experts in their field.
2) They appear to have more technical knowledge due to their education history.
3) They often align with the client’s satisfaction.
4) They are proven to be affordable employees with outstanding work performance.
5) Indian developers are usually better communicators than others.

What are the reasons to hire an Indian developer for IT outsourcing?

Listed below are some reasons for hiring an Indian developer for IT outsourcing.

India is the world’s leading provider of IT outsourcing services:
India is the most prominent digital nation globally, offering 24/7 outsourced services, the newest technology, and advanced IT and software solutions. Banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Indian outsourcing.

Outsourcing services from India are incredibly cost-effective:
This is one of India’s most significant advantages to the outsourcing business. By outsourcing their custom software development needs to India, firms can save between 20% and 30% on their IT costs. Clients in India benefit from a high level of accessibility, and there are never any extra charges. India’s average hourly cost for software developers is low and affordable compared to other countries.

The world’s highest-quality providers:
Indian developers are affordable, yet they thrive on producing high-quality work. In terms of software development, India is in the first place. With the most significant number of ISO-certified organizations, India is always focused on providing high-quality solutions and fast service.

India is the second-largest English-speaking country:
As aforementioned, Indians face no problems communicating in English, so it is always beneficial if the best worker in a company is also the best communicator who can understand the language proficiently.

Why are all tech CEOs Indian?

Based on their skills and expertise, Indians are meant to thrive on the CEO level as they are the most innovative people to run businesses. You can see from the present examples of Google and Adobe.

As you may already know, many dominating tech companies are owned by Indian CEOs. The reason? The basis of the statement is that Indians are thoroughly educated in technology, and they thrive to succeed in their jobs at a young age. Perhaps this is why many innovative people in the world are Indians, which leads to them controlling some giant tech companies. The notable Indian CEOs are Sundar Pichai of Google, Satya Narayana Nadella of Microsoft, and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe.

Are Indians overrepresented in tech?

You can say that Indians are overrepresented in tech, but you cannot blame them for taking the crown. Due to their skillfulness, knowledge, and sturdiness in tech, they strive better than the others.

Indians stand out in tech due to their transparency in the field. As India is a popular outsourcing location, there is a high need for software developers. They also have a young, tech-savvy population, which fits the profile of software programmers nicely. This is why developers are mostly Indians.

To conclude the article, you must now be fully educated on why Indians seem to be smarter than Americans regarding technology. The world is thriving daily, establishing more innovative resources than yesterday, and as we can see, Indians have a big hand in doing so. I hope this article helped to answer your questions.

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