What is the Cleanest Wood to Burn?

Burning wood is a great way to provide warmth and light in a home, but not just any type of wood will do. Choosing the correct wood is essential to ensure the best results while minimizing smoke or other byproducts. The cleanest wood to burn has been completely dried out, as this eliminates any moisture content and prevents smoke from forming while it ignites.

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What is the Cleanest Wood to Burn?

The cleanest wood to burn is the wood that has been dried well enough. The moisture level in the wood is not expected to be up to 20%. If the moisture in wood is above 20%, the wood will be too difficult to light up and produce too much smoke. Leaving your wood out to dry under the sun or kiln-drying the wood can be recommended to get a clean burn from your wood. For spotless wood, kiln-dried firewood is best for burning the cleanest wood because it reduces the wood’s moisture and rids the wood of mold, insects, and other factors that can affect the burning procedure.

cleanest wood to burn

One of the most common ways to ensure your firewood is completely dry is by letting it sit outside in the sun for several weeks or months before use. This allows all the moisture in the wood to evaporate and leaves behind only dry material that can be used for burning. If you don’t have enough time for the sun-drying method, you can also kiln-dry your firewood – this requires special equipment and knowledge. By kiln-drying your wood, you remove even more moisture from within the logs and rid them of mold, insects, and other factors that can affect how well they burn.

Kiln-dried firewood typically has a moisture content between 10% and 15%, making it ideal for burning due to its lower chance of producing smoke and other byproducts when lit up. It’s important to note that even if you opt for kiln-dried firewood, there may still be some residue – mostly ash – left behind after burning. To minimize this effect further, always choose wood pieces with an even size and shape so they will burn consistently without creating too much heat or smoke.

When looking for clean wood to burn at home, check with local suppliers offering seasoned and dried firewood varieties. These companies usually employ experts who know precisely what types of woods work best for home heating purposes, so you can rest assured their products are high quality and fit for burning in your fireplace or stovetop. Additionally, never use treated lumber such as pressure-treated boards because these contain toxins that can be released into your home as fumes while burning them indoors!

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