How Many Pieces of Wood Are in a Cord?

The main variables determining the quantity of wood within a cord include how it is split, the type and species of wood used, and its moisture content. For instance, if you used smaller logs or split them unevenly into small pieces, your cord would naturally contain fewer pieces than if you had used larger logs or split them evenly into larger chunks. Similarly, different firewood species and types require other splitting and stacking techniques to safely store and burn efficiently. Please read our article about How Much a Cord of Wood costs.

How Many Pieces of Wood Are in a Cord?

A full cord of wood may contain around 600 – 800 pieces of split timber—approximately 700 in a cord. However, the accurate number in a cord cannot be too specific because the number of pieces of wood can be determined by how the wood is split, the type of wood, the rate of moisture in the wood, and the variety of wood species.

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In addition, the rate at which moisture evaporates from your firewood is essential in determining how many pieces are in a total cord. If your firewood has too much moisture content (i.e., more than 20%), this could significantly increase the number of individual pieces that make up a full cord—potentially by as much as 25%. On the other hand, if your firewood has been appropriately seasoned with minimal moisture content (i.e., less than 18%), it would likely contain fewer pieces than usual—typically by around 10-15%.


Let’s imagine you want to go to a redwood grove and stack and move your truckload of lumber. The dimensions of your truck bed are two by four by 8 feet. The more the fire burns, the more wood appears to be consumed. Dry kindling and wood are used to light the fire. Once the fire is well-burning, damp wood will dry out and burn. Wood refers to it, costs $75. The pile measures 4 feet tall by 8 feet long, with a mean component length of 35 cm. Divide 16 inches by 48 inches to get the total cable length. This is the average price; many users should anticipate paying more, particularly during the winter. Costs might range from $220 to $400 per line in some parts of the United States—an average cord of wood costs around $300. Most buyers pay between $120 and $580; however, prices might reach $900. Prices vary depending on where you are, what you have, and how you cut it. Seasoned and dried timber will also be more expensive.

Overall, while a full cord of wood can generally be estimated to have around 700 pieces of split timber included within it, this number can vary widely depending on environmental factors such as the size and shape of logs being used, the species/type of firewood chosen, and the overall moisture content levels when stored. When determining precisely how many pieces make up a total cord at any given time, considering all these variables before making an estimate is always recommended.

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