What is Mojo Airtight WIPS?

Mojo Networks’ AirTight WIPS is a venture remote prevention framework that detects and blocks WLAN attacks. AirTight WIPS searches for any WLAN-based attacks, maverick remote passageways, and different infringement of the association’s WLAN and security approaches.

How Mojo security works:

  • Access points respond to threats even when cloud communication is interrupted.
  • Alerts are sent immediately to all relevant parties via email.
  • Classification and prevention built on behavior improve accuracy and speed of response.
  • Control cloud access with Federated login and two-factor authentication
  • Create custom response triggers and actions leveraging Mojo API
  • Detection and prevention occur 24x7x365 in every WiFi scenario.
  • Location tracking services for both live and historical device locations
  • Push relevant security alerts to external systems automatically.
  • Quarantine activities occur within seconds of threat detection.

A WIPS not exclusively can identify the wrong movement; however, it can likewise prevent it from adversely influencing the association’s WLAN foundation, customer gadgets, and clients – in this way forestalling fruitful trade-offs and unapproved admittance to the association’s delicate information. Here is a more intensive glance at the highlights and usefulness of Mojo Networks’ AirTight WIPS. 

Item forms 

The Mojo AirTight WIPS utilizes an administration worker and actual sensors model. The administration worker is accessible through a few methods: 

• Public cloud-based assistance 

• Private cloud-based help 

• In-house equipment machine 

• In-house virtualized machine 

As far as actual sensors, Mojo Networks, which was previously known as AirTight Networks, offers a few remote passageways that accompany worked in WIPS abilities. 

Attacks revelation capacities 

The most essential WIPS attack disclosure capacities include identifying maverick APs and rebel associations, including those from unapproved WLAN customer gadgets, and AirTight WIPS gives these abilities. Sealed shut WIPS can likewise plan the actual areas of WLAN gadgets, including rebel APs and customer gadgets, to help in pinpointing the area of attacks. 

It is hazy, nonetheless, what different sorts of attacks AirTight WIPS can guard against. The data openly accessible about AirTight WIPS doesn’t state whether the item can recognize forswearing of-administration attacks, man-in-the-center, and customer pantomime attacks, and dynamic verification and encryption breaking endeavors. Associations keen on assessing AirTight WIPS should check with AirTight Networks to get more data on its attack revelation capacities. 

Information assortment and detailing abilities 

MojoAirTight WIPS records essential data on WLAN occasions that it notices, and it can likewise log all the activities that the WIPS itself performs. Be that as it may, no data is accessible concerning whether the AirTight WIPS offers bundle catch abilities, which can be considerably more accommodating than simply logging detailed occasion data regarding investigating an attack meeting. 

Going connected at the hip with information assortment abilities gives an account of the gathered information and investigates it. Little data is accessible on AirTight WIPS’ announcing capacities; truth be told, it is the main major WIPS item that doesn’t advance its inherent help of detailing for, in any event, one significant administrative consistency activity. Associations considering AirTight WIPS for their WIPS needs should painstakingly assess its detailing capacities, primarily if the association depends on at least one consistent endeavor. 


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Since Mojo AirTight WIPS’s board abilities are accessible through four unique models (i.e., public cloud, private cloud, equipment device, and virtual machine), its permitting and costs will differ broadly, relying upon the picked model. Regarding its sensors, AirTight WIPS gives a “comprehensive” sensor estimating model. When a sensor is bought, that cost incorporates all the highlights that the sensors can provide. Through its cloud-based administration models, Mojo Networks offers a no-commitment 14-day trial of the AirTight WIPS capacities. 


The Mojo AirTight WIPS item offers fundamental WIPS capacities for undertakings and is reasonable for use by a wide assortment of associations. It has profoundly adaptable administration alternatives, going from public and private cloud-put together administrations to concerning premises equipment and virtualized devicees, just as a few distinctive sensor designs.

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