What is Access Recertification?

An organization has various types of information. Some parts of the story might be visible to all, while some might not be visible. In any organization, the hierarchy might allow some information to be accessed by all, while some information is highly confidential. Access re-certification is primarily the responsibility of the CISO (Chief information security officer) or chief compliance officer(CCO). The process of determining who gets what access may also be known as access attestation or entitlement review. 

What is access re-certification?

User access recertification is the process that corrects unauthorized permissions of auditing users. This security framework makes sure that users have access only to what they need.

Access re-certification can be done by computer or manually. The primary step in access re-certification is to gather and analyze the account information of all the employees. Once the information is ready, explore the privileges each of the employees is given. Managers assess the authority of the employees and re-evaluate certification given to all the employees. There are various challenges in the process of evaluation. 

In the video below, we can see access recertification in practice:

The most important step in access recertification is identity and access management. See details in the video below:

In more significant organizations, an access governance app is necessary to perform Re-certification. This app also ensures that audits happen regularly. Once the re-certification is assigned, the receiving individual must perform it within a set period. Failing to do so can suspend access rights, and the report will be sent to the manager. The major challenges of this approach are the technical knowledge, effort, and time for interoperability. 


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