How to Light a Pilot Light on a Water Heater?

Do you have problems with the water heater’s gas heater? When the pilot’s light passes out, it indicates a drop in the pressure gradient, eradicating the flames. The primary indication that there is still a fault with the gas burner is that your hot water tank will no longer heat. It is a critical situation in which you must understand the fundamentals of pilot light repair to restore the fire. It will not only guarantee that you have hot baths but also stop any gas leaks in your home.

Although the directions vary depending on the type, with most heat pumps, you may begin by looking for a gas shutdown valve, usually situated across the front of the stove. Having your electric or gas heater’s startup light flames go somewhere is unpleasant and upsetting. Whenever it happens, you’re left lacking hot water, rendering even the most straightforward task like going to the bathroom a chore.

Do electric water heaters have pilot lights?

Electric water heaters don’t have a pilot light as in a small flame. But they do have red lights called Bezels. Remember that no gas or pilot light is involved in electric water heaters.

But what to do if we have a water heater with pilot lights:

How to Light a Pilot Light on a Water Heater?

To light a pilot light on a water heater, you need to hold half-minute the ignition button and hold the pilot knob down simultaneously. You do not need a lighter because your pilot light will turn on. However, if this doesn’t work, you must replace the thermocouple.

What is a thermocouple?

A thermocouple represents an electrical device consisting of two dissimilar electrical conductors, and it senses the pilot’s heat and allows gas to flow to the burner. In addition, the thermocouple measures temperature, so when the junction of the two metals is heated or cooled, a voltage is created that can be correlated back to the temperature.

thermocouple water heater

The job of the thermocouple is to keep the pilot lit.

This same thermocouple’s end is placed over the pilot light, creating a charge that keeps the control valve wide. If the voltmeter detects that your electric heater’s starter sun is coming out, it will turn off the gas flow to the burner. Thermocouples could fail, gather dust, or get bent out from the pilot beam’s flames overage.

Either instance, the thermocouple will strain to detect the gas boiler and turn off the power. Another explanation for why your gas hot water system checks engine light won’t remain lit is a lack of combustion air. The lightbulb on your hot water system requires air to stay lit. Eventually, the light will die out. To increase the supply of flammable air, ensure the temperature heater isn’t encircled by dirt, lint, or dirt.

How do you fix the water heater pilot?

You usually need to replace a thermocouple electrical device to fix a water heater pilot. First, Turn Off the Shutoff Valve, Unscrew the Nuts, Remove the Assembly, and install a new thermocouple. In the last step, you must reattach the three lines to the gas valve and finish your job. See the video below.


Maintain as much cleanliness as practicable in the external environment. Absolutely. If you are likely handy with all types of tools, you might be able to change the thermoelectric manually. To be here, turn off the gas inlet and detach the entire burner and thermistor system. If you don’t know how to make simple repairs, hiring someone who does is preferable and safer. A specialist can also examine your gas boiler for additional faults and provide advice or recommendations on any current or potential concerns. If you equip a gas hot water system, your pilot lights will eventually go out. The lightbulb is an essential component of a gas hot water tank, and if it is not lighted or working correctly, you are “warm” and will flow cold.

Learn to clean thermocouple video:

Knowing some knowledge is necessary, and how to ignite the gas boiler can lead to significant savings by resolving the problem yourself rather than getting a contractor plumber. Even though electronic electrics are prevalent in contemporary gas heating systems, some older boilers still require pilot lamps. It’s not unusual for your hot water tank to have problems using a gas boiler. The post will assist you in troubleshooting the issue and determining what steps to take next. A tiny flame starts the burning in gas and LPG heat pumps. This little flame is known as a gas burner and is always lit.


Because when the boiler needs to boil the water from the reservoir, the lightbulb starts the propane grill. Consider the pilot light to be a spark. I could start a fire to start a fire or ignite a gas burner. However, you won’t produce a fire or use your gas cooker if you do not have a flame. The same holds for a gas burner. If the lightbulb fails, your hot water tank will be unable to start the propane grill and, hence, will not be capable of heating it. If their heating is no longer attractive, your check engine light has likely burned out. However, there are other explanations for why you don’t have boiled water, so if that’s not the pilot bulb, you’ll have to do additional debugging.

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You may see the following errors or flickering light on that gas pressure regulator. This LED indicator may change colors to warn you of an issue. Look for a label on the vessel’s side that explains what the signal message signifies. Another of the difficulties usually mentioned is the spark plug being around. If you perform a visual check and do not see the light, the lightbulb is most likely out. Even though your gas pressure switch shows a problem with the power switch, it is essential to visually inspect a flame. Its combustion chamber door is generally located below the gas pressure regulator at the end of the water radiator. Depending on your hot water system, you must replace or unlock the gate to see the combustion compartment and pilot lighting tube. That fault is not about the power switch if you ever see flames.

What do you do when a thermocouple is not working?

The check engine light will not stay lit if the thermocouple is not operating correctly. The thermostat may be filthy, bent, or damaged, and while you may be capable of adapting or cleaning it, replacing it is typically the best option.
In modern heat pumps, temperature sensors are sometimes referred to as flame sensors, although many heaters feature a running pilot light that uses a thermocouple. This assignment could be a good fit if you’re experienced with home improvements and operating electric appliances throughout this scenario. You can find out how to do it here. Some householders, however, prefer to engage a plumbing company to handle the task for them.

When a gas light goes out of a hot water system, it is usually not harmful. Most propane heating systems include valves that shut off the gas pipeline when the spark light passes out. This is a critical safety element, and if your hot water tank did not have it, you would have had a leading or methane gas leak on her fingers, which might lead to an accident. However, this condition might be deadly when the boiler is in a contained location. Therefore, nothing was better than turning off your electric heater’s gas boiler.


However, remember that you will no longer be connected to heated water after the water level has warmed. Many situations occur in real life where shutting off your gas boiler is a good idea. Specialists, for one, frequently advise you to do so when traveling on holidays. Cutting off the gas boiler on your hot water system can save you fuel bills since the hot water tank will not move water heat while you are away.

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