How to Watch Latest Telugu Movies Online?

There’s no denying that Bollywood creates a tone of movies each year, but it’s exclusively for India’s northern regions. Tollywood, Lollywood, Mollywood, and Sandalwood are well-known film production centers in southern India. The Telugu and Tamil film industries are the most prominent ones. In terms of both volume and quality, South Indian films are not far behind those made in the north. More people in North America have viewed Bahu Bali than most Bollywood films, and it’s a Telugu film in its purest form.

Telugu movies

As a lover of southern Indian cinema, you must have seen Telugu films. Comedians are recognized for their witty and heartfelt speeches, funny and sincere action sequences, dazzling dance routines, and heartbreaking narratives. New full-length Telugu films are becoming increasingly popular with moviegoers, and many of you are discovering a method to stream new releases for free.

You may view the latest Telugu movies online for free here. We’ve also introduced a clean online movie/video downloader that enables you to download free HD Telugu films. This post will discuss the platforms for watching the latest Telugu movies online.

How to Watch the Latest Telugu Movies Online?

You can watch the latest Telugu movies on platforms like Movierulzz, Desi, Einthusan—tv, Thiruttuvcd—stream,,,,,, etc.

Because of a copyright issue, the original Movierulz website was shut down; however, a Movierulz proxy, such as Movierulz, was used. Desi is accessible. The site offers diverse entertainment with a vast selection of films in various languages (including Hollywood and Bollywood). Movierulz has all the latest Telugu movies from 2018 to 2021 that you can watch online.

In addition, you may obtain your preferred rip file by downloading Telugu movies in zipping or torrent format. However, it is not possible to download every Telugu movie. Pop-up advertising might appear, or you would be unable to access the page for various reasons.

The old Einthusan has already been blocked, as has Movierulz. Unfortunately, only a handful of internet torrent sites can endure for an extended period. So we offer enthused—TV as a mirror of Einthusan. From the site’s primary navigation, you may choose from various languages, including Tamil and Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi.

In the Telugu section, you can choose HD, CC, or UHD Telugu movies with subtitles from staff selections, newly added movies, regional hits, or upcoming releases. A lifetime subscription costs $25. After viewing Telugu movies online, you can leave a review and join the conversation.

How to Download Latest Telugu Movies Online for Free?

To download the latest Telugu Movies online for free, please follow the steps:

  1. Download & open the software
  2. Install the Mac version of the Cisdem Video Converter.
  3. Downloading Telugu movies.
  4. If you want to download a Telugu movie from a site like YouTube, you’ll need to copy the movie’s URL. Then, paste the URL into the download box and press the button. It’s important to note that you may download many Telugu films at once.
  5. Convert movies to suitable formats.
  6. To play them on your devices, you may want to convert the downloaded Telugu movies to formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. Isn’t it easy? In the Convert tab, select the video formats you want your Telugu movies to be in, then click the button.

You can download the latest Telugu movies online for free at Cisdem Video Converter. Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended and noted by many users as the best way to accomplish this once and for all. You may download the most recent full HD movies, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and Telugu. It is a quick, dependable, and immaculate tool. There are some places where you can download Telugu movies from the internet, but the functionality on such sites is poor and unreliable.

Even with a somewhat congested page, FilmLinks4U performs an excellent job. You may find movies in various genres, such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Dubbed, Telugu, Tamil, and many more sub-genres, as well as new releases. But, of course, seeing Telugu movies in HD 1080P quality is what gets you enthusiastic.

You can watch Telugu movies online for free and at very high speed without registering. For “Watch NOW” and “Download NOW,” you should also avoid buttons on the movie-playing page. There is no connection between them and the Telugu film you’d want to view.

Can I Watch Telugu Movies on Netflix?

The popularity of Telugu films on OTT platforms is skyrocketing. After Amazon Prime, Netflix has the most titles in this language subgenre. Check out the top Telugu movies available on the Netflix platform.

Following are the top Telugu movies on Netflix-

Cinema Bandi (2021).

Successful filmmaker team Raj and DK have financed Cinema Bandi, which will debut on Netflix’s OTT platform on May 14th, 2021. Cinema Bandi, produced by Praveen Kandregula, tells the story of a group of friends from the rural Andhra region of India. Veerababu, an auto-rickshaw driver, discovers an expensive camera.

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With Ganapathy’s support, how would he produce a film? What challenges will Veerababu and his crew confront throughout the film’s production? Consistently given a comical narrative and positive feelings, Vikas Vasistha and Sandeep Varanasi, the two actors who played the lead parts in this online film, were excellent for their characters and brought the movie to life.

Jagame Thantram (2021)

Filmmakers Dhanush and Karthik Subbaraj’s Jagame Thandhiram was released on Netflix on June 18th as a direct digital download. Subscribing members may also access the film’s Telugu adaptation, Jagame Thantram, via the streaming portal. Suruli, a small-time mobster from Madhurai in Tamil Nadu, is the film’s protagonist. How will Suruli go off against London thug Peter in the UK and emerge as a Don? In addition to Dhanush, the film stars Joju George, Kalaiarasan, and Aishwarya Lekshmi.

Wild Dog 2021

A terrorist strike serves as the basis for the action thriller Wild Dog. Vijay Verma, an NIA officer on administrative leave, is tasked with locating the terrorists responsible for the bombings at Gokul Chat & Lumbini Park in New Delhi. As depicted in the film, the officer must cross the border into Nepal to execute his assignment. An adrenaline-pumping, spine-tingling adventure awaits. Wild Dog is the newest Telugu film to be added to Netflix in 2021.

Which is the Best Site to Watch Telugu Movies Online?

Play Sominal TV, Picker, Eithusan.Tv, Thiruttuvcd. Stream is the best site to watch Telugu movies online.

Movies on Play Sominal TV may be browsed by language, subtitled in English, or by genre, and ratings & trending movies, making the service easy to use. If you’re looking for new Telugu movies to stream, Play Sominal TV is an excellent option. However, you must register first if you want to watch or comment on Telugu movies. You will be prompted to select subscription choices when registering a new account. Monthly rates are $11.99, and yearly rates are $99.99. Make sure to check out the demo page before joining up.

Picker is an excellent option if you’re looking to watch a Telugu movie online. Now, Picker has five channels: Bollywood (Hindi), Telugu, Tamil, Kollywood, Malayalam, and Tollywood (Telugu) (Bangla). Everything about Telugu on this website, including movies, reviews, news, trailers, and video songs, is accessible because of the site’s user-friendly layout. You’ll be sent to Netflix, YouTube, Spuul, and other similar services to view Telugu movies online. Picker is an excellent option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform.

Ethan. TV is among the newest and most popular Telugu movie streaming platforms. You can watch Telugu movies online for free and films in other languages, such as Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam. For $25, you may have lifelong access to the site’s premium features, including ad-free viewing. Thanks to its simple layout, you can effortlessly locate your favorite Telugu movies.

To view & stream free Telugu movies, Thiruttuvcd is the 3rd best torrent site. Watching Telugu movies on this finest site for free online is a rich and fascinating experience among the best sites for Telugu and other films, such as Bollywood, Tamil, Hindi, and other movies. You may find all of your favorite movie genres here. But despite the bothersome pop-ups, this site can still provide you with the most excellent Telugu HD movie viewing experience.

Where Can I Watch the Free Telugu Series?

You can watch the free Telugu series on Bolly2Tolly & TodayPK. These are the most reliable and advanced platforms for streaming the Telugu series.

As its name indicates, Bolly2Tolly concentrates on the latest Bollywood & Tollywood material. No doubt you’ll be able to find films in various dialects and dialectal dialects from across the world in this collection. Moviegoers may now watch Telugu films online thanks to Bolly2Tolly. The addition of the Telugu movie trailer has already made tremendous progress. The menu bar has an advanced search function.

Today, PK must be at the top of the list because of its vast collection of games. Today’s navigation bar features a search bar and a variety of categories, just like many other top-rated torrent sites. In addition, you may watch free Telugu movies online, including recent releases, classics from 2008, and even movies dubbed into Telugu. TodayPK covers many topics, including everything you’d expect to see here. On the other hand, its page is a complete jumble, and there are full-page displays of the most recent Hollywood, Hindi, and Telugu films.

Does HotStar have Telugu Channels?

Yes, Hotstar has a Telugu channel and offers good Telugu films. Therefore, streaming Telugu movies on HotStar is an excellent option.

One of the most incredible places to watch Tamil movies online is this website, which has many films from the Hindi, Tamil, and Bollywood film industries. Star India owns the station, which broadcasts 50,000 hours of programming in nine languages, including Hindi, Telugu, and others. In addition, HotStar will offer HD-quality movies from older Telugu films until 2021. In addition, you can download Telugu movies without any problem.

Star India’s Hotstar is a well-known destination for streaming movies and TV shows. Content is available in Hindi and Telugu and has 50,000 hours of programming. For example, HotStar has many international materials from ABC and HBO, as well as popular sports events and news stations. In addition, HotStar is a one-stop shop for all new television, allowing you to view full-length Telugu movies from 2021- to 2017. Thanks to the service’s premium membership, most films and foreign material are hidden behind a low-budget wall.


To conclude, all the sites provided are free to view, stream, or download your favorite Telugu films. The websites mentioned above are gaining popularity due to their extensive content libraries. There are also a lot of other movie genres that Telegu movie fans are huge fans of. You may download only a handful of your favorite films from such free streaming Telugu websites.

Some of these sites may contain viruses that might infect your computer or desktop. AceThinker’s Video Keeper Classic is an excellent choice for those who want a virus-free way to view movies and TV shows. Using It, you may download as many movies as you like and high-resolution films up to 8K.

You may now download some of your favorite Telegu movies from the 1000+ supported video-sharing sites with a link and view them offline. The most excellent place to watch free Telugu movies online is right here. You may get free movies to download from some of them. However, as previously stated, the torrent site’s download process is quite rudimentary and might lead to unintentional downloads. Cisdem Video Converter is the best choice to watch Telugu movies offline. It has a wide range of features make it easy for you to download HD Telugu movies online safely, quickly, and securely.

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