How Much Do Tanked Tanks Cost?

Tanked is an American-based reality television series that is broadcasted on Animal Planet. The Show was initially launched and premiered in August 2011 and revolves around brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King. They are the current owners of an acrylic tank manufacturing company. The program is based on the operation set out by the Las Vegas-based aquarium manufacturer. It has 15 seasons with 153 episodes, and an average running time of a single episode is around 43 minutes.

tanked fish tanks $1 million

How much does a tanked fish tank cost?

Tanked fish tank cost can be:

  • 10-gallon tank costs around $5000
  • 100-gallon fish tank costs from $1200 up to $6000
  • 5,000-gallon tanks cost around $1 million, with rare fish.
  • Weekly Maintenance costs 50 cents to $1 a gallon every month.


The show encourages the viewers to watch a high-profile family-oriented business focused on acrylic tank manufacturing, the USA’s renowned and successful aquarium owners. The series is led by brothers-in-law who are also business partners, best friends, and rivals. They dwell in a well-furnished and modern housing facility in the middle of Sin City. The acrylic tank manufacturing company has countless gigantic and exquisite conceptual-based aquariums for wealthy and affluent clients.

The staff, crew, and family of the Tank show are highly opinionated and innovative and work with high-profile clients. The two business partners have stepped into the journey of providing elegant and admirable pieces of aquarium and assembling large and theme-based aquariums at various locations, including restaurants, casinos, hotels, luxurious facilities, offices, mansions, and zoos. Their tanks are not focused on ordinary people, but celebrities and extraordinary people are their usual clients. The resulting aquariums are exceptional and possess jaw-dropping features. The large tanks are assembled and built to accommodate many sea life creatures that are amusing to watch.

fish tanks tanked

The fitting, installation, and total amount of the aquarium tank are around $1.6 million. The substantial build and durability of the glass tank are remarkable with the high-priced materials used. The animal content within the tank consists of large-sized sharks, varieties of fish, shellfish, and angelfish.

They have also directed a 1,000,000-gallon pool to accommodate dolphins with first-class acrylic observing windows. The excessive hard work and intricate detailing invested in building the tank cost around $1 million. This is the alone cost of the tank; however, the casino facility costs around 5 million.

Therefore, the brother-in-law has decided to capitalize on superior products and utilize state-of-the-art technology with luxurious designs to bring sophistication to the client’s house. The extravagant aquariums are fitted with aquascapes and provide a picturesque background for some of the homeowners. The oceanic surroundings offer a scenic yet relaxing appearance, particularly for water lovers. Depending on individual preferences and undoubtedly the elevated budget, home aquariums can be a part of a lavish lifestyle and a striking element of art. Dennis Wightman, a significant pillar of the acrylic tank manufacturing company highlighted on Animal Planet ShowTime, claims that dealing with high-quality aquariums and installing fish homes in the luxurious residences of celebrities and renowned individuals is now a new trend.

How much does a 100-gallon fish tank cost?

The 100-gallon fish tank costs from $1200 up to $6000. The average price for a 100-gallon fish tank is around $3500, such as Red Sear Reefer or Tsunami Clear View.

The cost of a 100-gallon fish tank can vary greatly depending on your brand and type of tank. Some of the most popular options include the Red Sear Reefer, which typically costs anywhere from $1200 to $6000, and the Tsunami Clear View, which tends to fall below $3500. Other factors that can affect the overall price of a 100-gallon fish tank include the size and quality of the filtration system as well as any additional features you may want, such as aquarium lighting or automated feeding systems.

If you are considering investing in a 100-gallon fish tank for your home or office, it is essential to do your research ahead of time so that you can find a high-quality tank at a price that fits within your budget. This means taking into account upfront costs and ongoing maintenance expenses like food, filters, and cleaning supplies. However, with some careful planning and research, it is possible to find an affordable 100-gallon fish tank that will provide years of entertainment and enjoyment for you and your family or coworkers.

How much does a 2000-gallon fish tank cost?

The 2000-gallon fish tank costs from $20000 up to $100000. The average price for a used  2000-gallon fish tank is around $30000. 

The 2000-gallon fish tank is a large, custom-designed aquarium featured on the popular television show Tanked. This type of fish tank is typically quite expensive, ranging from $20000 to $100000 depending on the size, materials used, and other factors.

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One of the most important considerations when purchasing a 2000-gallon fish tank is its material. The most common options are acrylic or glass, with each material having pros and cons. Acrylic tends to be more durable and easier to maintain than glass. Still, it is also more prone to damage from sharp objects or abrasive cleaners. Glass tanks are often heavier than acrylic ones, making them more challenging to move or transport.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which 2000-gallon fish tank is right for you will depend on your budget and personal preferences. That said, several reputable retailers specialize in high-quality fish tanks and aquarium accessories, so it can be helpful to research before making a purchase decision. With proper care and maintenance, your 2000-gallon fish tank can provide a beautiful and vibrant home for your favorite aquatic creatures for many years.

Fish tanks can be costly.

How much  IBOC Dallas fish tank cost?

IBOC Dallas fish tank cost 4 million dollars to design, build, and stock. This costly fish tank was finished in November 2009, and it became prevalent after Animal Planet was presented in the Tanked TV Series.

IBOC Dallas fish tank

What is the cost of fish tanks on Show Tanked?

The fish tanks on Show Tanked cost up to several million dollars, such as IBOC Dallas fish tank. Usually, smaller designs on Show Tanked cost around $5,000 to 10,000, while the larger fish tanks cost up and above $1 million.

Superstars and renowned personalities who have requisitioned custom-based aquariums with tailored finishing and customized choices of the tank structure can be modified according to individual requirements. There is a wide variety of fish tanks available. Celebrities can ask for conventional and old rectangular tanks and three flawed cylindrical aquariums that accommodate many fish, rays, sharks, seaweed, and coral. The size and overall budget of the aquarium depend on thorough and precise preferences and measurements.

The overall price of the tank tends to increase depending on the exclusivity and scope of the tank. However, the standard yet classy aquarium tank can be founded at about $5000 for a 10-gallon tank. The price can be elevated, and the aquarium tank’s budget can reach about $1 million,n allowing 5000 gallons of water and accommodating a rare breed of fish. The prices mentioned above included the tank’s manufacturing, structuring, and erecting process; however, this does not involve the maintenance fee of the tank. The Maintenance of the fish tank needs to be repeated every alternate day or once a week, costing about $.50 21 dollars for a gallon of water.

Some homeowners customize their entire plan to portray a lavish look and exhibit stylish features of the aquarium. This involves displaying the rare breed of fish, coral, and plants from the living room, or some would prefer scuba diving or snorkeling trips to have the exact feel of ocean life. Some homeowners who expend lavishly can also opt for rocks, plants, and unique crystals to provide mountain lake detailing, therefore, exhibiting and parading an environment of rainforest or rice paddy.

The vast and colossal-sized aquariums are an exemplary depiction of aesthetics. The idea behind these tremendous tanks revolves around innovation, concept, and theme-based structure. Contrary to the deluxe style, having a small aquarium can significantly reduce blood pressure, confirmed by British and American researchers.

These results were published and initiated by the UK Marine Biology Nonprofit National Aquarium Limited and were published in the Environment and Behavior Journal, highlighting and emphasizing health benefits.

The prodigies behind the Acrylic tank manufacturing company have accredited their services by offering their creative aquarium pieces to basketball prodigy Shaquille O’Neal, celebrity David Hassel Hoff and Nate Morris in their reality television show tank. Most of their aquarium pieces are equipped with innovative pool windows to provide the owners with a clear-cut, lovely underwater view.

The reality TV shows icons build the aquarium and reveal it in front of millions of fans. In February, the latest masterpiece was disclosed inside the wine store, accommodating more than 65 saltwater fish that was extraordinarily striking and beautiful. The names of the saltwater fish feed were Harley Quinn tusk, pufferfish, and powder blue tang on Fox’s face.

This reveal was noteworthy as many people were interested in displaying the 17-foot high aquarium, exhibited on February 7. The aquarium gave them a hundred thousand dollars for the tank. After 15 exciting seasons, the show tank has come to its conclusion. Probably due to the dwindling ratings, the viewership had reached half 1 million per episode.

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