Should I Buy Open Box from Best Buy?

I’ve always had a great experience buying open-box items from Best Buy. Whenever I do, I add Geek Squad protection for two or five years since open-box products often come without a warranty. This strategy has worked well for me; just by purchasing the protection plan, I feel assured about the quality and longevity of my purchase. Getting extra coverage is a smart move if you’re considering an open-box item.

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Best Buy’s open-box items are products that have been returned, displayed, or lightly used and are sold at a reduced price. These items undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they meet a high standard of quality and functionality. Open-box products can range from electronics and appliances to games and gadgets, offering a more affordable alternative to brand-new items. While these products may not always come with the original packaging or accessories, they are often in excellent condition. Additionally, Best Buy provides a return and exchange policy for open-box purchases, giving customers peace of mind.

How reliable are open-box products from Best Buy?

Open-box products from Best Buy are generally reliable, mainly if they include all original contents and packaging, as they still come with the manufacturer’s warranty and Best Buy’s complete return policy. This ensures that purchasing these items is not a significant risk, offering a balance of quality assurance and affordability.

In my first experience looking for an open-box TV at Best Buy, I was specifically searching for a 65″ model. I had been waiting a few weeks to find one locally, as the new ones were expensive. I was aware that Best Buy’s policies on open box items had changed recently, making it more unpredictable regarding the TV’s condition and the accessories that might be included or missing. Despite this, I still believed it was worth checking out the open-box deals in person, and I thought it would be wise to bring someone along, especially in case the TV lacked a stand. I realized that even though it could be a bit of a gamble, the potential for finding a great deal made it an exciting venture.

In my second experience with Best Buy’s open box items, I purchased a B9 TV listed in “Fair” condition for about 55% off its regular price. It was initially marked as “Poor” due to the absence of a manual, stand, and remote, but to my surprise, the TV still had its plastic wrap and all original packaging. Interestingly, they even found the remote for it. When I was about to pick it up during the early days of COVID-19, I had to stay in the parking lot for safety reasons and complete the transaction there. The manager tried to offer it to me for $200 off the MSRP as it was being brought to my car. However, I had already ordered it online for $1250 and insisted on getting it at that price. Despite their system showing it as still available and their initial reluctance, I stood my ground, especially since I had brought a printed invoice. After a bit of discussion and some evident grumbling, they finally agreed to sell it to me for the price I had seen online.

So, if you want to Buy an Open Box from Best Buy, you will not make a mistake.

  • Buying an open box from Best Buy is a smart choice for savings.
  • Open-box items are generally in good condition and thoroughly inspected.
  • You often get the original manufacturer’s warranty with open-box purchases.
  • Best Buy’s return policy applies, providing additional buyer protection.
  • It’s a great way to get high-quality products at a lower cost.


Whether to buy open-box items from Best Buy depends on your comfort with slightly used or returned products and your desire for cost savings. These items are often a great deal, coming with the manufacturer’s warranty and Best Buy’s return policy, which adds a layer of security to your purchase. However, inspecting the product thoroughly and confirming all essential accessories are included is important. Open-box purchases can be astute for expensive items like TVs or appliances, with more substantial discounts. If you’re willing to deal with minor imperfections or potentially missing non-essential accessories, open-box items from Best Buy can offer significant savings without compromising quality.

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