Power On And Off Symbols – Is Circle On or Off?

As one of the most critical components of any electronic device, the power button is essential for controlling when a device is on and off. This makes it a crucial part of any hardware design, allowing users to adjust settings and conserve power when necessary.
power on and power off symbols on switch

To write a compelling article about the power button, it’s essential to understand its function and how different devices incorporate this feature. Typically, a hard power button physically engages mechanisms that allow or prevent current from flowing through the device. A soft power button, by contrast, generally uses electrical signals to control these same functions.

When writing about the power button, other considerations include its size, shape, and location on a given device. Some devices may have more than one power button—for example, a laptop may have separate switches for turning on and off the screen versus the entire system—while others may have no physical indication and rely solely on software control.

Whatever type of device you’re writing about, it’s essential to be clear and detailed in your description of its power button so that readers can understand how to use this critical component effectively.

On and Off Power Button Symbols

When you see the “I” or “O” symbols on a power button or switch, that typically means that pressing the button will turn the device on or off, this can be useful if you’re unsure what position the power switch is currently in, as it makes it easy to determine which way to press the button to achieve your desired result.

Recently I took an old Radio device where Power is not presented with “On” or “Off.” Instead, there were symbols.

Is Circle On or Off?

Circle as a symbol means Power Off. five important symbols show various Power modes. Usually, on multiple devices Power On symbol is “I” (vertical line similar to the letter I ), while Power Off is presented with the circle (O).

Below this image, you can see 5 Power Modes – symbols for the on and off switch, toggle power, power, and sleep mode:


Power symbols

Sometimes power on or power off can be presented using binary digits. For example, digit 1 represents Power on while 0 is zero Power off. Additionally, Pushed In means Power on, while Pushed Out means power Off in ancient devices.

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