How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Starting and profiting from a blog is easier than ever. People are creating a website that used to cost thousands of dollars to put up and maintain just a few years ago. A website’s monetization was just as challenging. Last year, email marketing was still in its infancy, and PayPal was still in infancy. Today, though, you can establish, manage, and monetize a blog on WordPress for just a few hundred dollars.

Unfortunately, most bloggers do not generate money from their blogs simply because it is easier to do so now. According to ConvertKit’s 2017 State of Blogging Study, professional bloggers made an average profit of $138,064 last year, while amateur bloggers (86% of those polled) made just $9,497. It is a disgrace, given that most bloggers do it to become their boss and escape the drudgery of a 9-to-5 job. In this post, we will acknowledge how bloggers make money.

How Do Bloggers Make Money?

Bloggers make money from ads on their web pages using monetization publishers’ ads platforms such as Google Ads, Ezoic Mediavine, and Adthrive. The second way to make money is using affiliate links as part of Affiliate programs. Additionally, bloggers can earn money if they  Sell E-Books, Sell Online Courses, Subscription-Based Membership models, write Sponsored Reviews & Posts, Selling Products, hold Virtual summits and get Donations.


To earn money from your blog, becoming a freelance writer for other blogs in your industry is one of the most straightforward options. You began your blog in the first place because you have a lot of expertise and knowledge in that particular field. When creating content for marketing purposes, you can’t go wrong with someone knowledgeable in a specific field.

According to Glassdoor data, the average American freelancer earns around $40k per year. Of course, your degree of experience and the niche you’re writing in will impact this number. In the beginning, asking $10 for an article could seem like a simple way to gain clients. However, charging so little will demotivate you because it will question your talents. Due to the difficulty of estimating how long a project will take when you’re just beginning out as a freelancer, you should charge the clients on a per-project basis rather than an hourly fee.

Display Ads Monetization

The blogosphere is full of abuse directed against display ads. According to most people’s assessment of monetization strategies, you won’t generate much money with it. However, there is a reason why display advertising remains popular despite all its negative criticism. Simply because they work, which is the quickest and most straightforward approach to begin monetizing a website. Several bloggers begin with display advertisements until they discover more lucrative monetization methods. For some, the initial few dollars they make from their blog are enough to keep them going.

To earn money as a website owner by displaying ads, you need to have at least 10 000 monthly organic traffic. Usually, the average RPM (revenue per mile) is $10 to $30. For example, if your website has 100 000 monthly visitors and an RPM of $15, you will receive $1500 earnings.

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If your website is in a highly competitive niche such as finance, insurance, and marketing, you can have $30 up to $40 RPM. However, if your niche website is science-related, you can have $10 RPM.

Your earnings as a blogger are correlated with visitors’ country. For example, if your page has US visitors, RPM can be $25, while for the same page, if visitors from India, you will have $3 RPM.

Affiliate Marketing Monetization

You must mention affiliate marketing in every post on monetizing a blog. Blogging affiliate marketing is a popular technique for bloggers to earn money online. About 15% of the digital media industry’s revenue is generated by affiliate marketing, and in the United States, affiliate marketing produces as many e-commerce purchases as email. When you promote other businesses’ products through affiliate marketing, you earn a fee for every sale you bring in.

Affiliate marketing monetization can be the most lucrative monetization on the internet. Usually, if your website does service and product reviews and has organic traffic, you can earn several times more than display ads.

In many ways, affiliate marketers are just like any other salesperson. For every customer that buys from them, they get paid a commission. For example, if your commission is $5 per sale, and you get 200 people to buy the product, you will have made $1000. It is that simple. Affiliate marketing is appealing because it allows you to capitalize on the success of another company’s product and resell it to your target market.

Sell E-Books

Many bloggers opt to sell e-books to make money from their blogs. It’s ideal since it’s simple to make and affordable enough for most guests to purchase. But e-books aren’t just for bloggers who want to make money quickly. The easiest method to test if users are willing to pay for what you’re covering is to sell an e-book as a blogger. Then, your website visitors may evaluate your worth before investing in more expensive items by downloading free e-books from your site.

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Most people think that you have to have a lot of blog traffic to generate money from your books. However, when it comes to promoting your book, you don’t need a lot of subscribers, nor do you need to be an outstanding writer, as these instances indicate.

Sell Online Courses

Selling online courses is another option to make money from your blog. It’s common for bloggers to hold themselves back from developing a course because they believe they need to be an expert. In reality, all you need to teach a course well is to understand more than the students you’ll be teaching and convey that knowledge in a way that they will find helpful and exciting.

Creating a cooking course does not necessitate that you be a qualified chef. As long as your cooking skills are superior to those of the rest of the population and your course material is well-crafted, there’s no reason why you can’t start teaching others how to cook. The e-learning sector is anticipated to rise to $350 billion by 2025, with more individuals taking online courses.

Provide Subscription-Based Membership Model

So prevalent are subscription-based businesses that some individuals have dubbed the “Subscription Economy.” It’s all part of the subscription economy: Netflix, web hosting companies, and membership sites. A membership site is a closed area of your internet company where members pay a monthly or annual fee to access unique content and features. The members of your community share a common interest, and the advantages they pay for might include access to exclusive content and guidance and webinars and in-person gatherings.

In addition to allowing you to access a larger audience, membership sites foster a sense of camaraderie and connection among their users. One of the great things about membership sites is that everyone is a member of a club, whether or not they realize it.

Sponsored Reviews & Posts

One of the least prevalent ways to monetize a blog is through sponsored posts and reviews. However, it is significant because you need a lot of traffic and reputation to get this out. Sponsored articles and reviews allow a blogger to charge a company to write about the product and provide its opinion in exchange for compensation. As a result of the product’s exposure to the blogger’s readership, the company gains new consumers and visibility.

When you hear “influencer marketing,” images of popular social media users like Instagrammers and YouTubers pop into your head. On the other hand, influencer marketing is paid to post a client’s product or service on your blog. Businesses that presently use influencer marketing intend to boost their investment by more than 66% in 2022. Thanks to its rapid expansion, influencer marketing is predicted to reach a market value of $7.5 billion in 2023.

Always be honest when writing about products that you review since it’s not worth losing the confidence of your readers for just a few dollars.  That way, she can be confident that her audience will like it as much as she does.

Selling Products

Selling Products directly to your readers is another option to monetize your site. As a result, some bloggers have even started their e-commerce businesses alongside their blogs.

Virtual Summit

As someone who follows online trends, you may have heard about or perhaps attended virtual summits. Webinars are not the same as virtual summits or online conferencing. The primary difference is that virtual summits are more involved and exciting than traditional summits. They’re online conferences featuring a host, a Q&A session, and several presenters addressing a given topic.

Obtain Donations

Making it feasible for your readers to donate to your cause is another way to gain money from your blog. If you’re a non-profit, this is a great option. WordPress plugins like giving, Charitable, and PayPal Donations allow you to receive donations. For non-profits, contributions are the standard, but blogs that aren’t non-profits can use them to monetize their content.


It’s simpler than ever to establish a blog, yet the ConvertKit survey finds that most bloggers struggle to make money from their blogs. You won’t be able to make money from your blog if you don’t figure out how to monetize it. You don’t need as much traffic or leads to begin earning money from your blog as most cases have shown. It’s not the most critical component in determining whether or not you’ll be successful, even if your specialization is vital. In addition to beards and tennis, people have made money selling baby clothing, vehicles, and orchids. To be successful in your monetization plan, you’ll need to know the figures and be willing to put in the effort to get the word out about what you have to offer. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding How Do Bloggers Make Money.

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