How Much Do Catholic School Teachers Make?

As per the K12 Academics website, Catholic schools form the largest part of the world’s non-governmental education system. In addition to conventional academics, these schools emphasize the Roman Catholic Church’s doctrines and Christian principles. But to impart this type of combined learning, the Catholic school teachers have to cope with a low pay scale. So, what is exactly the catholic school teacher’s salary?

Catholic school pay scale

While a Catholic school teacher’s minimum pay scale starts at $16,500 per year, some of the highest qualified teachers may make as much as $71,500 in the US.  The national average salary of a catholic school teacher in 2020. was $40,480, while the average hourly rate was $19. The Catholic school teachers’ exact salary depends upon their qualifications, experience, and the school’s level of funds.
catholic school teacher salary

Given is an overview of the factors that influence the salaries of Catholic school teachers:

Initial Salary

As per a survey conducted by the NACST (National Association of Catholic School Teachers) in 2010, the Catholic school teachers earn somewhere between $16,800-38,976 per annum at the beginning of their careers. Their accurate pay scale is decided based on their level of degree. Teachers with higher degree level generally earn more.

Qualification Level

NACST estimates reveal that graduates’ pay scale varies from $16,800 to $57,471, while the postgraduates have an income range of $18,144-69,449. Comparatively, the teachers without a bachelor’s degree are paid quite less. In the case of teachers who have obtained doctoral degrees, the salary may be as high as $77,000.

Funding & Tuition Fees

Since the church and state are considered separate in the US, Catholic schools generally do not get governmental funds. Therefore, the teachers receive salaries mostly from the school’s students’ parents’ funding and tuition fees. In other words, if the tuition fee of a particular Catholic school is higher than that of other schools, the teachers of the school will be paid more salary.

Private vs. Public Schools

Private school teachers usually receive lesser pay than public school teachers. Nevertheless, according to a report presented by Rebecca D. Williams of Knoxville News Sentinel, the Catholic school teachers confirm their satisfaction with the profession and salary. Further, Catholic schools have better academic records.

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