The Best Workspace Plants

Are you tired of your monotonous workspace and looking forward to revamping it with some Indoor Plants?  Great! Transform your work environment with greenery and give it a new life.

Not only do Botanicals remold your workspace, but they also increase productivity, improve your mood, and purify the air.

Be it a dull nook or a luminous windowsill; there are different kinds of Indoor Plants to suit your need.

Here, we have compiled a list of 7 Low-Maintenance Plants to spruce up your workspace!

The best workspace plants provide a feeling of warmth, display interesting shapes, give the workspace a sense of nature. The best workspace plants are aloe vera, jade, ZZ plant, Snake Plant, Anthurium, Peace Lily, Parlor Palm.


Aloe Vera:

If you’re looking for a plant that’s low maintenance & easy to care for, Aloe Vera can come to your rescue. Its fleshy upright leaves have healing properties and pull out toxins from the air. Moreover, they thrive at typical room-temperature, require very little water, and need natural light.
aloe plant in office



Spruce up your workspace with Jade, which requires minimal watering and grows like a miniature tree. It requires 5-6 hours a day of bright sunlight and can survive in most indoor conditions. It is often referred to as the Money Plant, and it is believed that its presence brings financial success.


ZZ Plant:

ZZ plant has been around for centuries and is adept at removing copious amounts of toxins from the air. It has favorable offices, with its attractive leaves, low-light conditions, and high tolerance to dry conditions.  Even if you forget to water it, ZZ Plants will thrive because of their high water storage capacity.


Snake Plant:

Adding a splash of beauty to your office space, Snake Plant exudes charm with their tall and multi-shaded leaves. It requires very little sunlight, goes without water for days, and can survive in dimly lit corners. Besides, they are also known for their ability to clear toxins from the air.



Anthurium can add a flair of color to an otherwise dull space and prefers indirectly lit areas. Make sure to water it regularly. Anthurium produces blooming flowers in white, pink, lavender, or red shades, which lasts for more than two months.


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Peace Lily:

Quite a popular choice for office spaces, Peace Lily, is easy to care for enjoy medium to low light. It requires watering when the soil turns dry. Not only do they brighten up living space, but they are also excellent at purifying the air.


Parlor Palm:

Among one of the most popular and the best workspace plants, Parlor Palm is adapted to relatively low light and only need water when the soil feels dry. Its arched leaves, displaying rich green hues, act as excellent air purifiers.

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