What Does Woosah Mean?

Sometimes when we want to relax, we use some words to represent relief. One of them is Woosah. Many people who do not live in the US do not understand this term.

What Does Woosah Mean?

‘Woosah,’ otherwise known as ‘Whoosah,’ is slang that means a person’s achieved a state of calmness and relaxation.


According to this current generation, people all around the globe tend to make use of made-up words or slang in general. Like any other slang existing today, “woosah” or “whoosah” indicates a state or manner of calmness or composure. It can also be used when someone achieves certain relaxation. Woosah is now used as any other common word for the manner of tranquility. After a long day or hours of work, you would display your relaxation by simply uttering the made-up slang called woosah. This term is mainly used by the younger generation born somewhere between the early years of the 21st century. The slang Woosah is quite frequently utilized now and is applied anywhere young people intend to use it. A 2003 movie first introduced the terminology called Bad Boys II, which starred infamous names like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The slang became so recognized that in 2015, an R&B singer, Jeremih, used it as a track name, while a HipHop Rapper in the year 2017, Childish Major, named his studio album after it. The word also made space to be displayed in the urban dictionary under the heading of commonly used slang. The slang seems to poke fun at the new generation’s ability to make random words and use them casually in their everyday speech. Overall, the slang Woosah is quite known now, indicating a person’s state of relaxation.

How Do You Spell Woosah?

You can spell woosah – (wü-sah). You can spell woosah by simply ‘woosah’ or ‘whoosha,’ whichever you prefer, depending on your pronouncing it.

The terminology since getting born and firstly used was just a saying. People pronounced the word woosah instead of figuring out how it spells. Spelling woosah is very easy, as the word spells itself while you pronounce it. You can spell woosah by simply ‘woosah’ or ‘whoosha,’ whichever you prefer, depending on your pronouncing it. Woosah is slang emitted when you exercise or train your anger under control. You can utter the word by simply breathing in and breathing out. There would be an audible relaxation sound, sounding like the word woosah.

Where is Woosah?

Woosah was primarily used in the 2003’s comedy film Bad Boys II by a character known as Marcus Burnett. He absentmindedly spoke the word while managing to control his anger issues early in the movie.

The word woosah was first found when generated as a pronounced word in the Bad Boys II movie. The word was spoken by a character named Marcus Burnett, who was played by renowned actor Martin Lawrence in an early 2000s comedy movie. The word first appeared when a teacher sent Marcus Burnett through an anger management class to control his excess anger issues. His anger management class teacher told him to inhale and exhale deeply to compose himself and build angry emotions. Marcus follows the instructions given to him, and as a result, he utters the word woosah. Since the outbreak of the word, it started being considered a funny principle of usual speech, and now, years later, since 2003, the word woosah is still used as a commonly utilized witty slang.

How Do I Practice Woosah?

Here is how you can effortlessly perform woosah, a meditation method.

Step 1: You can easily use the woosah meditation method by selecting the period where your mind is least occupied or when you are at the utmost state of ease.
Step 2: Set a timer for yourselves. It should be approximately five to twenty minutes. Suggestively begin your woosah meditation by setting your timer up to five minutes. Gradually keep increasing it as you practice daily or even month by month.
Step 3: Choose a specific spot where you are most comfortable. It could be your bed, the floor, beside your television, balcony, or even your unique woosah meditating cushion. Just note that you should be sitting down and be extremely comfortable.
Step 4: Try to focus entirely on your rate of breathing. If you are breathing too heavily or exhaling too fast, try to compose your breathing pattern and relax bit by bit, slowly and gradually.
Step 5: After making sure you are relaxed, feel and sense the air around you entering through your nostrils and leaving them simultaneously.
Step 6: Sense your whole body and maintain it more composed. Start by focusing on your head and proceed down to your toes.
Step 7: Test yourself a little by your sense of hearing. Note which object or person you can hear the farthest from or closest.
Step 8: Feel where your body is most tensed from. Bring all your focus there, and compose that part of your body with gentle kindness.
Step 9: Allow your thoughts to wander. Feel what you are thinking and try to resonate with the environment. Always keep your focus centered on your even-paced breathing.
Step 10: Breath in deeply and breathe out at the same pace. Keep yourself composed and steady while performing woosah.

What is the Woosah in Meditation?

Woosah is a way of meditating your tensed mental state into a more relaxed one by plainly breathing in and out.

Woosah, along with its renowned reputation of being slang, is now known as a straightforward method for meditation. Woosah meditation is a specific trick to soothe your tense state of mind or even body. It is a physical exercise involving sitting down on your favorite easy spot and breathing in and out while keeping your inhaling and exhaling rate to a composed and slow one. According to professional skilled trainers and yoga teachers, woosah is proven to be quite an effective breathing exercise involving nothing but you and your relaxed state of mind and body. The mentioned meditation requires time, patience, and the ability to overcome your emotions by merely controlling your inhaling and exhaling pattern. Experts stated that woosah is one of the more accessible performed methods of meditation where practicing makes it more steady. As previously stated, woosah takes about no more than twenty minutes of your time, making you relax and calm.

What is Woosah Wednesday?

Woosah Wednesday is a day in a week when you relieve your mind from stress and tension. The woosah meditation is mainly performed on Wednesdays, naming it Woosah Wednesday.

Your week is usually clouded heavily by tons of loads of work and time management, which most of the time derives ultimate levels of stress along with it. The people around the globe tended to have a similar problem, and the public came to an unspoken general rule, Woosah Wednesday. Woosah Wednesday is a day in a week where you take a break from your usual stress and studies and perform a meditation known as woosah. Woosah is a method of meditating your stressed and disturbed mind to a point where you are comfortable and relaxed. Woosah mediation has proven to be quite effective for the people who experienced it. The main reason to declare the day of Wednesday as Woosah Wednesday is that Wednesday is considered a hump day, where the week is at its peak. Experts suggest performing out woosah meditating exercises on Wednesdays as it helps a lot with your week’s built-up stress and worries.

How Do You Make Woosah?

Woosah can be performed by deeply inhaling and exhaling while making it audible. You can make woosah while composing yourself.

You can quickly make a woosah without any hardships. All you have to do is sit back and relax in the most comfortable spot. Upon finding it, breathe in and out and vocalize it. After doing so, you would make a woosah with your everyday act of inhaling and exhaling.

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Where Did the Phrase Woosah Come From?

The frequently mentioned phrase came from Marcus Burnett, a character in the 2003 movie Bad Boys II, portrayed by the renowned actor Martin Lawrence.

The phrase woosah was first generated in a comedy movie released at the beginning of 2003. The mentioned movie’s name was Bad Boys II respectively, a lesser-known sequel to Bad Boys. The film did not get any special attention, but a simple phrase generated by it sure did. The term woosah was first uttered by a movie character named Marcus Burnett, who said it while performing a mediation technique to lower his angry emotions, altogether controlling his anger issues as shown in the movie; the character stated this by taking his anger management class, where he was advised to breathe in and out deeply. The result of inhaling and exhaling profoundly was a sound called woosah. Since then, woosah turned into a word used to indicate an achieved state of composure and relaxation, just like Marcus was shown in the movie.

What Movie is Woosah From?

The term woosah is from an early 2000s comedy movie called Bad Boys II, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

As stated previously, woosah or whoosah is a slang term used to pronounce the state of relaxation. The term itself was first applied by a movie called Bad Boys II. The movie mentioned was released in 2003, and it starred celebrities like Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The comedy-based movie introduced the slang ‘woosah’ in an early scene where Martin Lawrence’s character, whose name is stated to be Marcus Burnett, is shown to be going through an anger management class. He is advised to breathe in and breath out profoundly, which results in the vocalization of the word woosah. The word was utilized quite frequently throughout the whole Bad Boys II movie, and as an outcome, the phrase became somewhat a motto of the movie. Since they often use the term in the movie, the viewers altered the expression into an everyday speech, using woosah to indicate their relaxation or achieve a state of composure. This resulted in the word becoming slang itself, making woosah an informal term altogether.

How Do You Use Woosah?

It is elementary to use woosah. To do so is mentioned previously above.

The step-by-step way of using the woosah method of meditation is stated previously. In short, you use the woosah exercise by sitting comfortably on a comfortable spot and relaxing your state of mind and body. Afterward, inhale and exhale deeply, which would produce a woosah sound, making you feel a pleasant feeling of calmness and smoothness spread over your whole body.

In brief, woosah is used quite regularly by today’s generation. Woosah means reaching a state of relaxation and complete calmness. It is used as a slang word and a method of meditation. Either way, woosah is renowned for its birth from a second scene in the 2003’s comedy movie Bad Boys II.

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