What is Meant by Go Live?

Go live refers to making available or operating on something to use by the people. It checks out the error and then corrects it, and in the end, it makes out to run again. This process, also known as the publishing process, moves the product to the final stage of production or marketing environment from the testing or initial stages. It is an exact process that makes things happen in real. This phase transfers data from the server’s development to the production server. It is moving onto the new system.

It allows users to formally and officially initiate transactions in the new system. It is also mainly related to systems that handle enterprise software functions like CRM, SAP, logistics, or other marketing systems.

Before editing the entity, a few organizations must stop the live re, while others push updates from various marketing without holding the live steps.

A well-detailed plan must be developed and planned for the actual go-live event. It should be done as soon as possible. Go-live programs might take a lot of time to prepare, but all the participants must carefully coordinate to amalgamate smoothly, go live successfully, and effectuate events. Go live wholly depends on the complex factors array, particularly on implementing expensive or huge companies or on broad ERP, CRM, etc. systems. Going live often does not go in a resolved or smooth way and faces many failures. It all happens because go-live is the most critical turning point in a technology system execution. When a go-live event becomes unsuccessful or fails, it might cost a company millions of dollars and create a deluge of hardships, causing a significant loss.

 It is not easy to achieve everything too quickly; every success requires passion, time, energy, positivity, and devotion, and in the same way, a successful and thriving go-live event involves patience and time of days, weeks, months, and many a time it requires a year or more of preparation, planning, controlling groundwork, monitoring, and proper execution and even requires company’s external and internal collaborator or stakeholder. The essential components for the succesal go-live include a perfect, stable company with administrative or executive business leadership, management, trainingandas plans to ensure correct data.

The factor that induces the project are:

-the number of business users that will be affected by it

-the implementation difficulty and intricacy

-and most importantly, the size of the system being implemented

-the type of procedure being executed

Going live is a PRACTICAL STEP, as something must be performed with the technology system to be available to customers or users. It is a risk point as implementing the new technology might cause high risks.

The go-live phase is when the company releases or turns on the ERP. One of the most challenging ERP system implementation steps or execution has become the go-live phase’s complexity.

The following strategy is required for the successful go-live strategy:

1-PLANNING: The first thing being demanded is the realistic go-live date. It also explains how the business is spun up into the go-live phase. It includes a reasonable implementation period, and it depends upon the stages of implementation, which could be 5- 6 months or a year. Ensure that each business team has enough information and strategy to accomplish their tasks.

2-COMMUNICATION: Patience should be excited about advanced technology. One should be enthusiastically informed about their implementation processes. Communication naturally and efficiently will provide necessary information about the plans and strategies for the go-live schedule. It will help to win cooperation among the business team for the exciting implementation.

3-TESTING GO LIVE STRATEGY: Though reasonable efforts have been put in to implement the tasks efficiently and seamlessly at a time, it is essential to look into potential issues too, like hardware failure or power outages, which may cause a barrier in succeeding to go live; hence, all the plans should be review and tested adequately. Carefully go through the problems which may be encountered throughout the process. All the business teams should clearly understand how to perform the tasks and their responsibilities if the go-live event is postponed due to some problems.

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4-SWITCHING AND CELEBRATING TIME: Finally, it’s the production and implementation times, so log on to the system and celebrate your success. So stay calm and stay positive.

Igor Milosevic
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