What is Load Meter?

A load meter is a device installed by utility companies to monitor the amount of electricity usage. Often, readings are deceptive to track the exact level of energy consumption. The Load meter’s essential function is to indicate the highest peak of electricity usage since the last time recorded.

 The device is suitable for domestic use to minimize the amount of electricity usage. It makes tracking electricity usage from the utility company easier. 

What are the types of load meter?

Generally, there are two types of load meters used worldwide to track the amount of electricity usage all over the world. 

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electronic

Mechanical Load Meters

These consist of round dials on the face and covered with glass—the dials display readings. The most astronomical dial gives the readings in Kilowatt, “watt” is the universal unit to measure power. In case the dial falling between the two numerals, the lesser of the two readings is taken into consideration. Several other mechanical Load Meters have a second dial indicating the measurement in “Amperes.” “Ampere” is the unit of current. 

Electrical Load Meters

The electric Load Meter works on the same principle as the Mechanical Load meter. Instead of big dials, the device consists of a digital screen that displays the information.

 It’s convenient for utility companies situated far away as they send signals at the other end, thus eliminating the need for physical examination.  

The electrical load meter has a limitation in that it merely shows the digits or numerals. The time parameter is eliminated, which makes it difficult for the consumer to track usage. 

What is an Individual load meter?

The individual load meter has a standard electrical connector attached to it. The meter allows you to record the electrical usage by the electrical appliances in terms of hour, day, or month. 

Tracking and monitoring the amount of electrical usage by each appliance helps in minimizing unwanted usage. The meters are programmed to display the model wise power consumption of the device. The information on power consumption helps in upgrading the model of the appliance to minimize power loss. 

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