What is an AMR file?

What does AMR stand for? AMR stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate sound codec. 3GPP created AMR records and Adaptive Multi-Rate sound codec.

What is an AMR file?
AMR or Adaptive Multi-Rate sound codec represents audio files extension saved in a compressed audio format developed by Ericsson. AMR files are optimized for storing spoken audio. It is used by many 3G cell phones to store voice recordings such as MMS messages.

Now, the next thing is to see how to open this file.

How to open AMR files on a PC

How to open an AMR file on windows? AMR files can be opened in VideoLAN VLC media player 3, MPC-HC, and QuickTime. To play AMR file with Windows Media Player, users require K-Lite Codec Pack.

Dispatch a .amr document, or some other record on your PC, by double-tapping it. On the off chance that your document affiliations are set up accurately, the application that is intended to open your .amr record will open it. It’s conceivable you may need to download or buy the right application. It’s additionally conceivable that you have the correct application on your PC, yet .amr documents aren’t yet connected with it. For this situation, when you attempt to open a .amr document, you can reveal to Windows which application is the right one for that record. From that point on, opening a .amr record will open the right application.


AMR files are compacted sound configurations intended to proficiently pack human discourse sound without relinquishing the highest caliber of discourse lucidity. They are utilized by numerous 3G PDAs for voice chronicles, for example, MMS messages. They fuse strategies, for example, Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction (ACELP) pressure, Discontinuous Transmission (DTX), voice action discovery (VAD), and solace clamor age (CNG).

How to play AMR files on an android phone? AMR files in android phones can be played on third-party media players like Winamp, RealPlayer, AMR player, and VLC.

How to play AMR files on windows?
AMR files can be played on Windows using VideoLAN VLC media player 3, MPC-HC, and QuickTime. To play AMR file with Windows Media Player, users require K-Lite Codec Pack.


How to Convert AMR TO MP3 Online

AMR files can be converted to MP3 files using a VLC media player. Please see the video:

AMR warning

Be mindful so as not to rename the expansion on .amr records or some other documents. This won’t change the record type. Just extraordinary transformation programming can change a record starting with one document type then onto the next.

A record expansion is the arrangement of three or four characters toward the finish of a filename; for this situation, .amr. Document expansions mention what kind of record it is and mention to Windows what projects can open it. Windows frequently relate a default program to each document augmentation, so when you double-tap the record, the program dispatches consequently. When that program is no longer on your PC, you can, at times, make a mistake when you attempt to open the related record.

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