The Best Time to Buy a Gaming PC!

Gamers of all levels have desired gaming P.C.s for decades. They offer unparalleled graphics, speed, and performance, creating a gaming experience. But that is not all that gaming P.C.s bring to the table. These powerful machines provide a wide array of benefits that go beyond gameplay, from boosting productivity to enhancing overall well-being.

One of the most significant benefits of gaming P.C.s is their ability to handle the most demanding games, delivering immersive experiences with high resolution and framerates that enhance gameplay to the fullest. They are also more versatile than consoles, as they can be customized and upgraded with the latest components to adapt to evolving needs and technologies. This means gamers can stay at the top of their game without replacing their entire system every few years.

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But gaming P.C.s are not just for gaming. Thanks to their fast processors, larger storage capacities, and multitasking capabilities, they can also be utilized as productivity machines. As a result, they are perfect for content creators, students, and professionals who must simultaneously run multiple applications, such as video editing software or programming tools.

For those seeking the best time to score a deal on P.C. gaming hardware, several noteworthy events throughout the year offer unbeatable savings. Let’s dive into the best times to buy a gaming P.C. and what discounts you can expect during these periods.

What is The Best Time to Buy a Gaming P.C.?

The best time of the year to buy a gaming PC or any hardware is Cyber Monday ( the Monday following the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend), when prices can be 30% to 100% discounted. Additionally, Black Friday offers discounts from 50% up to 80%. Finally, in August and December, PC gaming PC prices dropped significantly.

Traditionally, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been the peak times for finding deals on consumer electronics, including gaming P.C.s. TP.C.sevents occur in late November, following the U.S. ThaU.S.iving holiday, with Black Friday taking place the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday following the following Monday.

Cyber Monday Gaming P.C. DisP.C.ts

For gamers in the U.S. (anU.S.yond), Cyber Monday is hands down the best day of the year to shop for a gaming P.C. CybP.C.onday falls on the Monday following the Thanksgiving weekend and is dedicated to online shopping. Retailers use this massive online shopping event to offer discounts on P.C.s and P.C.ser gaming gear. During Cyber Monday, you can expect prices to slash by as much as 30-100% on gaming hardware.

  1. Extensive Discounts: Cyber Monday traditionally features massive discounts, and gaming hardware is no exception. Discounts can range from 30% up to 100% off.
  2. Variety of Deals: Cyber Monday is known for its wide range of deals. You can find offers on gaming P.C.s, cP.C.sents like GPUs and CPUs, and gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, and headsets.
  3. Online Shopping Frenzy: Cyber Monday originated as a day for e-commerce sites to rival the physical retail sales of Black Friday. As such, the most important deals are found online, often starting at midnight.
  4. Top Brands Participate: Major gaming brands often participate in Cyber Monday, offering product discounts. You can expect deals from ASUS, MSI, Razer, Logitech, Corsair, and more.
  5. Preparation is Key: Given the fast-paced nature of Cyber Monday, with deals appearing and disappearing quickly, it’s crucial to be prepared. Make a list of what you need, research regular prices to recognize a genuine bargain, and be ready to act fast.
  6. Tech Retailers are Active: Retailers known for tech, like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg, are often the most active during Cyber Monday. So, regularly check their sites for the latest deals.
  7. Look for Bundles: Many retailers offer bundle deals on Cyber Monday, which can be a great way to save. For example, you might find a gaming P.C. with a high-quality monitor or mouse and keyboard combo.
  8. Flash Sales: Flash sales, where products are discounted for a short period or until stock runs out, are standard on Cyber Monday. These can offer fantastic savings but require you to act fast.
  9. Extended Cyber Monday: While Cyber Monday is officially one day, many retailers extend their sales for several days, providing more opportunities to find good deals.
  10. Consider Refurbished or Open-Box Items: Retailers may offer additional discounts on refurbished or open-box gaming hardware. These items can be an excellent way to get high-quality equipment at a reduced price.

Black Friday Gaming P.C. DisP.C.ts

If you’re in the market for a gaming PC, Black Friday is another event to keep on your shopping radar. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and is one of the most significant shopping events of the year in the United States. In recent years, Black Friday deals have morphed into a week-long “Black Friday Week.” Gamers can expect 50-80% discounts on gaming P.C.s and P.C.ser accessories during this time.

Black Friday started as a brick-and-mortar retail event but has become a global online shopping phenomenon. Similarly, Cyber Monday began as a way for online retailers to compete with the in-store madness of Black Friday. However, it’s now simply another day of extensive online discounts. These two days are when most significant retailers slash prices across various products. For example, discounts during this period can range from 30% to 80%, making it an excellent time to buy a gaming P.C.

FurP.Furthermore, the discounts offered aren’t confined to P.C.s; also find deals on various components and accessories. During this period, you can upgrade your gaming rig from graphic cards, processors, monitors, and gaming keyboards to high-end gaming mice without breaking the bank.

August and December Gaming P.C. DisP.C.ts

While Cyber Monday and Black Friday are undoubtedly the most popular times to buy a gaming P.C., thP.C.are other times of the year when discounts can be snatched up, August and December are two months when gaming hardware prices drop significantly. These are great times to buy if you missed Cyber Monday or Black Friday or need to upgrade your gaming P.C.

ForP.Cample is another excellent time to look for a gaming P.C. Deals are during the late summer (usually August) back-to-school period. Retailers often offer sales during this time to attract students gearing up for the new school year, but these deals aren’t just for students— anyone can take advantage of them. Another period to pay attention to is the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. In December and January, manufacturers and retailers are looking to clear out old inventory to make way for new models. This time is ideal for bargain hunters who don’t mind buying last year’s models. As a result, the price drop can be significant, sometimes matching or surpassing the discounts seen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Another strategy is to watch for discounts tied to the launch of new models when a manufacturer releases a new gaming P.C.; the P.C.receding model often sees a price reduction. However, timing here can be tricky as new models’ release dates can shift and aren’t always predictable.


In addition to these specific times, monitoring prices throughout the year is also a good idea. Gaming P.C. prP.C. can fluctuate based on various factors, including changes in demand, shifts in the component supply chain, and technological advancements. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many electronics saw price increases due to supply chain disruptions. Therefore, you can pounce on a deal when it appears by closely monitoring pricing trends.

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Regardless of when you decide to buy, it’s crucial to research and compare prices across multiple retailers. Remember that not all “deals” are as good as they seem, and the best purchase decision is an informed one. Happy gaming!


In short, gaming P.C.s myriad of benefits that go beyond the joy of playing games. They are versatil, powerful,l and can help enhance productivity while promoting mental health. So, if you are a gamer or someone needs a powerful machine for work or study, investing in a gaming P.C. the perfect choice.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the best time to buy a gaming P.C., CP.C. Monday and Black Friday offer the most significant discounts. These events allow you to score massive deals on gaming P.C.s aP.C.sar. However, if you missed out on Cyber Monday or Black Friday or want to keep an eye on prices, August and December are great times to purchase gaming hardware. By watching for sales during these events, gamers can experience top-of-the-line gaming at a fraction of the cost.

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