Tataria Mud Flood Theory – Conspiracy Theory Example

If you are a freelancer, programmer, manager, or highly educated person, the most critical part of your skills should be critical thinking. Unfortunately, many educated people read conspiracy theories, fake news, unlogical information and can not recognize fraud and wrong information.

In the past, there were reverse theories of death, most notably those that claim that Elvis Presley’s death was falsified and that Adolf Hitler survived World War II and fled to America, Antarctica, or the Moon. These theorists claim that masons control a large part of the economy and judiciary of a large number of countries and that they were involved in the sinking of the Titanic and the crimes of Jack the Ripper. Conspiracy theorists about a flat Earth believe that our planet is not a sphere and that the evidence has been falsified or concealed to hide the fact that the Earth is, in fact, a disk or an infinite plane.

However, these days, I see a lot of theories about the Tataria Mud Flood Conspiracy Theory on the internet.

What is a Tartaria Mud Flood theory?

Tartaria Mud Flood represents the conspiracy theory and fake story that describes the largest unknown state in the world, Tataria, that disappeared a few hundred years ago after the global cataclysm that covered the cities with mud.

It is unclear what caused the “cataclysm,” so the conspiracy ranges from a global ‘muddy’ phenomenon, a specialized weapon, to divine or alien intervention. But the theory would not have become so popular without some exciting questions. And it is capital-related to the very foundation of our story, that is, hiding the largest unknown state in the world, which was conquered and erased only in the 19th century. And when you start researching by simply ‘googling’ the terms, each new page and video reveals its extra layer and nuance.

Historically, a country that would be a missing link in the chronology between the legendary Golden Horde of Genghis Khan and today’s spread of Turkish peoples across Asia is problematic theoretically as it unites Turks, Tatars, and all Asian-Soviet Flats and Mongols under the same banner. And such a national omen would create a new giant on a global scale. However, they have not been completely erased, and they only need to be looked for more carefully, especially in Western literature and cartography. Hundreds of old maps carry an exciting and rather cumbersome anomaly, and their authors and years of publication are a constant driver of debate in academic circles.

Even today, we have the term “Tatarian architecture,” which means extraordinary beautiful old buildings that represent artifacts of a globe-spanning civilization called the “Tartarian Empire,” which was somehow erased from the history books.

mud flood buildings fake theory

Louis Brion De La Tour (1765), Giacomo Giovanni Rossi (1684), Giambattista Albrizzi (1740), Carel Allard (1965), and Abraham Ortelius (1601) are just some of the cartographers. Associated maps that are vast Asia was associated with the largest unknown state in history, Tartary, and its presence on maps was recorded from 1493 (Hartmann Schedel’s map) until 1875 when it completely disappeared from the map, or received other names or became part of the newly formed states like Russia. And China.

These historical facts and maps become the foundation for the “Tartaria Mud Flood theory.”

Old copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica also cite the ‘vast land between Moscow and Siberia inhabited by the Tartars.’ Its size of almost 4.5 million square kilometers convincingly emphasizes it as the largest state of civilization at the time. A substantial geographical area with a relatively small population that, due to nomadic habits and excellent knowledge of the terrain, is living proof that sedentary peoples do not necessarily have to be the most sophisticated form of civilization and evidence that humanity has reached a higher level of development.

Actual historian facts show that Ivan the Terrible conquered Tatarstan in 1552, which became part of the later Russian Empire; the Turkish peoples emigrated from Kazan to the area associated with Great Tartary. The nobles converted to Orthodoxy to retain possessions and power. Tax repression, military occupation, and discrimination against the Tatars are carried out, almost constantly raging revolutions, armed rebellions, and the struggle for autonomy.

Tatars are people, living mainly in Russia, ie in the Republic of Tatarstan, where it makes up the ethnic majority of 53%. Tatars are mostly of the Islamic faith, although there are also Orthodox. They speak the Tatar language, which belongs to the Turkish group of the Altaic language family.

Real history is boring. The unknown can quickly become a conspiracy theory.

Igor Milosevic
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