Why Does My PS4 Keep Overheating?

Overheating is a generic issue with electronic devices like computers, laptops, and gaming consoles like PS4, etc. This heating happens due to the excess energy being created and converted into heat energy, which in turn makes the components of the device hot too. Our focus for today is PS4 and how you can fix its overheating issues.

The PlayStation 4’s console has four versions. Unfortunately, all these versions can heat up due to the same issues. The reason is clogged vents, vent clearance, issues with the cooling fan, and other underlying problems. 

Why Does My PS4 Keep Overheating?

Your PS4 keeps overheating because of faulty hardware or firmware in most cases. Additionally, high room temperature or blocked vents can increase overheat PS4. The immediate solution is to clean vents and remove dust regularly to avoid PS4 overheating.

What happens if a PS4 overheats?

If your PS4 overheats, you will see the red light come on, and it will beep three times and shut off. So, it is easy to determine PS4 overheats because it will beep loudly three times.

The more common reasons for PS4 overheating can be treated at home without much hassle. The events play a pivotal role in this issue, including vent blockage, lack of clearance between vents. The accumulated dust is also one of the more recurring reasons for this issue. Some other problems include room temperature, or malicious hardware, or firmware.

Sony, the creator of the PS4, suggests that you put your PS4 in temperatures between 41-95 degrees Fahrenheit, and the narrow range can be up to 50-80 degrees. A temperature of more than 80 degrees can trigger the overheating issue.

Let us see how to cool PS4:

How to fix overheating PS4?

  1. Turn off your PS4 and wait for a few seconds. The best remedy is to let your device cool off on its own and wait for the temperature to descend to usual. After some seconds, turn on your PS4 and continue with the regular usage that you were doing before the overheating started. If the problem does not repeat, it means the issue is resolved.
  2. Make sure your device is placed in a position with possible airflow. PS4 requires unrestricted pathways to push away the hot air and not absorb it again. If you use it in an enclosed space, the overheating issue will be prevalent. Another issue might be the placement of the vents near cabinet walls, electronic devices, or hurdles. Hence, the ideal choice would be to keep your PS4 in an open space.
  3. We talked about an acceptable temperature range and how it leads to overheating. To avoid that, check the temperature of your room, and if it is more than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, abstain from using your PS4. If there is no way to cool down your room, consider using a cooling stand or moving your PS4 to another room.
  4. If you anticipate that this problem is dust, you can use canned air, compressed air, or an electric air duster. You need to move your hands swiftly and clean out each speck in the corners. If you cannot acquire either of the pieces of equipment, the alternative is to use the duct of the vacuum cleaner to suck out the dust stuck in the vents. Merging these two things is a more effective and efficient option to clean. After dusting the PS4 clean, check the warranty and send it for repairs or replacement if the issue persists. Before you tear into the cogs and screws yourself, make sure the warranty is over; otherwise, it will become void.
  5. The overheating issues can also be due to obsolete software, damaged firmware, or both. This might create secondary problems with the fan. To get rid of this issue, ensure your software is up-to-date and you are using only the latest version of PS4. If the issue occurs when playing specific games, it might be connected with the game itself. Hence, game updates should also be checked out for surety.

Update PS4

  • Go to the PS4 menu, and select the concerned game.
  • Press check for the updates option.
  • If the update pops up, select install updates. 
  • After installation, try the game again.

If the game is relatively new or there was a recent hefty update, it might be that it introduced some faults in the game codes, coercing your device to work harder than usual. In such cases, waiting for new updates to fix the bug or code is your only course of action.

Is the PS4 still overheating?

Suppose your overheating problem is ubiquitous after following the troubleshooting procedure. In that case, you can let go of the thought of fixing your device at home because it is probably a hardware issue that professionals need to handle. Hence, it would help if you moved on to professionals.

Your fan might need a replacement or some other problem hiding away from a non-specialized person’s eye. For example, thermal paste and heat sink replacement is sometimes required. You can give this trick a try, but you can also end up could blowing your repair bills if any step goes wrong. This can also render your warranty void; hence contacting Sony’s customer support should be your priority.

How much ventilation does a PS4 pro need?

If your PS4 is laying horizontally, you need to have intake vents on both the left and right sides at least 8 inches. You need to remove any unnecessary items that block the side and back vents.

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