Why Does My Panasonic TV Blink Red?

The frustration of figuring out what’s wrong & how to fix a Panasonic TV may be overwhelming. It may be expensive and time-consuming to call in a service expert for every issue. You’ll learn about some of the most common Panasonic TV problems and how to fix them on your own. A firmware update, hard reset, or factory reset should fix most of your Panasonic TV’s issues. Any problems with sound or picture may be traced back to the TV’s input cords and settings, but you can also try your remote and power supply if those don’t work.

Otherwise, it might be faulty or malfunctioning equipment. There isn’t as much of a problem with such a flashing red light as you may think. Because of this, we believe that our troubleshooting guide will be able to assist you in swiftly resolving the issue. In this post, we will acknowledge everything about Panasonic TV Blinking Red.

Why Does My Panasonic TV Blink Red?

Your Panasonic TV Blink red because of the faulty mainboard and lack of power. In addition to broken components, clogged vents, and malfunctioning cooling fans. To solve this problem, don’t remove the back casing of the TV and start repairing the Panasonic Tv. Instead, kindly contact a professional or official Panasonic expert to solve this issue.

panasonic tv blink red

Ventilation is the most prevalent source of this problem, yet it’s easy to ignore. Panasonic TVs are notoriously prone to overheating if they cannot pull in enough air to keep themselves cool. In such a scenario, several performance difficulties may begin to surface. You may prevent this from happening to you by placing the TV in a location that receives adequate airflow.

Once you’ve taken care of it, you should check your cables to ensure they’re in good working order. First, make sure that all devices are unplugged and then reconnected as firmly as possible. Furthermore, items of this nature are prone to damage over time. It would be best to verify the length of all the wires you’re utilizing to ensure they haven’t been harmed. Before proceeding to the following step, replace any cables that show symptoms of fraying or damage. Check whether your TV is operating again once you’ve completed the above steps. When everything else fails, you may need to do this!

What Does Blinking Red Light on TV Mean?

The blinking red light on the TV means that the TV has detected an internal technical issue. The cause of blink varies from one television model to other. However, 2-8 Red light blink is the most common issue.

Panasonic TVs include built-in cooling fans also on the rear to keep the device from overheating. However, it can be a concern if they aren’t operating correctly. Due to obstructed air vents, Panasonic TVs frequently overheat. Overheating can cause some televisions to become inoperable since their cooling fans cannot keep up with the demand. There are several ways to overcome this problem.

If your TV’s cooling fans need to be replaced, speak with a Panasonic professional or your TV’s original retailer. To help you out, they’ll send you the components and a specialist to conduct the repair. This issue demands some expertise. First, take your TV apart and turn it over to clean the air vents. Around the rear of the gadget, you’ll find slits (or vents). Using a portable vacuum attachment and a duster, you may remove the dirt from these apertures.

Next, remove the back of the Panasonic TV and use a clean brush or light duster to wipe off all the boards carefully. Your TV should now be able to switch on after re-securing the casing! Make that the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your product. Attempting to undertake technical maintenance without removing the rear case might sometimes negate your protection plan. Consider hiring an expert if you’re not confident in your abilities.

Why are My Panasonic TV Blinking Red 10 Times?

Due to faulty board voltage and dirty vents of Panasonic tv, your Panasonic TV is blinking Red 10 times.

Faulty board voltage is the most common cause your Panasonic TV won’t power on and blinks red 10 times. Your television has several circuit boards on the back and underneath the shell. You’ll find everything you need in this bundle. Even if the problem is usually connected with the mainboard, any panel that isn’t getting the necessary voltage might cause the red light to flash. With board voltage concerns, it’s best to get in touch with an expert from Panasonic because it’s generally a complex problem that has to be handled by an expert.

If your TV’s vents are filthy, you may be getting the 10 red light blink-code. It is a follow-up to the previous issue. Our televisions have been subjected to a great deal of filth, dust, and hair. Over time, boards in TVs that have not been adequately cleaned may malfunction. As previously said, resolving this issue is a piece of cake.

Use a standard vacuum attachment and duster to address this problem. Using a suction cup, remove the boards from your Panasonic TV and wipe them clean. To clean the dirty vents on the casing, use a dry cloth and cotton swabs once you’ve done cleaning the components. If Panasonic TVs are left unattended for an extended period, they develop issues. As a result, regular cleanings are recommended every few months.

How Do I Get My Panasonic TV Out of Standby Mode?

To get your Panasonic TV Out of standby mode: Press & hold the power button > switch on the main supply while holding the power button until the unit powers up.

When it comes to modern televisions, such as Panasonic’s Viera, there might be many challenges that demand a particular approach to solving. For example, it is not used when tv or other electronic devices are in standby or power save mode. Try these troubleshooting procedures if you discover the TV in standby mode before having your Panasonic or any other brand and model of TV serviced or replacing it.

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When using a remote control, hit the power button to turn on the TV and begin watching. The first step in troubleshooting is to try to turn on the TV through its remote, as standby mode effectively means it’s off. Next, try turning on the TV by pressing the power button to see if there is an issue with the remote. For example, a drained or broken remote control may need to be replaced, or you may have to use the front panel to turn on your TV.

If you can’t get your TV to come on, you’ll need to conduct some extra troubleshooting. First, make sure the TV’s power cord is disconnected from the electrical socket or surge protector. Power cycles are commonly used to fix minor television performance issues. Next, attempt to turn the TV on after standby mode after 30 seconds after unplugging the power cord from the wall socket. The only other choice is to get the TV serviced and contact Panasonic technical assistance if it still won’t come out of standby mode.

How Do I Reset My Panasonic TV That Won’t Turn On?

Acknowledge these following steps to reset the Panasonic TV-

  1. Press the ‘Menu’ button on the remote.
  2. Access the Factory Defaults menu via the Setup
  3. Go to the System menu.
  4. Select “Yes” to proceed with a factory reset.

It will resolve any software or configuration problems on your TV by doing a factory reset. It will remove your previously saved settings, downloaded files, and firmware upgrades. It might be a sign of a problem with the device’s internal hardware and an external device and cable.

Why Won’t My TV Turn On But Red Light is on Panasonic?

Your TV won’t turn On, but the red light is on Panasonic because of lack of power supply or broken parts.

Every electrical item needs a specific quantity of electricity to operate correctly. If the Panasonic TV isn’t getting enough power, it won’t come on and will have ten flashing red lights instead of working. Panasonic TV is the most typical victim of this issue. However, it can occur in any Panasonic TV. Surge protectors, extension cables, and power strips can potentially damage them. To power their products, Panasonic suggests utilizing Panasonic brand equipment exclusively.

In this instance, the answer is a no-brainer. If the issue remains after assembling all of the Panasonic-compatible components, try connecting your TV directly to a power outlet. Try a different outlet or a shorter cord to see if it helps. The lengths of Panasonic’s cables range from 6 feet to 15 feet. Remember that the more time it takes for the electricity to reach your television, the less concentrated it will be. To ensure that the cable you choose has enough slack to reach your outlet, it should be the shortest one available.

It’s impossible to prevent broken parts, especially if you have an older television. Panasonic is not an exception to this rule. It is possible for the television to malfunction & blinks red ten times with the tiniest amount of damage. As CRT displays are no longer used in Panasonic TVs, the Company has seen a considerable drop in the number of parts. Having fewer moving components means a lower risk of malfunction.

Don’t hesitate to contact Panasonic Customer Service if you believe one of the parts is defective. Having such information allows them to either send a maintenance specialist out to your home or recommend that you contact the store where you purchased your television. Since 2009, the corporation has switched to LED lighting, so your earlier model may be due for an upgrade. If your television is more than a decade old, the parts you need to fix may no longer be available. A Panasonic service facility can’t help you in this situation.

Do Panasonic TVs Have a Reset Button?

Yes, Panasonic TVs have a reset button.

Without fear of permanently altering your television’s settings, you may play with any option. Panasonic TVs provide reset options to allow you to restore any changes you’ve made to the factory defaults because many consumers are frightened by their TVs and don’t want to make any alterations. To adapt your TV to your preferences, you’ll have the option of altering its settings.

Press the ” Menu ” button when using the remote control with your Panasonic TV. Press the “Menu” button. The “Picture” choice will bring up a selection of further alternatives. All picture modifications except for “Advanced Picture” will be returned to factory default settings if you select “Reset.”

How Do I Contact Panasonic Customer Service UK?

You can contact Panasonic Customer Service UK on email: Customer.complaints@eu.panasonic.com. In addition, you can Contact the Panasonic customer care toll-free phone number 012898333. You can also visit the Panasonic Contact Us UK Page for other ways to contact Panasonic Customer Service UK.

Customers’ needs are always at the top of Panasonic’s priority list, and the Company is always listening to them. They promise to do everything they can to help. As a result, we’ve created a Customer Service Charter that describes the high level of service our clients may expect from us at all times.

They promise to respond to questions promptly. Eighty percent of incoming calls are expected to be answered in 60 seconds, and one hundred percent of emails will be responded to within two days. You will respond to all questions submitted via social media outlets in one business day. A thorough response may take some time, but they will tell you how long it will take and keep you informed as it progresses. As a result of the current Covid-19 crisis, the response times could be delayed. We appreciate your patience at this trying time.

All new Panasonic consumer items purchased from an authorized merchant come with a guarantee of at least one year; the warranty length varies by product type. Protection against fundamental manufacturing flaws is included. Even though it’s infrequent, they will give a free repair through the authorized service centers if a manufacturing flaw occurs during the warranty term. Within five business days, the repairs will be completed. You will be given a like-for-like replacement if they cannot fix your goods (or equivalent).

How Long is the Guarantee on a Panasonic TV?

All the LED, LCD, Plasma Panasonic TVs have a warranty period of 12 months.

Customers are not eligible for a new product under this warranty, solely covering repairs. As long as you submit this certificate and your original purchase invoice, which clearly states your purchase date and your dealer’s name, to a repair center or Company recognized by your manufacturer, you will be covered. Without these documents, the warranty is void. This guarantee is invalid if these documents are altered, defaced, or amended.

These terms and conditions only apply to products purchased in India through a Company-authorized channel. Please note that this guarantee does not apply to counterfeit goods. The initial purchaser of the product is the only one covered by this guarantee; you can’t transfer it. During the warranty period, the product is covered in the event of a manufacturing fault or breakdown. Repair or replacement of such faulty products or parts shall be done at the Company’s sole discretion.

The Company will retain ownership of whatever pieces it removes. If the Company fixes or replaces any part during the Warranty Period, the warranty will only be valid for the remainder of the Warranty Period. Any repairs or replacements will not extend the warranty period for any of the Products. As a precautionary measure to avoid confusion, the Company’s time spent fixing the product will not extend the Warranty Period.

Rechargeable batteries, aesthetic material frames, or other accessories not covered by the warranty will be on the owner’s own. Neither the product nor the user’s handbook specifies how the product should be used in the event of damage caused by any of the following: normal wear and tear; misuse; commercial usage; accidental damage; acts of nature; or use that deviates from those instructions. It is not uncommon for displays to have dots missing and permanently glowing. However, it isn’t always a sign of a problem.

The Company does not guarantee the playability of any software medium that does not meet the parameters stated in the operating manual. Suppose you modify or alter this product, repair it, or use it with any accessory other than those provided by the Company. In that case, you will not be held liable for any damages. The Company disclaims all liability for any damage or loss caused by improper handling or transit.

If the serial number and product have been tampered with, defaced, or otherwise altered, this warranty will be void. In addition, you are responsible for the expense of transporting the product from the site of installation to servicing center. In the case of any delay or failure in performance, the Company shall not be liable or deemed to be in default, including but not limited to delays in repairs due to non-availability of every component and accessory, labor difficulty, government limitations, and regulations, public movement, war, and any other unavoidable circumstances, especially concerning the import of supplies and raw material.

The Customer is responsible for correcting any electrical installation and wiring problems on-site, as recommended by the Company’s engineers. The Customer should make a copy of any data saved on the product before sending it to the Company’s approved service center for repair. All data and other information contained in the product is the user’s responsibility and not the Company’s.


A blinking red light but no power on your Panasonic TV means it’s time for some troubleshooting. Even if you can’t finish it, don’t even start it. Check the warranty to make sure you won’t void it by trying to solve the problem yourself. Several competent Panasonic repair technicians can assist you in determining the root cause of the problem. You can also contact Panasonic support for more future details. We hope you must have acknowledged everything regarding Panasonic TV Blinking Red.

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