What Does OPC Mean On a TV?

Televisions nowadays are found in every household and are touted as a standard electronic item. However, the use of television may make it useless after a specific time. For example, the television may not work well, or its picture tube may not exhibit sharp colors. However, another thing could indicate that the television is not working as well as it was before. Usually, when the tv is not working well, its lights start to blink. The lights tell you about the current status of the television and whether it is an incomplete working condition or something that has gone wrong.

What is OPC on TV?

OPC or Optical Picture Control represents a light sensor system that automatically adjusts the brightness of the TV depending on the light in the room. OPC feature automatically increases the brightness of the TV screen when the light amount is low or decreases the brightness of the TV when the light amount is high.

The blinking of lights, especially on the control panel or the Optical Picture Control (OPC), detects some issues within the internal system of the television. It is, however, impossible to see what the exact problem is. In this article, we will discuss the possibilities and different issues that may arise which cause the blinking of lights on the control panel of the television. We will also discuss the solutions that help make sure that the tv is back to its normal position without any blinking of lights.

In simple terms, firmware is software that is embedded in hardware. It is present in almost all electronics, televisions, and computers. When the firmware is not working well or requires an update, the television lights are most likely to blink and indicate that it is now time to update the software. This is because new technologies come up every year that must become compatible for your television to work in complete condition. The firmware update can be done by calling an expert or getting the firmware software on a USB. You can then insert the USB into the television port and then download it to the television. After this, you should ensure that the USB is compatible with the television port because inserting it wrongly may make your television not work correctly.

Why is my Sharp TV power light blinking?

The sharp TV power light blinks if there is a problem with the firmware, a problem with setting on the television, or a mechanical issue requiring service. Usually, if there are OPC (Optical Picture Control) problems, you can fix light blinking if you factory reset your TV.

So let us see how you can reset your TV:

How do I fix the OPC on my Sharp TV?

To fix OPC on your Sharp TV, you need to plug the TV into power and wait for the TV to start. When you turn on the TV, press and hold the “input” and “channel down” buttons on the remote, then Select “Service mode” and then press “Factory Reset.” Finally, wait for the TV to restart.

Reset your TV

The blinking of lights may be because your television is not set according to the default settings. There may be an up and down in the setting of your television which can be resolved accordingly. You can do so by making sure that it is set in the default position and turning it back to the initial setting of the television. After installing the default settings, you can apply the customized settings such as color and sound settings and see if the problem persists. If it stays, then you can take your television to an expert. For putting the default settings, all you have to do is to make sure to read the television manual very closely and do so as the instructions say. Default settings for all televisions are different, and one default setting may not be suitable for another.

Blinking Pattern

While explaining the issue to a technician, you should also note the blinking pattern of the lights as well. While this may seem like a regular thing to you, a technician may better understand it and assess whether the blinking is due to an internal issue. The light may blink fast or slow or may blink three or two times. You should always notice the frequency and speed of the blinking.

Internal Failure

The final possible scenario is that the blinking may be due to a specific internal issue or failure. There may also be an issue of overheating of the device that may have led it to overheat. You should continually assess and not attempt to play with electronic devices because doing so can be potentially dangerous to you, and the device may be rendered useless as well.

Why is my Samsung TV light flashing?

Samsung TV light flashing because there is an issue with your remote, the power supply, or the faulty screen. Usually, you can fix Samsung light blinking if you go to the main menu, choose Settings, and then Turn Energy Saving off. Unfortunately, this will disable TV automatic brightness adjustment too.

How to stop Roku TV from blinking?

To stop Roku TV from blinking, you need to:

  • Press home on your remote to open the main screen
  • Select Settings.
  • Press the right arrow button, and select Standby LED.
  • Press the right arrow button and select Off to turn off Standby LED


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