No Excuses Campaign

The internet provides a wealth of information about the political scenarios prevalent around the country. Given such vast information, figuring out where to start could be daunting. But even before getting to issues, we must take a rain check on our voting eligibility.

No Excuses Campaign represents a campaign that has been launched to highlight sexual harassment and sexual violence.

In this article, we will address several aspects related to your voting issues. We would be clearing most of them(hopefully), leaving you with no excuses not to vote. To successfully cater to the same, we present you with the Skimm’s No Excuses campaign launched during the 2016 elections. This campaign helps people equip themselves with everything needed to cast their votes in the ballots when the election times come and ensure their voice is heard correctly. So, let us get started.

Check Your Voter Registration Status

Using Skimm’s campaign, you can check your voter registration status. There could be times when you had to relocate due to work or get yourself registered during inter-state college. But using this campaign, you can get all the relevant information, documents, and reports directly mailed to your inbox.

Sign Up Online To Register To Vote

If you are a first-time voter and have not registered yet, you are in luck! The Skimm has partnered with Rock the Vote venture, enabling new voters to sign up and register formalities online. All the best in performing that rightful civic duty!

Check Out The Important Dates

Voting scenarios can be challenging for anybody with so many vital processes and their respective deadlines. But you are in luck because Skimm’s campaign will serve this information on a silver platter. You can view all important events alongside their dates using a simple drag-and-drop interface and eventually add these dates to your calendar.

Read Key Information

Voting time could be a little exhausting, with so many parties dishing out their own version of promises, policies, and manifestos. To recall all the relevant information with a quick read, you can head to Skimm’s campaign and read all about them there. Happy Learning!

Learn Trending News

You can benefit from Skimm’s campaign by gaining all the trending scoop of what the parties have to say and offer, getting a hook on what makes the headlines, and watching parties trying their best to flip the election in their favor.

This was our take on elections. Happy Voting!

Igor Milosevic
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