What Time Do Shows Go on Hulu After Airing?

Wondering when you can watch that exciting show on Hulu? Or you must be wondering about the next episode of your favorite series? We’ve got you the answers if you have any questions about when shows go on Hulu!

Hulu is a streaming entertainment site that began as a platform for recently aired television shows. It has now expanded to include entire movies, original programming, and live television alternatives.

One can use a variety of devices to access Hulu. Five more users can share and utilize an account with their profile where each user profile is distinct from the others and costs nothing at all. Depending on their preferences, they will have a different and unique viewing history and suggestions. The platform also supports younger audiences. Kids can have their own Hulu profile, and the platform can restrict content to be kid-friendly.

Hulu’s content is entirely free and legal to watch. Due to actual agreements with content providers, Hulu can stream programs from their networks. Fox, Disney, BBC America, TLC, Showtime, CBS, Animal Planet, ABC News, Freeform, FX, Complex, and other networks have original programming and material on Hulu.

If you have subscribed to Hulu and have favorite shows from the above networks, you could be asking when you can watch their shows after airing. This article will try to answer questions about when shows go on Hulu after broadcast. We will tackle topics and questions surrounding this topic.

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What Time Do Shows Go on Hulu After Airing?

Shows usually go on Hulu a day after airing. The platform does not officially announce when they release shows, but shows are generally already available at 12:01 a.m. Eastern TIme. However, prerecorded and live shows differ in their time of release.

Many series are available on the Hulu OTT platform, and different content is connected to other genres. Highlights from other sporting events, such as WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown, can also be found on Hulu. People can choose from a variety of shows to watch. The platform also has several cooking-related programming, such as MasterChef and other reality shows. On the platform, there are also weekly shows. Cartoons are broadcast on television to keep children entertained.

If the viewer subscribes to the company, they can watch all of the material offered on the platform. However, a few series, movies, and plays are unavailable due to copyright difficulties. However, the corporation updates the site regularly, providing new features and fresh content for the audience’s enjoyment. Before 2010, the platform was known as Hulu, but in 2010, it introduced a new feature called Hulu plus, which allowed users to watch multilingual programming and events taking place in other countries.

The length of time that a show is available on Hulu depends on the sort of show. Prerecorded shows are available within 24 hours. However, live shows take longer to post but are available within two days. On the other hand, certain subscriptions allow fans to watch live shows.

How Long Does it Take Hulu to Air New Episodes?

It takes 24 hours for Hulu to air new episodes. However, it can only be valid for prerecorded shows. It may take more time for the platform to air live shows.

Hulu’s primary focus is usually on presenting original content. It keeps people interested and glued to the screen from beginning to end. Major networks such as ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS provide all of their programmings.

So, if you want to catch up on your favorite shows as they air, you’ll be relieved to learn that new episodes are not delayed.

The time it takes for episodes of a show to appear on the Hulu platform varies depending on the type of show, the availability of the show’s episodes, and the membership type.

New episodes of prerecorded shows are usually available on the Hulu service within 24 hours. On-the-spot performances

What Time Does Hulu Upload New Episodes?

Hulu uploads new episodes a day after the episodes’ broadcast. Hulu often has no official announcements, but episodes are usually on the platform at midnight 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time.

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Hulu makes every effort to keep its archive fresh by adding new programming regularly. However, it can take longer than intended due to technical issues or human mistakes. Even when the streamer adds new episodes, that doesn’t always mean that all episodes of a given show will be available right away.

Specific episodes of some shows may be kept hidden until a particular date or until after a significant event. These episodes may include deleted sequences, behind-the-scenes videos, bonus features, and other special features.

These episodes are sometimes only available to paying subscribers. As you can see, waiting for a new Hulu episode isn’t something to bother users. It’s all part of the appeal.

Do New Episodes Go on Hulu at Midnight?

New episodes usually go on Hulu at midnight. Although the platform does not officially notify users, episodes are often on the platform a day after they air at 12:01 a.m.

Hulu does not give an official notice of when new movies and shows will be available, but new episodes usually are accessible at 12:01 AM ET. Netflix series and films are now widely known to be released at 12:01 AM PT on the day they were supposed to be released.

A prime-time show that aired on one date will usually be accessible for streaming on Hulu 24 hours later. So, if an episode of “Fresh Off The Boat” aired on Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., you can anticipate it to be accessible on Hulu the following day, on Wednesday at 8:00 p.m.

Currently-airing programs are usually available the next day (or, in some situations, up to seven days) after they air. Hulu then keeps the rights to stream that episode for a few days or until they have about five episodes under license, at which point newer episodes will take precedence over older ones.

What Time Does Hulu Release New Episodes of Hulu Originals?

Hulu’s release of new episodes of Hulu Originals comes without any official announcement. However, the platform usually adds episodes of Hulu Originals at 12:01 ET.

Do you want to know when new episodes of Hulu originals such as The Handmaid’s Tale are out on the streaming service? Read on.

Hulu does not release official announcements about when new movies and shows will be available, but new episodes are generally available at 12:01 a.m. ET.

Netflix series and movies are now widely known to be released at 12:01 a.m. PT on the day they were supposed to be released. Hulu does something similar, but they base their new releases on ET, which might be confusing.

At 9:01 p.m., new episodes are released. The day before Hulu’s scheduled release date, at 8:00 a.m. PT. For example, season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale debuted on Hulu on Tuesday at 9:01 p.m. On Tuesday, April 24, it was released at 8:00 a.m. PT, while at midnight on the East coast. ET.

It is how time zones work. However, many users from Hulu West were not aware of the availability of The Handmaid’s Tale’s new episode because the official release date was April 25, not April 24.

It’s terrific that you don’t have to wait until 3 a.m. on the East coast to keep up with new films. Hulu’s releasing schedule is much more convenient for the viewers on West Coast as they may watch episodes in Primetime the day before their official release date.

Around 8 a.m., Hulu releases licensed TV series and movies. ET on the scheduled release date, though this is subject to change.

Why Are New Episodes Not on Hulu?

New episodes are not on Hulu if the show is on seasonal break or hiatus. If it is the case, there will be no airing of any episodes for weeks or even months.

While many shows have whole seasons available on Hulu, some series may have a few episodes available from the most recent season. It is referred to as “rolling” availability, and it has to do with streaming rights.

Some of your favorite TV shows may be placed on seasonal breaks or hiatuses, throughout the year, notably during the mid-summer and fall TV months.

When a series is on hiatus, there will be no new episodes for weeks (or sometimes even months). It could be why your Hulu shows haven’t been updated in a while.

The good news is that they will most likely return – it’s just a matter of when. Try the following steps to confirm a show’s availability and stay up to know on any future updates:

Add the show to My Stuff to be notified whenever new episodes are released.
Look for forthcoming air dates on Hulu.com and your devices with the latest Hulu app in the Episodes area.

Keep an eye on the New This Month page for the most up-to-date information on what’s new on Hulu.

Does Hulu Release All Episodes at Once?

No, Hulu does not release all episodes all at once. Contrary to other streaming platforms, Hulu releases episodes over days and weeks.

Hulu’s original business model was only to offer in-season streaming rights to shows. Shortly after each episode aired, it would be made available online. The free tier (which no longer exists) only had a couple of the most recent episodes, but the subscription tier included the complete current season.

Episodes from previous seasons were either reserved for syndication (reruns on broadcast or cable channels) or sold to other streaming services like Netflix. Some shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, are still under similar arrangements; the current season is available on Hulu (as well as ABC’s website), while all previous seasons are available on Netflix.

Hulu has recently altered its focus to being the long-term streaming home for the shows it distributes. All of the current and previous seasons are accessible. New episodes continue to surface right after they have aired. Like most Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, Hulu’s original shows are released one episode every week, comparable to broadcast television, rather than releasing a complete season at once.

Does Hulu Have Show the Next Day?

Yes, Hulu has shows available the next day. Depending on many factors such as networks and subscription plans, users may view shows the next day after the airing.

Hulu has been renowned as an on-demand streaming service for over a decade. Hulu also provides members with live local networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX and cable TV channels such as ESPN, FX, HGTV, etc.

Hulu offers on-demand access to full seasons of select TV shows, big movies, and Hulu originals for only $6.99. Hulu also has FX on Hulu, which broadcasts exclusive shows and TV episodes that will air on FX the next day.

The platform has shows available the next day after airing. The waiting period usually takes 24 hours before shoes become available. However, there would be differences between prerecorded shows and currently-running shows. Hulu also offers live streaming through Hulu Live TV.

As the name implies, Hulu + Live TV is the live streaming option for Hulu. The service includes over 75 channels and the opportunity to watch TV live and on Demand, and a variety of live news, sports, and events. It also has Disney+ and ESPN+ included in one subscription. Hulu’s Live TV experience includes the ability to watch simultaneously on two screens and the capacity to record live TV (with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage).

Can You Watch New Episodes on Hulu?

Yes, one can watch new episodes on Hulu. According to the show’s rolling availability, some may only offer a few episodes to air.

However, Hulu offers another way for viewers to enjoy their favorite shows where they can watch current episodes. Hulu has launched Hulu Live TV, where one can 75+ popular channels, including sports and news. They are available for live and on-demand viewing. On Hulu, you can watch whole seasons of exclusive shows, hit movies, current episodes, premium Hulu Originals, and more, and Disney+’s endless entertainment and ESPN+’s live sports.

How Do You Change Time on Hulu?

Change time on Hulu by going to settings. Proceed to systems to choose a time. Look for the time zone and choose to set it automatically.

There have been complaints about wring time zones on Hulu. So, users have come to Hulu support sites to address this issue. As per Hulu, errors in time zones by users appear to be a bug, which has been investigated. One way to troubleshoot this is to check that the TV time settings are correct. It’s also good to execute a short power cycle on the device used.

How Often Does Hulu Update?

Hulu updates the shows every day. The streaming service is known for its next-day content streaming. However, such factors as the type of show and subscription type will matter how often Hulu updates.

Every month, Hulu updates the platform to bring in new stuff. It updates shows every day according to whether they are prerecorded or live. Prerecorded shows take lesser time to go on Hulu compared to currently-running shows.

If you’re missing any of these contents or networks, you should confirm if your device is compatible with the current Hulu app and premium network streaming. Caching difficulties: If you’re eagerly waiting for a show or movie update to arrive on your device, caching issues can occasionally prevent it from happening.

How Long After a Show Airs Will it Be on Demand?

It takes time after a show will be on Demand. A part of its process called ingestion typically takes 4 hours. That’s why it takes a long time for a show to be available on Demand.

Broadcasters take time to make programs available on Demand after they air, especially live broadcasts (like the news, for example). The ingestion process for programs that can be made available for catch-up on Demand typically takes 4 hours, so you may not see it accessible on Demand immediately.

It’s also worth noting that not all live broadcasts will be available on-demand after they’ve aired. Some will be exclusively available on Demand or Demand before they’ve aired. It all depends on whether the broadcaster has the purchased rights to make that content available for streaming, broadcast, or both.

What Time Do Streaming Services Update?

The time when streaming services update on Hulu varies. Hulu updates the shows and makes them available usually at 12:01 a.m. ET.

The world of streaming television and copyright law in movies can be excruciatingly complex. One company may pay another to license their content for a fixed amount of time, and the consumer will typically have no idea when that period will begin or expire. As a result, some of us wonder, “Is Mad Men on Netflix?” or “Does Hulu have Star Trek?” The answer might vary.

Fortunately, several of these streaming services update regularly. Here’s how Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon keep their material updated on the web.

Netflix has been releasing new programming on a relatively tight monthly schedule. There will be a large dump of old shows and an influx of new content at the beginning of each month. We can’t connect this to a specific day because Netflix doesn’t operate on a set schedule. However, around the 5th-10th of each month, visit our Netflix page to see what’s new on Netflix. There are certain exceptions to this rule, though. Netflix will add or delete content at its discretion throughout the month. Our monthly reports aren’t meant to be comprehensive or official.

HBO is distinct from other participants in this space because it owns practically all of its programming. It implies that their new episodes are available for download as soon as they premiere on HBO. In the case of movies, however, HBO must wait for its sister business, Warner Brothers, or another movie studio with which they have an agreement to negotiate a deal. HBO releases new films once a week, on Saturdays at 8 p.m. HBO Watch provides a good selection of movies that are currently accessible. Remember that Saturday is HBO’s new movie night.

Every day, new content is added to Hulu. It’s the king of “next-day content,” which means that if a show aired last night and is available on Hulu, you should be able to watch it the next day. Like Netflix will reveal new material at the start of each month, but it doesn’t mean items won’t come and go at their discretion throughout the month. Things might become quite confusing because streaming video rights aren’t subject to a monthly renewal schedule.

As per Amazon, it does not add new content on a defined schedule.

What Happened to My Hulu Watchlist?

Hulu watchlist moves to the back when one has already caught up. If stuff disappears, check the device’s compatibility with new updates.

A watchlist is a list of all the shows and movies you’ve seen or intend to see. It remembers your favorites and organizes them based on how, when, and where you use Hulu – so you don’t have to do anything but stream.

The most relevant information is served first in your Watchlist, dynamically sorted. Once you’re caught up, Hulu will move shows to the back of your Watchlist, and we’ll replace them with the next thing you’re likely to watch. When new episodes are released, or anything is about to expire, a badge will appear on that piece of material to alert you.

The simplest method to add something to your Watchlist is to start watching simply – and Hulu will take care of the rest. If you’ve added a single episode, clip, or movie to your Watchlist (rather than a show), it will be immediately removed once you’ve finished watching it.

Manually adding or removing videos is also an option. Go to the show or movie’s details page and pick (+) Add to Watchlist or (-) Remove from Watchlist from the drop-down menu.

Remember that the most recently watched content is always reflected in the Watchlist. If you’re watching the same show with your family and you’re on a different episode than what’s listed on Watchlist, just pick up where you left off and watch.

How Many People Can Watch Hulu at Once?

Two people can watch Hulu at once. One can create an account to share with as many supported devices as one would prefer. However, only two users can watch on Hulu at the same time.

You and your friends can’t decide what to watch? It’s no problem! Hulu members can watch content on two screens at the same time. While you’re catching up on yesterday night’s shows in one room, the rest of the family may enjoy a movie night in another – no more squabbling over the remote.

You can download and activate the Hulu app on as many supported devices as possible, but only two users can stream simultaneously. If you try to stream from another device, you can get an error notice on that device’s screen.

Why Did My Show Disappear From Hulu?

Shoes disappear from Hulu due to availability issues. Rolling availability affects why shows disappear sometimes.

It could be due to one (or more) of the following reasons you’ve discovered a couple of your faves have recently vanished, or you can’t find the programs you’re looking for on Hulu.

It’s a problem with the device.

Not all Hulu content is available on all devices. If you haven’t seen any of these networks or contents, you must verify if your device supports the updated Hulu application and premium network streaming.

If you’re eagerly waiting for a show or movie update to arrive on your device, caching issues can occasionally prevent it from happening. Follow these instructions to help clean things out and free up the line.

It’s a matter of availability.

Are you missing something previously present? It may be no longer valid. We try our utmost to notify you when something on Hulu will expire via expiration notices.

If you’re only finding a few episodes of your show, it could be because of “rolling” availability. It means that only a limited number of recently aired episodes will be available at any given time. Check to see whether your show is currently broadcasting.

If you couldn’t find a live event on your device or received an error when trying to tune in, it could be due to regional availability, blackouts, or your device.

Restrictions on sharing links from Hulu’s streaming library or Premium Add-ons: Keep your plan and add-ons in mind when sharing links from Hulu’s streaming library or Premium Add-ons. They won’t be able to access the same content if they don’t have the same membership as you.

It’s a matter of timing.

Check if your current-season shows are on hiatus if they haven’t been updated with new episodes in a while. When a show takes a mid-season break, no new episodes will air until the show returns.

Can’t get enough of a live network? When you’re on the go, your Live TV local network coverage will adjust to your physical location for news and weather, but a few affiliates will remain the same so you can watch local sports from the comfort of your own home.

If you didn’t get a chance to configure your Recording Options for a live event before it aired, you’d only be able to watch it if the network added it on-demand or to your DVR.

Can I See The Date I Watched Something on Hulu?

The dated one watched something on Hulu is not a detail in Viewing History. However, one can access watch history on a mobile device.

Check out the Keep Watching collection if you want to browse and manage your watch history on a device that supports the current Hulu app. Learn more about Watchlist if you’re using a device that supports the classic Hulu app.

You may view your watch history on Hulu by going to the ‘Keep Watching’ section and selecting ‘All Watch History.’ You may quickly access your account’s viewing history at this point. Then you can take care of it as you see fit.

If you wish to resume viewing a movie or TV show from where you left off, click on movies and TV shows, and it will continue from where you left off. The main drawback is that Hulu does not allow you to save your watch history.

Where is My Recorded Stuff on Hulu?

All recorded stuff goes to My Stuff’s Manage DVR section. The application sorts recordings by airdate, so the most recent will be at the top.

One can use the Details page of episodes, movies, or sports teams to set up cloud DVR recordings. While browsing the channels, you can also utilize the Live Guide to set up a recording – choose the title in the Live Guide grid for recording options.

All of your recordings are saved in the My Stuff’s Manage DVR section. They’re sorted by airdate, so the most recent will be at the top. On mobile and living room devices, recordings are bundled together in a single list, while on Hulu.com, the Manage DVR page separates your TV shows, sports, and movies into individual tabs.

As long as the Live TV subscription is active* and it has not exceeded storage limitations, recorded videos will remain in Cloud DVR.

Your Cloud DVR recordings will be lost if your account is canceled or placed on a billing hold, but not if you pause your subscription.

You’ll see DVR Full in the Manage DVR section of My Stuff when your Cloud DVR reaches its total capacity – remember, every Live TV subscriber gets 50 hours. You will notice that the oldest recordings stored in your Cloud DVR are gone and replaced with new ones.

The storage restrictions for Cloud DVR are set at the account level, which means that all Profile recordings are included in the total recorded hours. If the available hours appear to be inaccurate, keep this in mind.

How Do I See Recently Watched on Hulu?

See recently watched on Hulu by navigating to the Keep Watching collection from the Home screen to see watch history. Then pick All Watch history at the bottom page to see a list of all the movies and series recently seen.

For some people, the keep viewing portion is simply an overlay pop-up with no additional links than movie thumbnails, so Hulu could have made it a little easier.

You can resume watching movies from where you left them in the Keep Watching collection. It’s as simple as clicking on a half-watched movie to continue from where it was last paused or closed.

If you’re looking for recently viewed specific episodes, the keep watching collection isn’t going to be able to help you out. The movies and series in the Keep Watching collection are just those watched recently.

To keep track of individual episodes:

  • First, go to the series’ detail page.
  • You can expand the three dots near the Details button.
  • Select Add to My Stuff from the drop-down menu.
  • Then go to My things and keep track of the episodes. My stuff hub will indicate how many episodes of a stored series you have left to watch. The episode status will change based on your viewing activities, and when you’ve finished watching all of the available episodes, Hulu will remove the series from the collection.

You may use the badges and progress bar on Hulu to track what you’ve watched and what you haven’t.


Hulu is a helpful streaming platform where users can watch shows live or the next day. They can watch their favorite currently-running series by waiting for newly-uploaded episodes.

Hulu does not upload episodes at once, but the platform updates the episodes every day and brings in new stuff every month. However, every subscription plan’s waiting time for episodes and shows may differ. Generally, Hulu has shows available the next day or 24 hours after the show’s airing. Episodes are usually available at 12:01 ET. Delays and failures in updating shows and uploading episodes may have to do with availability and timing issues.

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