How To Become A Pro Player In PUBG?

If you are new to the world of PUBG, then you got to pull up your socks to match up to the level of pro players.
How can you achieve it?

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Only learning will assist you in becoming an expert. The faster you grasp the know-how, the better will be your chances of reaching a professional level.

On your journey to become a Pro PUBG Player, you have to participate in the Open Qualifiers and Open Series. Since there is no MMR System, statistics matter a lot in PUBG. Therefore, make every match count. Once your Statistics reach a good position, you can reach out to a team and start grinding your skills.

Nonetheless, a novice’s journey to becoming a PUBG Player requires immense effort than just playing PUBG itself.

Gamers can become pro players in PUBG if they hire a good coach for PUBG, buy the best gear, ask questions, create more effective practices.

Here are the top Eleven Tips for becoming a pro PUBG player. Keep reading!


1. Find a good coach for PUBG:

Numerous newbies want to be a Pro PUBG Player but are hesitant to hire a coach. Don’t be like them. Hiring a coach /mentor is ideal for adapting to an E-Sport, and PUBG is no exception. Let a PUBG Coach walk you through the learning curve and put the pieces together in a shorter amount of time.

Do you really want to spend 8 hours accomplishing something that could be accomplished in just 4 hours?
No, right?

In that case, a Mentor can help keep you from wandering off of that path.

Moreover, a Coach can identify your weakness, provided feedback, and increase your likelihood of becoming a Pro PUBG Player.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and clear all your doubts.

Nonetheless, if you’re just not in a place where you can afford to pay for a coach/mentor, refer to the following sources, exclusively focused on E-Sports Coaching.

c. Reddit PUBG
d. Discord channel


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2. Find excellent gear for PUBG:

Did you know that using high-end gaming gear can altogether change your in-game performance for PUBG?
Well, the right gear can have a colossal impact on your training session and up your skills.

You will never see a high-level Professional Player compromising with the gears and always going for the right E-Sports equipment.

Here are some recommended Gears for a Pro Player Setup:

a. Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless
b. Keyboard: Corsair K65
c. Mousepad: CORSAIR MM300
d. Monitor: Acer XB240H
e. Headset: HyperX Cloud II



3. Develop a system to better learn PUBG playing:

What separates E-Sports from Traditional Sports?

It is Learning.

Let’s take the example of Chess.

Chess Players start as amateurs and grasp the fundamentals of the Game over time. Eventually, they reach a point when they start to visualize every possible move in the game.

What if Chess received “patches” or “updates” at an interval of every few weeks?

It would have been challenging for a Chess Player to keep up with the upgrades. Isn’t it?

PUBG gets “Patches” & “Updates” regularly and requires the players to learn new Meta constantly. Apart from Meta, PUBG Players also have to memorize the Maps.

In Traditional Sports, athletes can master a Game within a quick span and focus more on building up weaknesses to reduce injuries.

That’s not the case in E-Sports and requires the players to practice vigorously.

If you want to be a professional PUBG player, you will be the best at the current version and every new version.



4. Measure if you are effective in PUBG practicing?

Practice is the key to being a successful PUBG Player.

Every sport has a specific way to train for it, and E-Sports is no different.

It is quite crucial to receive sports-specific training to get more effective at practice in PUBG.

If PUBG Developers could work closely with Professional PUBG Players, Training Tools could be developed catering to the specific requirements.

Getting more effective at practice means getting the same amount of accomplishment in 4 Hours instead of 8 Hours.

Always remember going through match after match with no real intentions doesn’t guarantee any success rate in PUBG. It is important to go into Training Sessions with 100% Motivation, Focus, Goals, Intentions, and a Clear Plan.


“The Law Of Accommodation” by Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky, an eminent Biochemist, stated that a Biological Object’s response to a given constant stimulus decreases over time.

How is this even relevant?

In the E-Sports World, there is an optimal range for practicing any given activity.

After grasping the skills, if you could get the same results with 4 hours of practice instead of 9, you’ve now gained an extra 5 hours to spend on Injury Prevention, Demo Watching, and Recovery.



5. Make a training schedule For PUBG:

If you want to succeed in PUBG, you got to start training like an athlete.

Generally, PUBG Players remain unprepared both Physically and Mentally. Especially, Psychology and Mental State are two important things. Therefore, Professional PUBG Players are starting to recognize the value of hiring Sports Psychologists.

An average player walks around with immense baggage, and this can be extremely detrimental to performance. It also explains why a top-level player chokes during finals.

The only solution is to start focusing on all areas of Competitive Training.

However, E-Sports are still in their primary stage and have a lot to impart Sport-Specific Training to the Players.



6. Develop A gaming personality and gaming reputation In PUBG:

If you are a novice, you have to make a mark on every game, especially if you’re playing with top players.

Start streaming your matches and club them with interesting commentaries.

Streaming opens you up to the world and is a great way to develop a personality and reputation. It is also a brilliant method to start getting comfortable with your audience.

If you feel shy or awkward, don’t worry! It will get easier with time and practice.

Don’t get demotivated if your Live Steams have a few viewers for months. It could be a few years before you even have a respectable audience.

Online Marketing takes time and patience.

I don’t hope to become a Millionaire in a time span of two months.



7. Become A Team Player In PUBG:

Since PUBG is a team-based game, communication plays a great role.

Especially, PUBG has so many young professionals who are terrible at communication.

Misunderstandings and inabilities often cause disputes amongst team members to communicate efficiently.

Impeccable Communication Skills also help reduce tension and problems between team members.

Every PUBG player should work on sharpening their interpersonal communication and stay ahead in the competition.



8. Attend as many as you can local PUBG Tournaments:

Competing in tournaments will give you an edge and make you more appealing to teams looking for new players.

It’s a different kind of pressure when you’re attending an actual tournament because you need to play for longer periods of time while consistently performing well.




9. See facts for Becoming a PUBG Pro:

No one ever tells the darker realities of being a Pro Gamer.

It takes an immense amount of dedication to become a professional gamer.

If you are a Professional Gamer, certain expectations are placed on you, which inherently means you will have to make sacrifices.

Only 1 out of every 100,000 players will become pro, which’s less than a 1% chance. Even If you don’t end up becoming a professional PUBG player, there’s still plenty of money to earn and win.



10. Try E-Sports

In 2016, the National Association of Collegiate E-Sports (NACE) was officially formed, and there were only 7 Colleges/Universities with E-Sports Programs.

Now, over 100 Institutions have Varsity E-Sports Teams and have been exploding considerably.

More schools in the USA are currently showing interest in creating their own teams and entering the E-Sports Industry.

What is better than landing a spot on a Collegiate E-Sports Team for PUBG?

Well, hiring a mentor doesn’t seem so silly now!



11. Learn From Biofrost And Fatal1ty:

The idea that one must give up everything and focus entirely on their E-Sport is just plain false.

Such practices mainly reside in the world of Traditional Sports.

If you devote all your time to just E-Sport, your mental and physical health will start taking a downturn, and your performance will have a bad impact. It would be best if you stay productive in other areas of your life while still competing.

Nonetheless, the onus lies on you.

If you want to know the secret sauce to ace your game, you got to learn from those who have done it really well.


Vincent “Biofrost” Wang:

Initially started as a Rookie Support Player, Vincent “Biofrost” Wang made his debut on T, , placedrst at the LCS, and competed at worlds in 2016.

In the meanwhile, he attended University and dropped out to become a Professional Gamer.

He also juggled numerous responsibilities while still climbing the ranks of LoL and breaking into the professional space.



Fatal1ty emerged as a Professional Gamer and turned pro in 1999 at the age of 18. Quite dedicated to E-Sports, he worked on several other external factors to boost his Gaming Performance.








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