How to Get the Honor Skin in Fortnite?

Those with Honor’s newest flagship smartphone can now get their hands on another unique costume skin from Epic Games. The new ‘Wonder’ skin, which boasts a brilliant purple tone with neon blue inlays, represents Fortnite’s whimsical concept and Honor 20’s gradient color.

Previously, the two firms collaborated on a skin for Fortnite dubbed ‘Guard,’ their first exclusive skin. The Guard’s skin stood out from the crowd with a teal blue and black patterned leather outfit. However, I like the asymmetrical skin on “Wonder,” which Epic has presented as an alternative option for gamers more invested in the game than others. In this article, you will acknowledge everything about honor skin in Fortnite.

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How to Get the Honor Skin in Fortnite?

To unlock the premium honor skin, visit the promotion page and click get an outfit. Initially, sign in to the Huawei account after filling in 3 pieces of information to verify the purchase. You will have to fill out IMEI 1, IMEI2, & your phone’s serial number.

Fortnite skins for the Honor View 20 did not begin until late February. Open the promotion page by clicking “Get Outfit” to get the Honor Guard skin. If you don’t already have a Huawei account, you must log in or establish one. You’ll be prompted to enter a few pieces of information when you sign in so that we can confirm your purchase. Included in this data are your phone’s IMEI 1 and 2 numbers and its serial number. After that, you’ll have the Honor Guard skin code in your inbox.

As previously noted, you’ll need to purchase a smartphone first for the Honor Guard skin. Unfortunately, the Honor Guard skin is one of the most expensive ones available in the Fortnite store, and it is because you must purchase the Honor View 20 smartphone to unlock it. Currently, the Honor View 20 is not available in the United States. However, a few countries are accessible, including the UK, where the 128GB version costs £499 and the 256GB variant costs £579. Check out Honor’s website to see whether the Honor View 20 is available in your area.

Can You Still Get the Honor Guard Skin in 2021?

In 2021, Fortnite players can still get their hands just on Honor Guard skin.

In 2021, Fortnite players will still be able to get their hands upon that Honor Guard skin. Since the introduction of Fortnite in 2017, Epic Games has partnered with every corporation under the sun. Since then, characters from Star Wars, Marvel, and The Walking Dead have been introduced. As a result, Fortnite skins are highly sought after and are usually purchased using V-Bucks. The Honor Guard skin, on the other hand, is only available if you buy the Honor View 20 Android smartphone.

Unfortunately, the Honor Guard skin is one of the most costly Fortnite skins available, and it is because you must purchase the Honor View 20 before you can unlock it. On top of that, the Honor View 20 isn’t available in North America right now, and it’s accessible in several countries, including the United Kingdom, where it costs 500 British pounds (approximately $650). The easiest way to get an Honor View 20 is to acquire one from an internet retailer like Amazon or eBay.

Is Honor Guard a Rare Skin?

The Honor Guard is an infrequent skin. It is still available, but the entrance fee is astronomically expensive. Many players are devoted to their favorite brands, like Apple and Samsung, making it one of the rarest skins in Fortnite.

Fortnite is one of the most widely played video games on the planet. There are two main game types available to players. The first, survival, is constructing fortifications and defending them with other players against massive swarms of undead. The second option, Battle Royal, is a form of fight between players, with up to 100 people competing simultaneously.

The map competition can occur between two teams or in a solitary mode, where everyone competes against each other. The Honor Guard Skin is one of the game’s most exclusive and one-of-a-kind skins, and its receipt was linked to the purchase of the HONOR View20 Android device, which was produced in collaboration with Epic Games. So now you have to purchase a unique code and redeem it. You’ll get this clothing-type skin, which can quickly inspire jealousy in the hearts of your opponents.

What is the Rarest Skin in Fortnite?

Aerial Assault Trooper is the rarest skin in Fortnite. The Aerial Assault Trooper skin is the rarest in Fortnite as of January 2022. It’s a skin that only the most committed, long-term Fortnite players are likely to own. This skin made its final (and only) appearance during the game’s first-ever season.

Ginger Raider, Ginger Gunner, & Merry Marauder are Fortnite skins with ginger-colored clothes and Christmas-themed accessories. Based on how it appears, the returning Aerial Assault Trooper skin may resemble these ginger costumes. You may include shoes, gloves, and a scarf in the Aerial Assault Trooper skin’s Christmas motif. Whereas the new Aerial Assault Trooper skin won’t have the same effect as the original skin, it is a beautiful way for new players to taste the original Fortnite skin.

Like the Renegade Raider, the Aerial Assault Trooper skin predates the release of the now-iconic Battle Pass. It was only available for 1,200 V-Bucks in the Item Shop after attaining Level 15 in Chapter 1, Season 1. Although the level threshold for Aerial Assault Trooper wasn’t as high, most players chose the Renegade Raider skin instead, but she’s since become a much more well-known character. Aerial Assault Trooper is the rarest Fortnite skin since few people have or remember it.

How Much is Honor Guard Worth?

The Honor Guard is worth $650. It is a Fortnite Epic skin that you can buy for $650 by purchasing an Honor View 20. Although the Honor View 20 was released in January 2019, the outfit was not released until February 25th. So, if you agree to spend this huge amount on this skin, it’s worth it.

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You could be asking yourself, “Why?” So why did Epic Games team up with Honor to create an undeniably cool, unique skin? The Honor View 20 is advertised as the first Android phone that can run Fortnite at a consistent 60 frames per second. That may not be a significant concern for everyone, but we noticed the Honor View 20 is a decent laptop for gaming on the go throughout our evaluation.

Epic Games has done this before. In 2018, Epic collaborated with Samsung to create a unique Galaxy skin to mark the debut of Fortnite on Android. Users must buy the Galaxy Note 9 or the Tab S4 to acquire the Galaxy skin. Fortnite and Samsung teamed up with the Galaxy S10 Plus and the K-pop skin again, and Huawei appears to want a piece of the action.

What Was the Very First Fortnite Skin?

Skull Trooper was the very first Fortnite skin. It is a character in the game Skull Trooper. One of the most popular skins in Fortnite is the first skin to appear in the Item Shop. Skull trooper was initially priced at 1,200 V-bucks.

Skull Trooper is an Epic Outfit purchased from Item Shop in Battle Royale. After Patch 6.02, owners of the outfit were granted a set of tasks called Skull Trooper Challenges. Creators gave ghost Portal Back Bling to players who completed the challenges. Skull Trooper is the only outfit whose description has been altered to remove grammar problems. Skull Trooper was initially priced at 1,200 V-bucks icon.png. Season 6, X, Chapter 2, Season 1, and Fortnite Mares: Midas’ Revenge Trailers include Skull Trooper munching Popcorn.

You may complete the tasks and unlock your favorite piece regardless of wearing the Skull Trooper gear. There are a total of five distinct challenges for you to accomplish. Some of these Fortnite challenges will take a long time to complete, particularly those requiring you to play 50 matches. It’s worth noting that Epic Games hasn’t specified a deadline for finishing these objectives. This means you can complete the tasks whenever it is convenient for you.

As part of the Skull Squad cosmetic set, Ghost Portal Back Bling was initially released in the battle royal in Fortnite Chapter 1, Season 5. When the Skull Trooper skin set was first released over two years ago, Epic Games also added a handful of Skull Trooper challenges, and creators had never restored the item since it vanished until the most recent update. Week 7 of Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite is out, and players can perform various new tasks to level up their battle pass and receive multiple gifts.

When Did Honor Guard Expire?

Honor Guard is a unique skin and is exclusively available for shorts. Because of exploitation, the creators have expired the skin for now.

The HONOR Guard Skin is indeed an Epic Outfit in Fortnite. Fortnite: Chapter 1, Season 7 introduced the HONOR Guard as a playable character for the first time. Customers will receive a free HONOR Guard skin to celebrate the launch of the new HONOR View20 smartphone. The first Android phone to handle Fortnite at 60 frames per second is the LG G7 ThinQ. This campaign is comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy skin & bundle promotion. We’ll keep you updated when we get official news on when the creators will release this skin.

Many players may be perplexed why Epic Games has teamed up with Honor to create this exclusive skin. Several Android phones can run Fortnite in 60 frames per second, but the Honor View 20 is the first. The Honor View 20 is an excellent choice for those who enjoy playing games. It was done earlier by Epic Games. Epic Games and Samsung collaborated late last year to create an exclusive Galaxy skin for Android for Fortnite. Customers needed to purchase the Galaxy Note 9 or the Galaxy Tab S4 to activate the Galaxy skin. The Galaxy S10 Plus, a new collaboration between Fortnite and Samsung, was announced shortly.


To obtain the rarest Fortnite skins, you must keep an eye on the item shop. The uncommon ones may reappear from time to time. If you want to collect them in time, you’ll need to move swiftly and understand which are the rarest. Limited-time offers unique skins, and holiday/event skins are also available. Unfortunately, it will not rotate this skin collection in the ordinary item shop. As a result, they are frequently reasonably scarce.

You won’t get Battle Pass skins once the season finishes. You could be out of luck if you think these are the most delicate Fortnite skins. The skin does not reappear once a Battle Pass season has ended; it was unique to that season and will not be seen again. Rare skins obtained through in-person transactions are unique.

Console bundles, Samsung phones, and other sponsoring events operate differently. You must purchase the qualifying item or obtain a copy of the code unlocking the tie-in skin. These are frequently offered on the internet. The skins are precious; not everyone purchasing one will require one. Instead, they’re often sold online. We hope you have acknowledged how to get the honor skin in Fortnite.

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