Is There a Way to Get Shorter in Height?

Height is one of the most popular subjects for people to debate. Some people feel there are benefits of shorter heights – they say that they can look taller, have more energy, and feel better about themselves. Some believe that being shorter won’t do you any favors and cause you some health problems.

Have you ever been curious about the possibility of getting shorter in height? If so, you might be interested in reading this blog post. In this post, we will explore whether or not it is possible to get shorter in height.

You can shrink your body height by as much as 20%. Some exercises can help shrink your body size and make you look and feel smaller. Other exercises can scrutinize your length, width, or weight. If you are experiencing problems standing up for long periods or using your arms too frequently, it might be helpful to try some physical education classes from school to boost your growth spurt.

Is There a Way to Get Shorter in Height - height comparation

Before we start, let’s look at the possible causes of shrinking in height. According to the experts who have done studies on possible ways to get short, some factors affect your height, and alternating them can change your height, especially in childhood.

Possible causes of shrinking in height

• Genetics

• Poor nutrition

• Poor health habits (smoking, alcohol consumption, etc.)

• Lack of exercise and proper training routines

• Lack of vitamins and minerals

So, we’ve established that genetics is the main reason we get shorter in height. However, other factors can cause you to shrink in size, such as poor nutrition and health habits. For instance, smoking can cause your height to shrink by a few inches. Those habits at a tender age will slow your growth or damage the cells keeping at that same height.

Note that with science development, surgeons can now perform surgeries that can make you shorter. However, such practice is not legally practiced intentionally but aims to balance your body part that is not balanced, like legs and so on.

Now that we’ve established what causes shrinking in height, let’s move on to its science. Secreted by pituitary glands, the Growth hormone stimulates the growth and development of bones and organs during childhood. It also promotes the growth of body hair, fat cells, and muscles during puberty. The primary function of growth hormone is to promote the development of long bones, which results in a higher adult height.

Do you shrink when you get older?

Yes, you shrink as you get older, and it is normal to shrink from a couple of centimeters (usually 1 inch).

Why do people shrink as they age?

People usually shrink 1 inch as they age because, over time cushion that keeps your bones from rubbing together retains less water and deteriorates. Discs between the spine’s vertebrae flatten, spaces between your joints narrow, and muscles lose mass as you get older.

How much do you shrink with age?

Usually, people shrink around 1-2 inches with age. Based on the latest research studies, men can shrink about 3 cm between 30 and 70, while height loss for women is around 5cm. In the following decades, men and women can lose 3-5 cm additionally.

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How much do you shrink with age

Can you shrink as a teenager?

No, you can not shrink as a healthy teenager because, during childhood and adolescence, teenagers’ bones continue to grow until they reach adult stature. However, if you have medical conditions (Spinal Disc Degeneration and Disc Desiccation, muscle loss, Poor Posture, etc.), you can shrink as a teenager.

Does lousy posture make you shorter?

Yes, lousy posture makes you shorter. If you exercise and prevent spine deforming, you can slow down the spine’s vertebrae flatten process, prevent muscles from losing mass, and improve posture.

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Can chiropractors help increase height?

Yes, chiropractors can help you increase height by a few millimeters if you have recently had problems with your spine and posture. Chiropractor height before and after can vary a few millimeters. However, do not expect chiropractors to magically increase your height a lot, especially if you are healthy.

How can I decrease my height naturally?

No, you can not decrease your height naturally. You can reduce height only during the aging process or because of the degenerative process (Spinal Disc Degeneration and Disc Desiccation, muscle loss, Poor Posture, etc.). The biggest myth is that if you exercise or do bodybuilding high weight lifting, you can shrink, but it is not valid.

To keep your height and prevent height loss, you need to exercise such as:

  • Standing up for long periods. You can get the blood pumping to your legs and increase your stamina to stand for long periods.
  • Legs exercises: Parallel squat, calf raise, standing leg curl, standing leg press. These exercises can help strengthen and stretch each of your legs throughout the day to stand up for long periods with more ease.
  • Slouching: Try not to slouch while sitting or walking around because it can cause back pain in the future, affecting your balance and physical condition.
  • Exercise in any form: Try exercising as often as possible throughout the day because at least 30 minutes 3 times a week is more effective than taking a few minutes once and a while now and then. If you stretch, take breaks when you need them, and do exercises throughout the day, it will ensure no back problems or neck pains that could increase any future growth or shrinkage.
  • Stretching: Try to stretch 5-10 minutes before and after you exercise or every time you walk for a more extended period. It will be helpful for you to stretch before exercising to prevent muscle soreness in the future that can cause pain or muscle cramps during the exercises.
  • Balancing: Try not to stand with your toes pointing back because that is considered a “flat-footed” style, which will make you look shorter and less proportional when standing. Try to keep your hips level with your waist to make your body look proportionate. (If this still does not help you, try wearing boots on your feet).
  • Taping: If you experience lower back pain while standing or sitting, try taping the affected areas.
  • Walking: Try to walk around with your head up, and when walking with your head down, make sure that it is at a 45-degree angle. Try walking around with your arms down because it will make you look more proportionate as you walk and pass people by.


Although you cannot change your actual height, some shoes and clothes can give you or people see you as shorter. Here, discuss some factors that can make you look more straightforward, such as maintaining your hair short, not wearing heels, using flat shoes instead, and wearing oversized clothes.

The most important thing is that you can’t change your actual height, so don’t try. Also, remember that you are beautiful just the way you are.

The reason why you should accept your height:

There is no need to accept your height. Denial can cause a lot of stress and health issues, particularly in the early stages of life. If you don’t accept your height, it will add stress to your life and be at a disadvantage in the workforce. You will also be at a disadvantage when trying to get treatment for physical or mental health problems. Accepting your height will help you feel better about yourself and have a more positive outlook.

For children, strenuous exercises and weightlifting exercises can damage body tissues causing stunted growth. Some people believe that adults should not engage in weightlifting because it can cause them to develop stuck growth in their muscles. Others argue that adults get shorter by exercises that challenge their muscles and bones, such as weightlifting. It would help if you did not go for harmful activities that could damage your growth and development organs, leading to health issues.


So, what do you think about it? Can you shrink your height? Do you believe that it’s possible to get shorter in height? If so, how would you feel if you were to shrink to a couple of inches or less than your actual height? I think that it is not possible to get shorter in stature. However, I also believe that there are things that can help us achieve this goal, like exercising and eating right.

Anyway, if I wanted to appear shorter in height, I would probably try wearing flat shoes instead of heels and wear oversized clothes. We hope you found this article has helpful information to understand the possibilities of getting shorter in height.

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