How to Fix Error 2 on Shark Robot? – Fix Shark Robot Vacuum All Errors

Vacuum owners will inevitably encounter errors. Shark vacuums aren’t an exception. I’ve had to stop cleaning numerous times because of a vacuum error. It might be difficult to decipher all the mistakes and rectify them. Shark’s errors signal difficulties. Both have solutions. Other mistakes are software-related.

Our extensive tutorial explains each code and how to remedy problems. With this knowledge, you can clean your home quickly and spot issues. This will help you catch problems early, preventing a broken vacuum. Our essay explains. First and foremost, let’s break down the error codes by number and see what they mean. Each error code shows a different combination of lights on the Shark robot vacuum, alternating or becoming red.

Shark Robot Vacuum

Shark vacuum error two may appear in numerous ways. This warning usually means your Shark robot vacuum can’t move. Here are the most prevalent reasons for Shark vacuum error:

How to Fix Error 2 on Shark Robot? – Steps and Video Instruction

Shark robot Vacuum Error 2 occurs if the side brushes are jammed. To fix Shark robot Vacuum Error 2, you must check for debris and clean them to restore movement. Dirty driving wheels might potentially produce this issue. Again, clean them and remove any dust they accumulated while cleaning.

Error code 2 may also appear if the brush roll is blocked. In this situation, clear out and unblock the brush roll. The wheel motor encoder may also cause error 2. It fails. Shark customer assistance is your only option.

See video instruction:


How to Fix Error 3 on Shark Robot?

Shark robot Vacuum Error 3 occurs because of an overstuffed dust canister. To fix this error, you must empty the overstuffed dust canister, wipe out a filthy filter, and remove obstructions in the suction motor.

The suction motor fault code 3 might appear on occasion. Your vacuum will no longer have any suction force due to this mistake. The motor is completely dead now. It’s possible to address this problem in three ways.

The most likely cause is an overstuffed dust canister, so be sure to empty it before proceeding. It’s also possible that the issue is with a filthy filter, so ensure you wipe them out. Finally, to get the suction motor working again, ensure there aren’t any obstructions.

How to Fix Error 6 on Shark Robot?

Your Shark vacuum’s front bumper may be jammed if you get an error six. To fix this, properly clean the bumper and ensure it moves quickly. You will resolve the problem as soon as you do this.

How to Fix Error 7 on Shark Robot?

Shark robot Vacuum Error 7 occurs because sensors fail. Using cliff sensors, your Shark vacuum avoids drops and stairs.  Your best option is to clean the void and move it to a new area of the home, which will help restore the cliff sensors’ functionality.

How to Fix Error 9 on Shark Robot?

When cleaning the dust bin on your Shark vacuum, you may not put it back in the right place. Error 9 is caused by this. If you remove the dust bin and reinstall it until you hear a click to ensure it is in place, you will be able to repair the issue.

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How to Fix Error 10 on Shark Robot?

Whenever your Shark robot vacuum cannot move due to an impediment, it will display an error 10. The simplest solution to this problem is to shift the robot to a new location, a flat one.

How to Fix Error 14 on Shark Robot?

Boundary strips are magnetic strips that you may use to tell the Shark robot that it is not allowed to enter a particular area. If there is a mistake, this is the 14th one. Getting rid of the problem is as simple as removing the vacuum and beginning again.

How to Fix Error 14 on Shark Robot?

This problem stems from the movement of the Shark vacuum in your home. Please pick up the Shark vacuum cleaner and transfer it from the room where the problem occurred.

Error number 21 (Unable to execute the command)

Error 21 is a common symptom on Shark robot vacuums that have recently been restarted. It’s common for this problem to pop up upon a system reboot. The power has to be turned on and off to fix this problem. It is possible to get this error when charging your Shark vacuum. It’s as simple as putting the vacuum back on the charging base and watching to see if the blue light comes on to show it’s charging.

How to Fix Error 24 on Shark Robot?

Error 24 on the Shark robot vacuum indicates a problem with the battery. If the battery is low and has to be recharged, you may encounter this error message. You may also encounter this error if your robot is not charging correctly. You may replace the charger, or you can contact customer service if it doesn’t work.

How to Fix Error 26 on Shark Robot?

Finally, if you get an error 26 on your Shark vacuum, there is an obstruction in the dust bin. Vacuum the dust bag and look for blockages as a first step to remedying the situation.


When operating your Shark vacuum, you’ve learned about all the potential problems you can encounter. If you run into any of these issues, the solutions provided in each section should help you fix them. For further help, you can reach out to customer support from Shark.


It continues indicating mistake #2, even though there is no barrier in the way of my shark ion robot.

This issue is related to a roller jam; however, as you said, it looks like you’ve done several other things before dismantling the robot. So before I lead you to Shark, I’d want you to do one thing first. It could be a good idea to restart the Ion Robot and check if the fault persists. Please follow the instructions below to complete this task.

  1. You must find the Shark Ion Robot on and off switch by turning it over.
  2. To turn it off, press the button for at least 10 seconds.
  3. Wait at least 10 seconds before pressing the power button again.
  4. It’s time to reactivate the Shark Ion Robot.

You may need to re-enter some information if you’ve lost any settings.

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