Where is the Cents Symbol on a Keyboard?

Each keyboard is made up of different letters, especially symbols. Other symbols appear on the number block. Therefore, some of the keyboards do not have the symbol of cent present in it. The cent symbol is essential on the keyboard as it is similar to the dollar or pound sign. Therefore, you are most likely to refer to cents when speaking about the currency of the United States of America.
There is an option of searching for the cent symbol online and then using the option of copy and paste to use the symbol. However, there are other ways to use your keyboard to type out the cent symbol on Windows of your MacBook.

There are usually hidden codes that are required if you are looking to write the cent sign.

Where is the Cents Symbol on a Keyboard?

To type the cent symbol on a keyboard, you need to turn on NumLock, then press the ALT key on your keyboard and simultaneously type 0162. Cent sign will appear as ¢. 

Cents Symbol on a Keyboard

The sign of cent is usually referred to as ¢. For example, if a price tag states that the amount is $1.80, it means one dollar and 80 cents. Therefore, we can write 80 ¢ to denote that.


Where is the cents symbol on the Apple keyboard?

Cents symbol on the Apple keyboard you can type using a shortcut when you hold down the Option key on your Apple keyboard and press the number 4.

How to write the cent sign on Smartphones?

For the devices that you have regarding the iPhone and Android phones, you can hold the dollar sign symbol and see the different symbols that would appear. You will also find the cent sign over there as well.

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