What is a Bundle of Firewood Called?

A bundle of firewood is a collection of wood logs gathered together for burning in stoves, fireplaces, and other types of heaters. Firewood can come in many sizes, with the most common bundles being cordwood, face cord, bushel, or woodpile.

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What is a Bundle of Firewood Called?

A bundle of firewood can be:

  • Cordwood stacked 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet deep.
  • Face cord: wood stacked 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 16 inches deep.
  • Bundle: a group of sticks sold, bought, or acquired at a particular time.
  • Bushel
  • Woodpile: wood not more than a few sticks stacked together for later use.


Cordwood is the standard size for bundles of firewood and typically measures 8 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 4 feet deep. This is enough wood to fill up an average-sized pickup truck and usually yields around 128 cubic feet of timber. When stacked neatly and adequately dried out, this firewood can last an entire season – lasting up to 6 months. Cordwood may include both hardwoods like oak and softwoods like pine and fir.

cord of wood

Face cord bundles are slightly smaller than the traditional cordwood bundle, measuring 8 feet wide by 4 feet tall but only 16 inches deep. A face cord typically yields around 64 cubic feet of wood, often enough for medium-sized homes without a fireplace or large stove and needing frequent fuel refills. Depending on availability, the mix of woods can vary from hardwoods to softwoods but should always be appropriately seasoned before burning.

face cord of wood

Bundles are also available in bushels ranging in size from 32 to 40 quarts – one-quarter to three-quarters of a cubic foot, respectively. These are great for smaller dwellings such as apartments or cabins that need occasional fueling throughout the winter but do not have an excessive need for them. Wood pellets are also sometimes sold by the bushel, which makes them ideal for those who prefer an alternative fuel source instead of traditional logs.

How Many Bundles of Wood are in a Cord?

The bundles of wood in a cord may be 15 bundles. A quarter face cord of wood is stacked at 2 feet high and 4 feet long, which equals 12-15 bundles; half a face cord equals 24-30 bundles, while a face cord measures up to 45-48 bundles. The required measurements are 4ft by 8ft by the inches of wood available.

bundles of wood

Woodpiles are another way to get a bundle of firewood, but they don’t necessarily come pre-packaged like cords or face cords since they contain only a few sticks stacked together at any time. These small piles are great for those who plan on gathering their logs from nature, such as fallen trees, during the summer; however, they should always be properly dried out before burning to produce less smoke when lit.


No matter what type or size bundle you decide upon, it’s essential to make sure that your fuel source is dry, seasoned, and stored correctly so as not to produce excessive smoke during combustion, which could damage your heating appliance over time or cause breathing issues due to poor air quality inside your home or property boundaries.

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