Which Dimension of Wellness Includes Optimism Trust and Self Confidence?

Several successful people praise their wisdom of character and confidence in their success in life. But they feel very inflexible to explain how to build trust or develop their self-confidence. It isn’t straightforward since confidence is developed based on various elements. Generally, confidence is built on your accomplishments and choices that nourish your passion and make you feel proud and happy with who you are. Therefore, the most important and worthwhile goal of your life is to identify such elements that will develop your self-confidence to accomplish your choice’s dreams.

Which dimension of wellness includes optimism, trust, and self-confidence?

Emotional wellness represents the ability to handle life’s stresses and adapt to change successfully and in challenging times. Usually, emotional wellness Includes Optimism, Trust, and Self Confidence.

There are nine wellness dimensions in theory: physical, creative, emotional,  environmental, financial, occupational, intellectual, social, and spiritual wellness. One of the most important is emotional wellness, and it is based on colossal self-confidence.

nine welness dimensions

How to Build Up Self Confidence Within Yourself?

To build confidence, do the following things:

  • Attire nicely
  • Think positively
  • Act positively
  • Get prepared for future events.
  • Groom your-self
  • Speak gently (slowly)
  • Set a small goal and achieve it
  • Empower yourself with knowledge
  • Keep your desk or house clean.
  • Be generous and kind.
  • Be problem solver
  • Exercise
  • Do the right things



Be happy! You are at the right place and reading this article… To change your life completely…

I will share a wide range of options to improve your self-confidence with you. But, of course, the higher the number of actions you take, the higher your self-confidence level will be!

Once, an American poet “E.E. Cummings,” said that you risk wonder, curiosity, delight, or any experience that makes known the human spirit when you believe in yourself.

Let me share my experience; I also believe that others might have experienced the same. An enemy always put me back from realizing my dreams for several years. It will be accurate if I say for more than a decade. Do you know who that culprit was?

That was me and my fear of failure! And the lack of self-confidence. I was desperate, like anything, to overcome my fear. You will be amazed to know that it is normal and almost everybody faces its magnitude, small or high. The lack of self-confidence may be because of a fear or phobia, now the question arises either you call it fear or phobia, but how can you overcome it and improve your self-confidence?

Although I still face those phobias and fears occasionally and undeniably, here and now, I know how to beat them. I am very much familiar with coming out from phobic situations and anxiety. I have already done it successfully several times now, and that success fueled me for more victory.

Be in charge and take control of your self-confidence!

Do you feel low in self-confidence? YES or NO

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If your answer is “NO,” then don’t worry, because I have a firm belief that there are a couple of actions, tips, and tricks, which can help you to enhance your level of confidence up-to-the full extent. This is not something you should consider as genetics, and you don’t have to rely on others’ advice to improve your self-confidence. If you accept that you are not intelligent and competent enough, this opinion can be changed absolutely. No one can stop you from becoming worthy of respect, who can do what he decides to do irrespective of what others say. It can be done by taking control of your life in your own hands and doing solid movements that expand your competence and raise your self-confidence without anybody’s help.

I have produced a comprehensive list of actions you can take to build your self-confidence. You can consider some of them are my preferred stuff that works well. You are not required to do all of them, but moving and adding gradually will give you a better feel. You can pick and choose the ones that appeal to you more.

Do remember! There is no particular order…


Attire nicely

Wearing nice, neat, clean, adequately ironed cultural stuff certainly will make you feel better about yourself. You’ll feel you-self a successful and presentable person who got ready to challenge the world.


Think positively (thought process)

Your actions always follow your thoughts. If you feel your views are negative, then no doubt that your actions and behavior will be harmful. Thus you need to focus very clearly on your thought process. Try to think positively, not only for yourself but also for other fellows in the surroundings. Try to engage in other productive activities whenever you come across negative thoughts. So, what you sow, shall you reap.


Act positively (actions)

Well done is better than well said. Although thinking positively does matter, acting and doing completely will bring more productive and fruitful results? There is a trendy saying is that actions speak louder than words. Your external actions (behavior) reflect what you are from the inner side. So, you are required to perform, act, and behave positively with yourself. Then, remember to work simply with others you are to interact with.


Get prepared for future events.

My dear reader, do remember! Prior, proper preparation prevents you from poor performance. For instance, the next week, you are supposed to have a meeting with somebody in your office, university, or anywhere else. Think for a while; if you are not adequately ready, what will your confidence level be. Indeed, it will be shallow, but imagine your self-confidence level if you prepare yourself properly with all you may need. You may find a hell of a difference between being prepared and not being prepared. Professionals apply a simple formula if you have failed to prepare and then fall.


Groom your-self

Daily bathing and shaving before starting your day will make you feel fresher and more confident interacting with your work-related activities and others such as fellows, bosses, customers, and even family members. What do you think? Have you experienced the same before ever? So with this bit of thing, you improve your confidence. If you make it a habit, then you may be productive every day in your tasks and activities—for instance, business-related activities, study-related activities, or even your leisure ones too.


Speak gently (slowly)

You know, even a tiny thing can make a huge difference in your personality and self-confidence. As always, an individual seems to be an authority if they speak slowly and gently. But you required to mind it, what slowly means? Speaking too slow is not represented here. Speaking slowly means you are giving ample time to the listeners to make them understand what you are talking about. Along with this, you will have adequate time to articulate what you are supposed to share. Amazing! With this short and simple trick, you can enhance your self-confidence.


Set a small goal and achieve it

Setting small but achievable goals might help you to increase your confidence. Generally, you set unrealistic goals, and in the end, you are failed, then this situation will make you disturbed and low your confidence. Whereas, if you make a more significant task into smaller achievable junks, such achievements will kick your self-confidence. Thus, it is better to create small and achievable goals.


Empower yourself with knowledge

Please remember that a person’s knowledge and an individual with no knowledge can be the same. However, a person with knowledge will be more confident than someone with less knowledge. Thus, having proper and relevant knowledge can make a huge difference. You must acquire appropriate knowledge, and being knowledgeable will undoubtedly contribute to your self-confidence.

How you can improve knowledge depends on your time reading many books, newspapers, and even articles. Setting aside even only 15-20 minutes may make you finish an average reader in two months. So, make your habit of reading every day, whatsoever the situation is. More knowledge means more confidence. Always try to learn something new but relevant to your field.


Keep your desk clear.

Spending a few minutes cleaning your desk from the mess seems to be a small and simple thing, but it can make you feel more cleaned physically and mentally. When my workstation gets messy, the world around me seems to be in chaos. Having a clean environment may offer you something that can contribute to your self-confidence.

I heard one of my classmates is doing her job from home, and she has been doing this for a long time, and I asked her how she maintains her focus by staying at the same place. She replied that she praises her workstation and treats it as a sacred place she cleans it daily and changes the settings weekly, giving her better visuals that help her maintain focus for a more extended period. So I guess this is a story of not one person but many.


Get to know yourself.

What do you think? Can you defeat your enemy unless you are aware of that? The expected answer to this question will be a big “No.” When you’re required to overcome an undesirable (negative) self-image and swap it with self-confidence, then consider your “self” as your enemy. Therefore, know yourself first, including your personality dimensions, values, interests, emotions, and moods. It is also good to know what makes you happy and upset. What lowers or boosts your self-confidence. Also, identify what you can do the best, what your talent is, and doing what makes you happy, satisfied, and confident. Digging deeper within yourself will help you know more about yourself, which will give you more confidence.


Be generous and kind.

I know that being generous and kind to yourself and others will paint a picture of you as a decent person, enhancing your self-image to others in the surroundings. Other’s good judgment about you boosts your level of self-confidence. Doing something good for others while in need will make them more satisfied. Satisfaction is always in giving rather than taking. This satisfaction level may enhance your level of confidence.


Increase competence

How would you feel when you feel competent in doing what you need to do. Consequently, you will feel no stress because you know that you are skilled enough to do that. Wherever you are and whatever you are to do, you must know how to do it. If not, then you must seek to increase your level of competency. The competency increased based on “what you are supposed to have versus what you have” the difference between the two will be an area of improvement. Thus, identify the place you lack, and then improve through various training sessions or chat with seniors or maybe your mentors.


Be a problem solver rather highlighter.

The habit of highlighting the problems always makes people low in their morale. Thus, if you are with such practices of launching complaints, you must change your routine. Once you try to find out the solutions, chances are there; you may find the answers. Generally, no one can claim that they do not come across problems. The environment will remain intact with issues, and such matters may be of personal, professional, environmental, or organizational nature.


So, don’t let problems take on your nerves. A mind with problems may not let you be confident to address them adequately. But, on the other hand, a person with this habit of solving the problem first can be at ease all time, though no one in this world ever has had problems or never going to them again. So if you have this reality in front of you that problems are the essential part of life, try to manage your personality with this fact and work hard to solve your problems at first stance to last any longer.


Smile. Another trite one

As you know, life has a minimal span, and remaining in the issues or always carrying the problems at home may spoil your health. Thus, poor health may cause a poor confidence level. Therefore, SMILE works; to smile on others will tell me you and others happy. If you face a problem and have action, don’t worry but SMILE. On the other hand, if you have a problem and no solution, it means something beyond your control, then worry but SMILE.



Who gave you this beautiful body and an intelligent mind? Did you ask for or have you purchased? You must be grateful to the giver or show some gratitude. How you can do that, I can tell you now. You show appreciation by taking care of your body. A 15-20 minutes exercise will keep you healthy. A healthy mind is found in a healthy body. When you try to meditate and work hard, your body releases toxins and relaxes your mind; those toxins are better removed. After the exercise, your water intake boosts your mind’s freshness, which lasts longer and helps you focus on your work without getting stressed anymore.

Try to make this exercising thing a part of your life to live longer and stay happy for a more extended period.

Do the right things

You must remember that confident persons live by their value system and make their choices based on the value system, even when it is tough for them to and may not be specific in their top interests, but for the sake of the greater good. Your decisions and actions describe your personality and your character.

Ask yourself the best style that aspires you to be your best version. Although it seems brutal, and this is the last action you need to do, that means a short-term sacrifice on your side; in the long run, you’re going to appreciate yourself further and be proud of what you are.


My dear reader, if you are required to increase your self-confidence level, you need to make a solid commitment to yourself. The planned actions, tips, and tricks discussed above can help you overcome your distress and boost self-confidence. Some of them, no doubt, will work well together to multiply the effect, even though others may work better in isolation. You are suggested first to identify the solution that best suits you and adhere to it.


Having a perfect action plan daily and realizing what you planned before could increase your self-confidence. Therefore, plan and prioritize yourself more effectively your day every day. Mind in, confidence is everything, even in any situation, but it is more needed when facing a catastrophic situation in your personal or professional life. Making yourself happy gives positive vibes to others as well. If you stay positive and keep smiling by looking at you, many people around you will have the best day. This is not for one side, but I must call it a win-win situation for you and your family.

Igor Milosevic
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