Best PDF Editor For Mac

We know you may have already used online PDF conversion services so that we won’t discuss them much. Instead, we will discuss the best PDF editor apps for Mac. A busy person or professional may need PDF documents regularly. In that case, desktop software is easier to use and can improve business productivity.

You may wonder what the best PDF editor in 2021 includes. The answer is straightforward. The app you will use should be up to par regarding security, Editing Features, OCR Support, ease of use, and macOS compatibility. If your app meets all these criteria, you should go for it, and based on this point, we will also make recommendations.

Best PDF Editor for Mac
Mac’s best PDF Editor is Adobe Acrobat Pro, based on the number of functions and overall quality. However, the best PDF Editor based on price and quality is PDFelement.

PDF Editors for Mac are:

  • 1) Preview (Built-in App on Mac)

This app lets users add text to PDFs, sign, and leave comments. Its extra features include novel ways to sign documents, such as fingerprints. Another exciting feature is that it allows you to sign a piece of paper. Editing images here is also very simple.

  • 2) Adobe Acrobat Pro

This app allows the user to create professional documents that are easy to send and view. It provides features that help protect your file, so you need not worry about others copying your information. This app can store, track, and manage signed documents.

  • 3) PDF Expert

This app helps you edit simply by detecting the font and size of the actual text. One can easily modify texts and images without any difficulty. This app can be used to transfer files with an Apple device. It also provides the feature of an electronic signature.

  • 4) PDFelement

This app has a smooth interface and offers simple navigation. It uses OCR technology to help users turn documents into editable PDFs in over 25 languages. The app supports form creation, annotation password encryption, and permission-based restrictions.

  • 5) ABBYY FineReader

This can be said to be one of the finest apps. This app can read pages from a PDF on your hard disk or from a scanner, and then, with its OCR engine, it can extract text, arrange tables, and preserve the layout so you can make the needed edits. You can edit text sizes, font sizes, headers, footers, footnotes, and content tables that can be recreated through this software’s adaptive document recognition technology.

  • 6) PhantomPDF

It is connectedPDF powered, meaning that it offers cloud-based services such as the ability to grant and revoke document access, collaboration feature,s and even tracking who has viewed your document. With this editor’s help, one can adjust text flow to multiple pages, columns, or paragraphs. You can create PDFs in virtually any format, merge PDFs, or split them into different documents.

  • 7) PDF Studio for Mac

This app offers all the features at a lower price and needs only a tiny amount of space on your hard drive(300MB). It has all the current features, such as precision measuring tools, secure documents, and the ability to fill in and save PDF forms. The professional edition of this app has OCR text recognition and can split and merge documents.

These are some of the most trusted and safe apps used in MAC.

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