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You are in the right place if you are looking for the best PDF converter for Mac. In this article, we’ll inform you about the best free and paid options available. You should know that the best PDF converters are not available for free because a large group of developers spend hundreds of hours making such a product, and ultimately, they deserve to be paid for their work.

It is straightforward and convenient to share a PDF file on any computer or mobile device, but adding a header, editing the text, splitting pages, etc., is not that easy. This is when you need a PDF converter tool.

If you are using a Mac computer and need to handle PDFs, there are two ways to convert a PDF file to another document type. One is online conversion services, which is a fast way, and the second is Mac PDF converter software, which are some applications that do conversion work for you. Now, let us get started and introduce you to some of this software.

While writing this article, we chose the best software, keeping in mind certain security, OCR Support, Output Options, Conversion Speed, and ease of use.

 Best PDF Converter for Mac

The Best PDF Converter for Mac is PDF Element. However, there are three converters for Mac to choose from :

  • 1) PDF Element

It allows the user to convert all the PDF files in all formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is so compatible with software that it can handle over 50 conversions simultaneously. It offers certain other features, too, like if you don’t want to convert the entire document, you can use the partial conversion option. Besides this, it also uses fonts and layouts to give your file another look. The file here can also be protected by being edited using a password.

  • 2) PDF Expert for Mac

This software is heavily loaded with tools for highlighting documents. It can also add valuable text and shape the document. It has other features, including creating PDF outlines, signing, and merging PDFs. This software is a suitable alternative for Mac users of Adobe Acrobat since it is more affordable and has almost the same variety of tools.

  •  3) Aiseesoft Mac PDF Converter Ultimate

This PDF converter software comes with OCR technology. It helps the user convert image-based PDFs to expected document formats such as Word, Excel, Text, and HTML. The user can also easily customize the image files. It protects all the original elements the user may need during the PDF conversion period, including links, layouts, tables, and graphics.

Final Words

The above-recommended software is the best option and probably the safest method for performing PDF conversion on your Mac.

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