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A candle distribution business is apt for people who love collecting and purchasing scented candles and similar aromatic things. It is a different yet fantastic way to begin a career and make good money. Unlike the usual entrepreneurial pursuits that involve costs and other hassles, a candle distribution business is much easier to start.

To become a candle distributor, firstly, you need to learn about popular candle companies. Secondly, look for relevant distributing opportunities and contact the current candle distributor in your area. Thereon, fulfill the distribution contract formalities, and promote your business.

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You may opt for a home-based candle distribution business that lets you work flexibly, meet people, earn some income and incentives, and explore new types of candles and related products. With this kind of business, you will be able to focus well on other aspects of life and have a healthy work-life balance.

Candles are a great way to make any room feel cozy and inviting. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a source of light and warmth. Becoming a candle distributor could be the perfect opportunity if you’re looking for a new way to make money.

You’ll need to do a few things to become a successful candle distributor. First, you’ll need to find a reputable supplier. There are many different suppliers, so it’s essential to research before choosing one.

Once you’ve found a supplier, you’ll need to create a business plan and pricing strategy. This will help you determine how much you’ll charge for your candles and how much profit you can make.

Finally, you’ll need to market your candles. This can be done in many different ways, but it’s essential to find the right strategy that works best for you.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a successful candle distributor!

An overview of the detailed steps required to become a candle distributor is given.

Find Relevant Information about candles quality

First of all, learn about the best candle brands in the market. You may also ask your friends, family, and acquaintances about the candles they have bought lately or if they have attended any party hosted by a distributor. From their feedback, you will know about the companies that offer good-quality candles. Additionally, you can research online for reviews about these companies and any scams or negative comments they may have faced.

Next, search for candle distribution opportunities. Check the candle companies’ websites, explore their products, and see if they are looking for distributors. The DSA (Direct Selling Association) is a standard trading group website that displays companies’ lists. You can get the names of companies that make candles and related products from here.

Contact the Current Distributor

Once you have shortlisted the companies you wish to start a business with, start contacting them through the numbers given on their websites. Request them to arrange your meeting with a current distributor or consultant in your area. However, if no number is provided on the company’s website, check with a local distributor, and ask about the possibilities of distribution opportunities. Do keep it a point to enquire about the following things:

  • Inventory fees
  • Commission rate
  • Benefits & Incentives offered by the company
  • Minimum number of products to be sold, as set by the company
  • Deadlines stated by the company, in terms of days or months
  • Restrictions on distribution

Direct Sales Candle Companies in the US

Many candle distributor opportunities are available, but not all are created equal. When looking for a candle distributor opportunity, it is essential to consider the quality of the products, the level of customer service, and the company’s reputation.

One of the best candle distributor opportunities available is with Scentsy. Scentsy offers high-quality candles and warmers, as well as excellent customer service. The company has a solid reputation for providing top-notch products and services.

Other great options for candle distributor opportunities include The Yankee Candle Company and Bath & Body Works. Both of these companies offer high-quality products and excellent customer service. They also have a good reputation in the industry.

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When looking for a candle distributor opportunity, it is essential to consider the quality of the products, the level of customer service, and the company’s reputation. By choosing a reputable company with high-quality products and excellent customer service, you can be sure that you are making a wise investment.

No.Wholesale CompanyCategoryLocation
1KringCandleWholesale candles & home decorsUSA
2Candles4lessWholesale candles & other Candle suppliesUSA
4USA CandleWholesale candles & other accessoriesUSA
5TargetGeneral wholesalerUSA

Below are smaller but famous direct sales candle US companies:

Scent team – Mia Bella Gourmet Candle – “Mia Bella’s candles embody the combination of green technology waxes, highest quality fragrances, and hand-poured quality control to produce the best product a candle lover can buy. A $20 Mia Bella candle is often better than candles that cost $50 or more. Mia Bella’s consumers get full value for their dollars spent.”

A single mother founded Coocandles – Coo Candles and Gifts in Omaha. Their wickless candles are hand-poured with a unique combination of soy and beeswax. Coo Candles use only high-quality ingredients. They have a program for distributors and affiliates.

Pink ZebraOpens in a new tab.

PartyliteOpens in a new tab. – Offers an excellent affiliate program.

Scentsy Opens in a new tab.

Direct Sales Candle Companies in Canada

No.Wholesale CompanyCategoryLocation
1Eastcoastcandles.caWholesale jar candles, natural candles, votive candles & candle accessoriesCanada
2Gold CanyonWholesale candles, scented products, and home decorsCanada
3Jackpot CandlesWholesale candlesCanada
4Crate and BarrelWholesale candles & other accessoriesCanada
5GandGWebstoreWholesale candles and candle holdersCanada

Direct Sales Candle Companies in China

No.Wholesale CompanyCategoryLocation
2World Market CandlesWholesale scented, unscented, hand-poured candles, to LED candlesChina
4Global SourcesGeneralChina

Direct Sales Candle Companies in the UK

No.Wholesale CompanyCategoryLocation
1Fragrance DirectWholesale candlesUK
2DunelmWholesale fruity, sweet, herbal, floral and woody  candlesUK altar candles, baptism candles, Paschal candles, Votive candles, and sanctuary candles, etc.UK
4Candle Kingwholesale candles for hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, wedding, etc.UK
5London CandlesWholesale floating candles, scented candles, fancy candles, etcUK

Purchase the Candles

How many candles should you tell a customer and make them choose different scents?

Get candles and similar products for yourself. It is essential to try the thing yourself before you start selling it. Before getting into a distribution contract, ensure that you have verified the relevant product features. For instance, if there are a specific type of scented candles, check whether the pineapple candle does carry the fragrance of pineapple or not. See if the quality of the scent and candle is good or cheap. Besides, some companies extend additional offers to their customers. You must confirm that the company fulfills such promises and claims.

Sign the Contract

After you have personally verified the company’s candles and related accessory products, you will need to sign the distributor agreement. Before signing the contract, ascertain that you have read all its terms thoroughly and got your doubts addressed. Once you sign, you may have to pay a sign-on fee, depending upon the contract’s nature. After that, you may initiate the process of purchasing the candle inventory.

Promote your Business

Finally, you can promote your business, throw a party, and get the company’s business cards to spread the word. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective tools for marketing your business. So, you may host a party and invite people fond of candle-related stuff. You may also ask your family and friends to organize candle shows at their houses. Further, participate in events and fairs where you can set up stalls and sell the products.

Start a business from your home as a candle distributor
A lot of freelancers start candle production at home. We will present you with two excellent youtube channels for candle production tips:

Below is the video – Candle Making for Beginners/ Candle Making Basics:


It is crucial to check if there is a refund option in the distributor contract. There may be some cases wherein you learn later that the opportunity doesn’t suit you. Therefore, confirm the refund policy before signing the agreement and purchasing inventory.

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