Why is My Alexa Offline?

With voice commands, you can order Amazon’s famous virtual assistant – Alexa, to call someone or end a call, record and send voice messages or play the ones sent to you. Also, there is the possibility to, in addition to communicating with another Echo speaker, communicate with people who have the Alexa app installed on their Android and iOS devices.

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Why is My Alexa Offline?

Your Amazon Alexa device can be offline and experience disrupted internet signals because of poor Wi-Fi strength, no proper power plugin, not being connected suitably to Alexa’s smartphone app, or the device not being registered.

Alexa is an artificial intelligence produced as a speaking device used to assist in technology or everyday events. Alexa was manufactured by the infamous company Amazon in the year of 2013. Amazon’s Alexa, or more simply known as just Alexa, was firstly used in an Echo Smart Speaker, otherwise known as Echo Dot, developed and produced wholly by Amazon. Later, Alexa was launched as an independent device with a built-in speaker that provides information to you. Alexa can turn on music for you, inform you about sports scores, today’s temperature and weather, and all the various kinds of things you usually lookup on the internet. You can ask the device, and the rest is up to it. Alexa controls all the other devices in your house, which are run by technology or online systems. Some Alexa users occasionally find their devices run by Alexa offline. However, it happens to most of the users. Your Alexa would be showing offline due to one of the following reasons:

Alexa Poor Wi-Fi connection

Is your Alexa stating its signal as offline? Then it could be because of your poor Wi-Fi connection. First, check if your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to detect Alexa, then reconnect. This way, your Alexa would probably become online and active once again, so would all the devices connected to it.

Alexa Poor power connection

Your Alexa device can also turn offline if the device itself is not connected correctly or at all to a power connection. To run Alexa and all the online devices interconnected, make sure Alexa is connected to a power plugin.

Reconnect from your smartphone

If the above two mentioned do not help, check and reconnect the Alexa application present on your smartphone. Keep in mind to always check through the app, so if there is any hurdle in the app, your Alexa will go offline.

Check how many devices are connected to your Wi-Fi connection

If your Alexa device connection is unstable or showing itself offline, then scrutinize the number of total devices connected to your internet Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, if various devices are connected, your Wi-Fi would slow down, which often shows Alexa as offline.

Register your Alexa on Amazon

Lastly, if all the steps mentioned above do not work out for you, attempt this last trick. Inspect if your Alexa device is registered to Amazon. In some cases, owners sell their Alexas without deregistering themselves from their Amazon account. If your Alexa happens to be second-handed, contact its previous owner to make sure they deregistered themselves, and afterward, contact Amazon customer service to register yourself. By doing so, your Alexa device would show its status as online, and so will the devices connected to it.

Why is My Echo Show Offline?

The Echo Show device you own would show its status offline for various reasons. These reasons could be caused due to your outdated Alexa or Echo app, loose power input plugin, poor internet connection service, or placement of Wi-Fi modem too far from your Amazon-powered devices.

Echo Show or Echo is an intelligent speaker run by Amazon’s Al-generated Alexa device. Like all the devices run by Alexa, your Echo device may appear offline. Various problems can cause this, and like any other technical problem, it can be solved by easy troubleshooting. Your Echo Show device would be displaying offline due to the following reasons:

  • First, Amazon’s Alexa app or Echo Show app on your smartphone could be outdated.
  • The Echo Show device could be loosely connected to a power input or not connected at all.
  •  The Wi-Fi connected to either your Alexa device or your Echo Show device could be working very slowly or severely interrupted.
  • The Echo Show device could be placed somewhere much distanced from your Wi-Fi router, resulting in the device catching little or no signals at all.

Why Does Alexa Lose Connection?

Alexa devices often lose connection because of the rate of instability and disturbance caused either in your Wi-Fi signal or your Alexa device.

Alexa owners face this difficulty quite frequently. They complain that their Alexa devices keep losing connectivity to the Wi-Fi. This occurring problem is widespread and can happen to your Alexa from time to time. The cause of the generated problem can be one of the following:

  • Deficient Wi-Fi internet signal
    Your Alexa device can lose internet connectivity because of poor Wi-Fi signal strength. Check your Wi-Fi signal to connect your Alexa device again.
  • Try restarting your Alexa device
    If your Wi-Fi connection is not the culprit here, attempt restarting your Alexa device or your Alexa-connected devices such as your Echo Show device. Upon doing that, your Alexa device can gain reconnection.

By the above-stated ways, you can reconnect your Alexa device to a more stable and strengthened internet signal, leading to no disruption in the Wi-Fi signal or no malfunctioning in the device itself.

How to Get Alexa Back Online?

Amazon’s Alexa device can be brought back online if you refresh your Wi-Fi router or modem, or attempt to kick start your Alexa device by restarting it.

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Suppose your Amazon’s Al-generated speaking assistant in the form of a device known as Alexa loses its correspondence. In that case, ways exist to help your affected device reboot and reconnect to your internet signal. In the light of previously mentioned, you can try attempting two ways to help your Alexa device regain its connectivity.

  • First of all, you can attempt to restart your Wi-Fi internet connection router.

By doing so, the internet signals reaching your Alexa device and other internet run devices would refresh and reach the concerned and affected devices, respectively.

  • Reboot Alexa device

If restarting and refreshing your internet modem does not help out very much, then try rebooting your Alexa device. This way, your device would restart and catch internet signals very effectively.

How Do I Reconnect My Alexa to Wi-Fi?

Disconnected Alexa devices can be connected or reconnected to your preferred Wi-Fi signal by some easy and manageable steps listed below:

  • First, open up your Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Click on the menu icon located at the top right corner of the app.
  •  Go to settings.
  • Click on device settings.
  •  Find the device to which you want to connect to. For example, it could either be your Alexa or Echo Smart speakers.
  •  Click on “change” and log in to your Wi-Fi connection there.
  • Upon doing so, your device would be connected to the Wi-Fi you just typed in.


Whenever you buy developed Al-generated devices, you plug them in only one time before forgetting all about them. It is usually a “set it and forget it” situation. Sometimes, this mentioned device could cause a problem, which is generally related to losing the Wi-Fi connection or internet signal stability. Either poor internet can disrupt Wi-Fi signal strength, a new Wi-Fi modem, placing the device too far from the router, or moving to another place, causing interference in the working of your Alexa device. This can be very troublesome and annoying. But you do not need to worry because by simply following the below-mentioned steps, you can confidently and effortlessly connect or reconnect your Alexa device to your Wi-Fi connection.

As stated, the steps would guide you properly about how to reconnect your Alexa device to your Wi-Fi connection up to your understanding and comfortableness.

To conclude the matter stated above, reconnecting or connecting your new or second-handed Alexa device does not involve blood, sweat, or tears. Instead, it’s a straightforward matter once your Amazon-produced device loses its stability or connection to your standard Wi-Fi router or modem.

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