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The identity number is a unique identifier assigned to all Australian citizens and permanent residents. This number tracks an individual’s personal information and is required for many transactions, including banking, taxes, and health care services.

Despite its importance, the identity number is often treated with privacy concerns, as it can be used to access sensitive information about an individual’s finances or medical history. As such, individuals need to protect their identity numbers by keeping them confidential and taking steps to prevent unauthorized access.

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What is an AGS number?

An AGS or AGSN (Australian Government Staff Number) is an 8-digit identity number of Australians. Since AGSN is the government-assigned unique service number, you cannot have it if you are not employed in government service. The Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) stores and maintains the complete database of AGS numbers.

AGS number example can be 34264718. It is an 8-digit identity number of Australians.

An AGS or AGSN aims to provide a uniform system for identifying government staff across Australia. It allows the government to easily keep track of things like pay and benefits, as well as any changes in personnel that may occur over time.

While many people are drawn to working for the government because of its stability and security, having an AGS or AGSN assigned to you can make this even more accurate. It allows employers to quickly find your records in case of issues with your employment status, salary, or benefits while ensuring that your personal information remains secure at all times.

Suppose you are considering pursuing a career with the Australian government. In that case, it is essential to note that having an AGS or AGSN number is required to enter such a position. However, suppose you already have one and are looking for ways better to manage your personal information through this unique identifier. In that case, there are several tools available online that can help you do so.

Overall, the AGS or AGSN is an essential tool for tracking government employees in Australia and helping them manage their records effectively. Whether you are just starting your career with the government or have been working in this field for many years already, having an AGS or AGSN number can be highly beneficial in helping you get the most out of your position.

How do I Find my AGS Number?

If you are a government employee of Australia and do not know your AGSN, you can look it up with your current or previous recruiter. Employees are issued an AGSN by their employer or recruiting agency.

You can find your AGSN in the following two ways:

  • AGSN is most likely mentioned in the employee’s payslip. See the number given for ‘Employee ID’ on your payslip or paycheck. This is your AGSN.
  • If you have left the job, you can ask for your AGSN from the HR managers of the organization you were previously employed with. To check the records, they need to know your name and the last job position you held at that organization. Information regarding all the past and current employees is generally present in their records.

Employment agencies cannot reuse or create the AGSNs as these are distributed by APSC only.

About the Australian public service job search

Even freelancers can find flexible work in the Australian public service. APS has offered part-time and temporary or non-ongoing roles in the last several years. So freelancers can have the benefit and apply for part-time jobs even in the public sector.

If you are an employee of the Australian Government, you can find your AGS number in the following places:

  • Your letter of appointment or employment contract
  • Your payslip or salary advice
  • Your identity card or pass issued by your employer
  • Any correspondence or official documents received from your employer
  • The employee self-service portal or HR system used by your employer
  • Your supervisor or HR representative may be able to provide you with your AGS number or direct you to the appropriate resources to obtain it.

In conclusion, the Australian Government Staff (AGS) number is a unique identifier assigned to employees of the Australian Government. The government uses it for various administrative and employment purposes, such as payroll, HR systems, and employee identification. Therefore, if you are an Australian citizen and permanent resident who is not an employee of the Australian Government, you will not have an AGS number.

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However, suppose you are an employee of the Australian Government. In that case, you can find your AGS number on various documents, such as your letter of appointment, payslip, and identity card, or through your employer’s HR system or supervisor. It’s important to note that AGS numbers are specific to each government agency, so you must contact your employer or the relevant agency to obtain your particular AGS number.

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