The Omnis of God – Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

A lot of people in the freelance community work in nonprofit organizations. Some of them are committed to religion. So, in this article, we will talk about few terms that we can read in various texts related to religion.

What Is Monotheism?

Monotheism religions are those religions that believe in a single God. Mono means ‘one,’ and ‘Theo’ translates to God. Therefore, they believe in only one God in the universe. There are three popular Monotheism religions Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, in the world.

Scholars of these religions are called theologians who learn the religion history course. They describe the characteristics and attributes of God by using these three terms Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent.

The Omnis of God – Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

The 3 omnis of God in religion are Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent.

What does omnipotent mean?

Omnipotent means are all-powerful. The theologians say that God is more powerful, and God can do anything and everything he wants and all the universe in his control. He gives only one order what he wants, and work is done. God’s power on everything in the world like wind, water, gravity, rain, physics, etc.

God who laid for your earth and raised the sky the proof of the sky is in the control of God. The bottom of the earth is in the control of God. The breeze from the winds is in the control of God. The cold weather is the decision of God. The heat of summer is the decision of God. The falling rain from the clouds is the decision of God. The falling snow is the decision of God. The coming of a storm, the shimmering of lightning, the roaring of the thunder, the changing of the seasons, the various fruits of the trees, the flavor of the fruits, the fragrance of those flavors, the sweetness of the fruits, the covering of the fruits. One pomegranate is sufficient proof of the splendor of God. Try to join the seeds as God has. Then wrap it in a shroud. Then package it. Then fill it with color.  Then fill it with flavor. Look at the milk coming from the cow. The musk from the glands of deer. The poison in the fangs of a snake. The honey in the mouth of Bee.

The God Master of the sons of Adam. The ruler of soul who walks on two and four. Water occupant, land occupant, creatures who crawl, who fly, who swim, who attack. Those who tear, those who sting overall, are the sovereignty of God.

What does omniscient mean?

Omniscient means are all-knowing about everything in the universe. In religion theory, Omni means “all,” and scient means “knowledge.” God knowing everything in the universe; he knows past, present, and future. He knows when the rain starts and when the rain stops, and he knows when starting clod winds and when start hot winds. God knows when the earthquake comes and when the seeds grow from land and produce vegetables, fruits, and other things.

God knows all the situations of the universe and knows every person’s thoughts in his mind, and he knows every person’s wishes and prays. Our knowledge is limited, and our understanding is finite; our knowledge stops at one place, but God’s knowledge is unlimited. For example, God knows that when and at which time you get married. When a woman is pregnant, God knows that women deliver a baby boy or baby girl. He knows how babies create in women’s bellies and when women are born baby and which time. He knows when you are born and when you die.

God knows which step you take and for what and what you’re thinking behind it. Look at the airplane how it flies in the sky? God gives him the knowledge to them who can fly an airplane. Look at all great doctors, engineers, mechanics, and pilots, all of this knowledge provide by God to him. There are signs of God convert night into the day and day converted into the night. God owns all knowledge, and there does not need to learn. God has never learned and cannot learn. You can count only finite numbers, but God can count infinite numbers. God knows all things because he made them, not because those things accepted upon him; for example, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. You don’t know the numbered of hairs, but God knows the number of hairs on your head. God knows your relations with family, friends, cousins, and neighbors how you treat all these relations. God knows what you want for your life: good relations, a car, a good house, money, good grades on papers, etc.

It’s the story of three sons and one father. One day father together all three sons and give one apple to each of them and say that eat this apple where can’t see you. So, one son goes to the room looked the room, and eating an apple; the second son goes to the room, opens the closet door, sits in there and closes the closet door, then eats an apple. The last son goes to the park, mountain, and others to eat an apple, but he cannot because he thinks that God is knowing and God sees him everywhere he goes. So, the moral of this story is that God sees you everywhere and who knows you.

What does omnipresent mean?

Omnipresent means all present. In religion theory, God is everywhere, but you cannot see him, and he has close to your heart. In the night, you go to sleep, but God cannot sleep; he is always present everywhere and every time.

No limit of God he has present everywhere and every country, every city, every town, every street. Every home and every person’s heart he has watching you where you go in the world. Look at the around; you can see the nature of God; everything shows the presence of God. See, the two combine rivers with different colors, but they cannot cross with each other; this river also shows the presence of God. The various fruits of the trees, the flavor of the fruits, the fragrance of those flavors, the sweetness of the fruits, the covering of the fruits only God can do this unlimited nature of God. God is everywhere when you are at home, at a job, on the road to walk, when you go to school when you go to university; God is everywhere but not physically. God in your heart and sees the beautiful nature of God.


It’s the story of a father and sons. One day son walks on the road, and he sees a tree of mangos; then he thinks that it broke the mangos so, he broke the mangos and collected mangos, then walked home. Then he was given the mangos to his father, and his father asked him where he got these mangos. Sons say broke from the tree, but no one can see me then his fathers say no anyone sees you, but God always sees you, and he knows your good and bad thoughts.

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