Does Web Hosting Include Database?

Twenty years ago, I created my first website and purchased my web hosting. In my first web hosting package, I didn’t have a database. Believe it or not, only PHP programmers used scripts and databases at that time, and we, ordinary web admins, had only HTML files. So, in the past, we didn’t have content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.  We did it manually. I remember the day when I just created HTML files manually, one by one, and then uploaded them to the server.

But, today, everything is different.

Does Web Hosting Include Database?

Yes, all modern web hosting companies offer one or more databases to their users. Usually, all modern websites are managed using content managed systems (CMS) such as WordPress, and website owners need at least one database to run the website.

If you buy shared hosting, you can get 5, 10, or a limited number of databases. However, VPS owners and Dedicated hosting servers owners will get an unlimited number of databases.

You can generate a new database alone, set a database administrator, and connect with a script or web software.

If you are the owner of a dedicated server, you can create an unlimited number of databases.

For example, below, you can see how you can open the database in Cpanel in the section “Databases”:
open mysql database in hosting panel

To use MySQL databases in your hosting account, you need to:

  • create a database;
  • create a user for that database;
  • connect that user to the created database and assign authorizations to it.

Log in to your control panel (cPanel) on your hosting account to create and configure a new database. On the main cPanel page, click on “MySQL databases from the DATABASES section.”

If you want to create a database in Cpanel, you can define the user, password, and database name:

create database in hosting panel

For your password to be accepted by the system, the minimum strength must be 65 (the numeric display in the field must not be less than 65/100).
Optionally, you can use the “Password Generator” option, which allows you to generate a password with an acceptable level of security automatically.

If you want to open a new hosting account and get an unlimited number of databases in your hosting plan, you can register below:

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