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Diversity Inclusion and Gender Sensitivity are some terms that have been coming out a lot in the recent past. Now, we as a society, as the human race are much more open, adaptive, and consideration of our female counterparts. Women are an integral part of society, and they deserve all those opportunities that men do. 

Maybe you know local women’s rights organizations but we will talk about several top international women’s rights organizations, female rights organizations, women’s rights lobby groups.

Let we start from history of woman rights:

To successfully cater to the same, we are going to compile ten women’s rights group in this article. Each of these groups has its own set of practices, background, and procedures. You can use this article to brush up your knowledge or even to lend a handsome donation amount to these organizations or rights groups. In this article, we are going to list some of our favorite organizations and non-profits which are working tirelessly to elevate the status of women in our society and empower them across a broad spectrum of industries. 

1.Girls Who Code

Earlier it was majorly seen that men are ones who are taking up the technical jobs and filling the cubicles for engineering work-spaces. But not anymore. Girls Who Code was founded with the prime motive of bridging the disparity between the genders when it came to technology. This aim was achieved by making a pool of women ready and educated about technology so that they can rise up as future female engineers. They are on a mission to attain gender parity in computer science by the year 2027.

2. Built By Girl

Built By Girls is focused on making women of today ready and equipped with all relevant information and knowledge so that they can rise high and take-up opportunities in STEM fields. The organization caters to the needful by hosting several events, workshops and seminars which provides its students with the right kind of exposure, as well as help them to land internships at tech companies as well.

3. WriteGirl

This is one of a king organization. We can see that there are multiple platforms where writers can land freelancing jobs or can study about the same. But this organization is dedicated to girls willing to spread their wings in the air of the creative writing niche. This is a Los Angeles-based programs that sync girls with their writing mentors, from whom exclusive learning on creative writing could be fetched. Also, not forgetting to mention that this program received the National Arts and Humanities Youth Award, which is the highest grade of recognition present in this niche. That is super cool, right?

4. She Should Run

This is no hidden fact that not many women are seen running for office. But She Should Run has challenged the status quo, and has prepared over 20,000 women to run for office, and similar positions by organizing several programs like She Should Run Incubator and several other regional programs that basically prepares women for the campaigning processes. 

5.’s Women Empowerment Fund

This website is one of the most famous out of the list so curated. accepts donations which are further used to assist and help provide funding in a wide spectrum of causes, all related to women empowerment. This organization is currently functioning in about 94 countries, and this supports more than a thousand program to fight poverty and even aid in humanitarian needs.

6. Heifer International

This organization works on the principle of enhancing economic opportunities worldwide. Several of its programs are supporting local, micro-scaled farmers that helps them to get stable and sustainable incomes, that improves their standard of living, and provide them with their routine bread and butter.

7. National Organization For Women

NOW was founded in the year 1966, and since its arrival in the space, they have focused on elevating and enhancing the existing women’s right issues and decreasing the disparity between the genders. They have been supporting ideas or movements such as “feminist ideals, lead societal changes, elimination of discrimination and to achieve and protect the equal rights of all women and girls in all aspects of social, political, and economic life”. This organization has been winning hearts since long now. They want to provide women with the respect, rights and authority which they deserve in their lives.

8. Association For Women’s Right in Development

Commonly known as AWID, this membership organization has been working their processes in order to give support and strength to the visibility to women’s issues. The visibility so targeted by them is on the international stage, fighting for women’s rights and advocating and presenting the official policy proposals in order to connect with different interest groups to get them to support the cause.

9. UN Women

UN Women is a part of the United Nations, that specialized in women’s causes, concerns, and rights. This body ensures the rightful participation of women in the governing systems of the nations, national economies, check if the ladies are free from violent happenings, and provides a platform to build a sustainable peace environment for women.

10. Center For Reproductive Rights

The power of building a generation lies within the capacity of women. And that is why this organization fought to establish reproductive rights as the fundamental right of women. They also handle small cases, which before being escalated to the national courts are taken care of here. CRR continuously works with policymakers in order to promote, aware, fight, and educate about this issue and take suitable progressive measures. 

So these were our Top 10 organizations working effectively for women’s rights worldwide. Such establishments inspire and empower us as a community, makes us believe in the power of equality, equal opportunities and the right to live life on our own terms.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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