What is HTML Viewer?

The world seems to be progressing at the speed of light. Almost everything that we see around us has gone through some significant advancements in the past decade. Be it television, radio, newspaper, weddings, or such, all of these things have gone through some significant changes. 

And with the advent of the internet came this lovely programming language known as HTML. You might have studied a bit about this in your computer classes. Can you recall? Not really? Do not worry! We have got you covered. 

What is HTML?

HTML stands for a hypertext markup language. It is one of the most fundamental and crucial programming languages used today to design and code websites and webpages. The beauty of this code is that you can use it along with other programming languages, such as PHP and CSS, to name a few. 

Another important fact about this language is that it is simple, readable, and understandable to human eyes. The best part that it could be used to design dynamic and static web pages and websites. Cool, right? 

One can perform HTML coding only from the “notepad” application on their desktop, laptop, or workstations. You do not even require an internet connection to write HTML coding in notepad. Once done, you can save the document by naming it as per your requirements. But here is the catch, after calling the document, always save it up using HTML EXTENSION at the end of the name. 

What is HTML Viewer?

HTML Viewer is an application that transforms HTML code into a human-friendly presentation. Designers can see letters, numbers, shapes, tables, style, and all visual elements instead of HTML coding script.

HTML viewer example – on the left side is code and on the right side is the visual presentation:

html viewer example

Have you ever cooked simultaneously while watching a cooking tutorial on youtube? Or have you ever designed a landing page while learning value tips for digital marketers? Okay, last one, have you ever sung in the shower while Usher sang on your speakers?

All of these are excellent examples of working simultaneously in real-time. Now, let us connect the dots and come back to our topic. HTML Viewer is a tool that allows designers and coders to work in real-time. This means that the HTML Viewer shows the “code” and the “design” all at the same screen using split-screen technology.

Why should you be using HTML?

An HTML previewer or HTML Editor is a tool used by designers to get rid of inefficient and broken codes as and when they work. HTML Viewers can be utilized to insert prewritten, frequently used code sections or highlight certain code lines.

This HTML viewer comprises not only split-screen visuals but even so much more. Suppose we talk about the features such as ready-to-use templates, cool exclusive graphics(for free!!), and a built-in File Transfer Protocol that will enable and help the designers quickly upload and publish finished webpages on the software and clients’ requirement. One of the great things about this is that HTML viewers are readily available, many of them being free and on a freemium basis. This means that some of the advanced software can be purchased for a month of a one-time payment of the charges.

Talking further, let us tell you what do we love the most about HTML Viewer. The ability to split the screen between a webpage code and a preview of how the code will look when uploaded is one of the most outstanding and prominent, and noteworthy features of an HTML viewer. Here, it is being taken care of the broken and expired links, misplaced and faulty images, and other rookie mistakes, which are checked and rectified before the website goes live. This feature is used by both novice and expert web designers and is included in almost all HTML Viewers, from fundamental to advanced ones.

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Now that HTML’s use and benefit have been covered let us now discuss HTML Viewers’ types and what stands them apart.

For instance, CoffeeCupOpens in a new tab. is a classic, recommended, and simple-to-use HTML Viewer, which stands quite suited for both expert and rookie web designers. Like most HTML Viewers, you can buy the visual site builder and also can use its freely available version until you are ready and pretty sure to use this software for your usual course of work. Next, we discuss Sublime Text 3 is a popular HTML viewer that is entirely compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. Sublime Text 3 is one of the most preferred HTML Viewers as the designers can personally customize it as per their own choice or as their clients say so. The reason being, that Sublime Text 3 is packed with downloadable extensions, and it comes up with a massive variety of cool plugins.

Another HTML Viewer that we can talk about is the Komodo Edit. Komodo Edit is an open-source HTML Viewer packed with some incredible work tools such as auto-completion and debugging and is available free of cost. Komodo Edit is pretty compatible with several platforms and can effectively and efficiently edit a vast number of programming languages. 

Finally, continuing this magnificent list of some fantastic software, let us talk about Phase 5Opens in a new tab.. Phase 5 is one of the prominently known German Windows HTML Viewers. It encompasses numerous functions such as Customizable Templates, Searches and Replace, and also a Syntax Debugger. It is straightforward to switch between the documents, and it also supports formats such as PHP and Javascript like a feather. Yeah, it is THAT smooth!

An HTML Viewer makes it easier to detect mistakes either by using Split Screen Preview or by informing the designer about broken, outdated, or inefficient code lines. It also tells the user if any code can be written in a better way. To prevent the designer from repeatedly rewriting or copying and pasting certain lines, HTML Viewers might come with numerous pre-written code lines, which further reduces mistakes and speeds up creating a website.

HTML viewers also enable the web designer to quickly dissect his code using the highlighting feature that can be applied to any line.

To make website building easy for novice web designers, HTML Viewers sometimes come with Pre-Made Website Templates and Complimentary, Royalty-Free images. This makes the designer’s work easy and helps them build a website without manipulating the HTML Code much. Novice website designers and professional web designers would find these tools useful for acting as the basics for their client images.

So, that was our take on the fantastic introduction, usage, benefits, types, and journey about HTML Viewers. Now that you know, therefore, feel free to kick back those nerdy feels and get hard coding!!

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