What to Study to Become a Millionaire?

 Are you interested in becoming a millionaire? Not sure which career is the best choice, which degree to get? Most college degrees will get you a job but will it make you a millionaire? Of course, the answer is that not every college degree has the capability to build your net worth to 7 figures and beyond. Congratulations, you have come to the right place! This article will learn about the 12 college degrees most likely to make you a millionaire.

What to Study to Become a Millionaire?

Based on the Forbs list, to become a millionaire, formal education has a moderate impact. However, some professions have a higher probability to enable fortune, such as:

  1. Finance
  2. Computer Science
  3. Engineering
  4. Applied math and statistics
  5. Economics


12 College Degrees Most Likely to Make You a Millionaire are:


The first-degree worth taking a look at is agriculture. Agriculture is something we’ve all heard of; it deals with farming and harvesting crops. This also involves the rearing of animals to obtain fur. An option is to partake in agribusiness. Agribusiness is where you would sell grown goods and animal products to consumers. This industry is a good choice to break into as humans will always require something to eat. What exactly does this mean for you? It means that this industry is evergreen and is likely not going anywhere soon.

A potential risk, however, is that agriculture depends on the healthy growth of crops. Unforeseen circumstances such as weather can affect crops and hurt at the time. Smart planning can easily overthrow these possible hurdles.

A few possible jobs this degree can land you are:

Estates Manager
Agricultural consultant Farm Manager


The second degree that has great potential is architecture. Like agriculture, architecture is an evergreen industry. Architecture deals with the planning and schematic design of buildings. If you are the creative or artistic type, this degree would thoroughly intrigue you. Architecture is important since we all need buildings. The architecture path allows you to envision and produce your own design, which can be adored by many worldwide. Since architecture is something the world needs, compensation tends to be very good.

Some possible careers with a degree in architecture:

Interior DesignerLandscape ArchitectUrban Planning



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If you are the type always to be interested in science and how things work, then definitely consider a biology degree. Biology deals with studying living organisms, exploring what matters makeup and an organism, the anatomy, and how it lives. This degree is good since it is versatile and can lead to many different paths.

Some possible career options with a degree in biology

ResearcherIf you are interested in finding a new organism, the cure for cancer. A biology degree can allow you to break into the research field. Finding the cure for cancer would most definitely make you a millionaire, perhaps even a trillionaire. Physicians AssistantIf you are interested in the healthcare field. Still, you do not care to go through the long schooling process and have the doctor’s responsibility to consider becoming a physician assistant. A doctoral degree in biology would give you the scientific background needed to pursue medical school and go on to become a doctor.


This degree may not have been one you were expecting. As a communications major, you would learn how to decipher the needs of an audience. You learn how to get a message across effectively. You also find out about the best way to convey messages using verbal, written, and audible communication forms.

Career opportunities

Business reporterBrand manager health EducatorSales Representative

A degree in communication will make you the big bucks because it is essential to our society. Big companies want people who can effectively convey a message using audible, visual, and verbal methods.

Math and Statistics

This degree is perfect for you if you are into numbers and love the complexity of calculus and linear algebra. With this degree, you will become an expert in mathematics and learn how to think logically, using it to solve problems.

Possible career options

AccountantsFinancial AnalystsBusiness AnalystsAccountantsMath teachers

A math degree is great since it is versatile and allows you to break into many different careers. The most lucrative careers to pursue this type of degree are finance and business. Compensation in these industries can be phenomenal if you are good at what you do.


For creative people and enjoy using innovative methods to draw in customers, marketing is a great option. A degree in marketing will allow you to learn all about business and effectively attract consumers to purchase your products. Marketers have great research skills to determine the demand of the market and typically good graphic design skills.

Possible career options

FundraiserMedia planned Admissions Representative.

A degree in marketing will always be valuable since only a human can determine an emotional and psychological approach to make a customer want to purchase a product. This is valuable to companies and will be compensated well.



Next up is a degree for the ones who like to know how a person’s brain works. This degree will teach you all about human behavior, emotions, and why we do what exactly we do. You will also learn about mental conditions and how they affect a person.

Career opportunities

Guidance counselorHuman resourcesFundraiserHuman Resources staff

Your thorough knowledge of how the human brain works are great for many different types of jobs. Certain jobs have great potential to take you on your way to becoming a millionaire.


Similar to psychology, sociology deals with the study of interaction s between people. You will learn about criminology, families, genres, aging, and more.

Some jobs

Media PlannerLawyerGuidance Counselor

A degree in sociology can help you enter some lucrative jobs and take you towards your financial aspirations.


This degree is wonderful if you have a keen interest in money and the economy. You will learn all about the history of the economy and how to analyze patterns and trends. Through mathematics, you will interpret data and make predictions on where the economy is headed. This degree also allows you to enter many different jobs.

Jobs for Economics Majors

Credit AnalystLawyerManagement ConsultantBusiness ReporterPolicy Analyst

An economics degree helps you understand money itself, so it definitely has great potential to make you a millionaire.


If you have aspirations to become a doctor, then obviously, a degree in medicine is the best option to go with. In a medical degree, you will learn all about science, human physiology, and anatomy. This will prepare you well for medical school.

Some career options

OptometristPharmacistGeneral PhysicianSurgeonHeart SurgeonBone SurgeonBrain Surgeon

Doctors are critical to society. The healthcare industry is not going anywhere anytime soon. Medicine is a great career path that provides great fulfillment as well as great compensation.

Computer Science

For those of you who love to code, computer science is the obvious choice. As our modern world continues to advance, the demand for computer science majors is rapidly increasing.

Some jobs

Software DeveloperWeb DeveloperSoftware EngineerComputer programmer

With the direction our world is headed, computer science may be the most lucrative profession out of all. Graduating with good grades in a computer science program will do you well in landing a great job in the field, putting you on the right path to millionaire status.


What better degree to learn about money than finance? With a finance degree, you will learn all about money, how it works, and how to make it in various ways. You will learn about the economy and the stock market. Finance is known for having very lucrative jobs within the industry.

Some possible jobs

AccountantActuaryFinancial AnalystInvestment Banker

The finance industry isn’t going anywhere soon, and landing a high-level finance job will do you very well in making the big bucks.


Last on the list is engineering. If you are great in STEM subjects, then pursuing a degree in engineering is a great path. This degree will be very challenging, but with hard work, you can graduate with top grades. This hard work will pay off as you will get a great job with a high starting salary. In engineering, you will learn how to properly apply your knowledge of science and mathematics by using it in the real world to design and build.

Great options for engineering

Engineers will also be necessary for our world to design and build their knowledge of science and math. Their hard work is compensated very well, and you will make a million in no time, should you choose to take this route.

Overall all of the degrees listed above are great options that provide amazing career opportunities. These will all put you well on achieving the golden millionaire status you dream of. So which degree option from the 12 interests you the most?

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