What is White Label Cloud Service?

A lot of freelancers are looking to earn money without a big investment. One of them is the white labeling business. In the white-labeling business, we have a legal protocol that allows one product or service to be sold and rebranded under another company’s brand. But what is the white label cloud service?

A white label cloud service is a type of service where a cloud provider removes the logo and brand and sells cloud systems to a third-party company, and that company can offer to their own customers under their own brand. The third-party company has access to infrastructure, can provide branding, policy, support to its customers.

This kind of business is excellent for resellers freelancers.

Let us see one example How to Make Money Selling Cloud Services in the video below:

Steps are:
1) Find a good hosting company that offers white-label cloud services.
2) Buy every month cloud system.
3) On your hosting website, offer cloud servers and sell at higher prices.

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